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Life Is A Highway, Or Something. (Hey! Want A SlotRadio?)

Slotradio So, for the last week and a half, I've been on a road trip. Across Canada. With my children. Which, yes: I AM CRAZY.

What is saving my life: an in-vehicle DVD player and a whole lot of XM radio, which is less than optimal, because you can't program radio. You never know what music is going to come on the radio. Which is why you need some sort of digital music player when you're road-tripping. Like the Sandisk slotRadio digital music player, which I don't have yet (Tracey is bringing one with her to BlogHer that has my name on it (rubs palms together greedily)), and so want. Badly. It's small, it sounds great, and it comes pre-loaded with 1,000 songs, so you don't have to worry about loading just the right music on to it. Which, when you're traveling with three year olds, amounts to a whole lot of Jack Johnson, but still. Having the right music when the kiddies start going batshit is PRICELESS.

So, you want one? All you have to do is this: tell us, in the comments, what - if MamaPop were a radio station or, say, a highly interactive slotRadio - song would at the top of your road-trip playlist? Kid-friendly or not kid-friendly, doesn't matter. Leave your answer in the comments anytime before noon this Friday - that would be July 12th - and we'll pick a winner.

And the winner is.... Diamond Cait! Congrats!

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Wouldn't this Friday be July 12th?

Anywhoo, top of my road trip song list is Coyote Shivers Sugarhigh, cos it's fun as hell to sing really loud in the car.


I think something appropriately pop-culture-ish like The Buggles "Video Killed the Radio Star" or anything from our MP Boyfriend, Neil Patrick Harris from Dr. Horrible like "My Freeze Ray".


Oooh! I forgot my other, all-time best road trip song: Eve 6's "Open Road Song" -- how can you not sing along when you're singing about being on the open road and driving 80 mph?


I'm gonna have to go with Pop Goes the World by Men Without Hats. There are so many reasons why- the song is awesome and horrible, and hilarious, and danceable! Plus the idea of MamaPop having Men Without Hats do their theme song is just too funny to me.


If Mamapop was a radio station or interactive slot radio song, it would feature 80s movies on the airwaves all of the time. ESPECIALLY KEVIN BACON! Thank you.

Mary Beth (Cats, Books, Life is Good)

Badlands by Bruce Springsteen. That song saw me back and forth to college several times. Perfect for a road trip.

Kari Weber

I think anything by Tenacious D... Jack Black makes me smile. Also, my husband and I can rock a mean acapella Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen... although I think we could probably do a better job if the song WERE actually playing... SO PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME!!


Kelly Clarkson's "I Do Not Hook Up" is great for road tripping and singing along loudly with.

Kari Weber

Ha! Jack Black just came on Yo Gabba Gabba as soon as I posted this! OK. If that isn't reason to give me the slot radio, I don't know what is. I am surrounded by the musical genius in my house of DJ Lance... and a bunch of weird dancing creatures... pity me.

Katie Kat

Oooo, my favorite open-the-windows-and-turn-up-the-volume road song is "Where the Streets Have No Name" by U2. Seriously, it starts out all soft and then builds up and you feel like you're just FLYING down the road going somewhere fab-u-lous (instead of just to get the kiddo from daycare...) Plus, my husband's iPod just got stolen from work, so I could give it to him! :)


The Thriller Album, of course!


I've gotta go with "Twist and Shout" because I have extremely fond memories of blasting it out with my mom on a road trip from Louisiana to Connecticut, both of us (she was DRIVING!!!) twisting and giggling in our seats. Ah, good times. :)


I say top of my road trip song list would be something by ABBA. Yep, that's what I going with, gotta problem with that?


I'd say something quirky and fun like They Might Be Giants.


Life is a Highway by...dunno...some one hit wonder I think maybe??? Makes me want to get out of the car and dance on the side of the highway. And I don't dance. Oh, and kids like it because a version of it was in "Cars." Oh, and it is also in the title of this post...no wonder it popped into my head...!


I was all ready to say Tom Petty, because I don't care how old school it is, it IS the best driving music, but then Alexa said They Might be Giants and I think that's the great thing about a toy like this, I could alternate them. American Girl - Birdhouse in my Soul - Running Down a Dream - Istanbul


In our family, a road trip isn't a road trip without some Weird Al. I defy anyone to be in a bad mood listening to White & Nerdy.


Well our road trips these days usually involve the kids so my first instinct is They Might Be Giants or Trout Fishing in America. For me and a solo road trip?... Tom Petty Greatest Hits.


Beastie Boys are my favourite road trip music, shake my ass while I drive!


I'd have to say some Rock n Roll, Def Leppard, Scorpions, AC/DC...


Casino Queen by Wilco. Perfect for singing/screaming along, even if you're not going to the casino!


I'm in Miami Bitch by LMFAO. Absolutely.


Untouched by the Veronica's just because it's so damn infectious.


Creep by Radiohead....



Carry On by Pat Green...cause everbody got a get away sometimes...


I never go on a roadtrip without the BoDean's "Joe Dirt Car." "Texas Road Song" blarin', pedal to the metal, windows down - now that's travelin' music!


Well gee. I thought you wanted a play LIST, not a top song, so I'm giving you one song for each of my crew since I spent so much time trying to be witty/needy while simultaneously showing off my music prowess. (Sure, that's a thing.)

For The Hub: Evil, by Interpol. Because it's (awww, barf) the song that pretty much hooked him. Sure the title isn't romantic, but if you listen to the lyrics, then you realize it's a song abou--actually, I have no freaking clue what the lyrics mean. Could be a song about the downfall of humanity by means of marriage for all I know.

For Plus One, aged 2.5: Life Would Be a Dream, by The Crew Cuts. Because, well, CARS, hello. But also because he bobs like a little doo-wop master and butchers the lyrics in a way that's not really obnoxious, like his mother with 80s tunes.

For T9, aged 7 months: One, by Aimee Mann. Because I think it would lull him to sleep. But if not, I'd like to think this song would be a loose translation for his baby wails.

For Me, Crazy-Mother-Who-Goes-on-Roadtrips-With-2-Kids-Under-Three: Gigantic, by the Pixies. Because, well, I mean, that song COULD be about loving someone who just has a really big HEART.


I like "Out Tonight" from the Rent soundtrack... very upbeat


That would be Boom Boom Pow, Black Eyed Peas. Not because I like the song, but because watching my tiny, adorable 6yo cousin rocking out and singing along to it in the backseat is my fave thing ever. He knows all the words. He does especially well with Fergie's part. The boy is a music sponge. A wee, cute music sponge.


Gotta Be 'One Headlight' by the Wallflowers:

"Hey, come on try a little
Nothing is forever
There's got to be something better than
In the middle
But me & Cinderella
We put it all together
We can drive it home
With one headlight"

Before we were married The Mrs. & I drove from Seattle to Louisville in a beat up U-Haul to deliver her to grad school and away from me. We were so in love, and more than a bit sad. We played this song first thing every morning to get us going, and also on the side of the road when our beat up U-Haul broke down and caught fire in the middle of nowhere in the Ozark mountains, to drown out the faint sound of banjos as we waited for help to arrive: Our 'Deliverance'.


The End of the World - REM. You can listen to it over and over till you can get all the words right.


In the Summertime by Mungo Jerry. Seriously...how can you not bre in a good mood after hearing that?


I have fond memories of both the TMBG and the Tom Petty road trips, as well as Queen road trips, but my all time favorite road trippin' music is still the Beatles!


Sam Kinison's rendition of "Wild Thing."

Yelling most definitely required.

Cupholders replete with Big Gulp of your choice, pumpkin seeds, and teriyaki beef jerky.


Life is a Highway... Tom Cochrane version, not Rascal Flatts (or that insipid Kidzbop Happy Meal earworm)


I would say anything by The Cars really."Good Times Roll"?
No terrible pun intended (unless it makes you select me and then of course that is what I meant.... the entire time). I love the funky beats and familiarity it brings.


Best feel-good driving song: Babylon by David Gray. Ooh, or Jerry Garcia's version of "Tangled Up In Blue."

Marmite Breath

I am not gonna lie; listening to Goodbye Earl by The Dixie Chicks while driving around and singing loudly with my sisters. Man. Such a good car song.
I also want to win.

Leslie M.

Hmmm... probably something by Blondie, or Journey, or some otherwise totally awesome 80s music! Anything to keep me awake and happy on the drive!


"Brown Eyed Girl" is a great song to sing along with, loudly. Or, perhaps an even better song ("Better" being a relative term when considering road trip songs) would be "Sweet Caroline." Anything that people belt out in bars will be treated equally while in a car, I've discovered.


"Barrier Reef" The Old 97s



Teenage Dirtbag is my favourite road trip song, by far. In fact, we just drove 1300 miles and listened to this a bunch of times. Great for singing along to.


In keeping with the title of the blog, it would have to be a song from The Mamas and The Papas. I nominate "Go Where You Wanna Go" which is perfect for a road trip.


I'd choose "American Life in the Summertime" by Francis Dunnery. It has a great hook, even as it's a manifesto about not being (as he says) a "record company clone." Subversive, singalong genius.

Unless we're talking about the kid friendly choice, and then I'd go with Justin Roberts' "Backyard Superkid" ('cuz he's a superkid and it won't be long/before the whole world's humming his hit theme song/this kid's gonna save the world")


"Home For a Rest" by Spirit of the West.

Just think of drinking as a euphemism for spending time with the under-3 set! What really resonates: "and these so-called vacations/will soon be my death"!

Besides, how can you fault a song that includes a recorder solo and an accordion?!


Oh goodness. I'm going to pick the most ridiculous song ever because it immediately came to mind. You had me at "road trip".

I have to go with the "I would walk 500 miles...and I would walk 500 more..." purely because of the "Arrivederci, Feiro" episode of How I Met Your Mother. That episode rules and I think of it every time I'm on a road trip.

Also, we all know that NPH is Mamapop's boyfriend, so THIS TOTALLY MAKES ALL THE SENSE IN THE WORLD.

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