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Prisoner Remake Looms Ever Closer - Now with Preview

Amc-prisoner-comic-con-six What are geeks turning themselves into ecstatic/enraged pretzels over this week?  If it's not the replacement of Rachelle LeFevre with Bryce Dallas Howard on the third Twilight movie, or the release of the Watchmen Director's Cut, or the appearance of the unaired thirteenth episode of Dollhouse, then it must be the NINE-MINUTE PREVIEW of AMC's remake of The Prisoner.

AMC premiered the footage at last week's Comic Con.  The remake stars Jim Caviezel (you know, the gory Jesus of Mel Gibson's sadistic imaginings) as Number Six, the man who wakes up one morning to find himself in The Village, a mysterious and kind of psychedelic resort area where you are free to do anything but leave. The original Prisoner miniseries ran for seventeen episodes in 1967, exploring themes of freedom and power in a Cold War world in the midst of the hippie movement. After the jump, let's all see what the 21st century makes of it.

The chief difference between the 1967 and the 2009 versions of The Prisoner appears to be a matter of scale. In the original version, the existence of an outside world was freely acknowledged. In the remake, the outside is discarded altogether, and Number Six is faced with a greater ontological dilemma - to accept the circumscribed and highly stylized world of The Village as the only reality available to him, or to cling to a patchy memory of an outside world.  This is a Prisoner in which questions of authority and freedom have receded somewhat in favour of basic questions about the nature of reality and the faithfulness of our senses.

We can all agree that Jim Caviezel is no Patrick McGoohan - but then, everyone on Earth is no Patrick McGoohan, so I'm willing to let that slide. Besides, the original Prisoner functioned in part as a commentary on Cold War entertainment, so perhaps Caviezel is meant to fill the role of modern-day action mercenary in the same way that McGoohan played the part of the archetypal educated-but-brutal British spy.

Caviezel is not why we'll be tuning in. The real draw here is Ian McKellen as the vanilla-suited Number Two, the penultimate authority who wields power and shields the residents of The Village from the truth of their circumstances - whatever that is. McKellen is able to deliver any line, no matter how nonsensical, with a kind of menacing authority that winks at the audience even as it thrills them.

The six-episode miniseries will air in November 2009 on AMC.

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ahhhhh Comic Con it's like BlogHer for Men...at least thats how i explained my wanting to go to NYC in 2010 to my hubby!


Beg to differ. Comic Con is like crack for geeks, girls and boys alike. Had I money to choose between the two, well, I'd end up walking in circles and muttering to myself.

I'm super-excited about this. Never saw the original one, but have heard great things. And, I have an old-man-crush on Ian McKellen.


Yep I'd watch Ian pick his nose.
And I'd applaud.


:geekout: OMG OMG OMG they are remaking The Prisoner :/geekout:

Where are the bikes?

Moor Larkin

Never mind the bikes, where is the butler?

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