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The MamaPop Pop Culture Confessional: DutchBlitz Edition!

MP confessional Welcome to the MamaPop Pop Culture Confessional, where we receive confession of any and all pop culture pleasures, guilty or otherwise!

Today, we welcome the incomparable Angella of DutchBlitz, who has much guilty awesome to share!

Herewith, Ms. Angella's not-so-guilty pop culture pleasures, in her own words:

1. So You Think You Can Dance
I know, I KNOW. I'm nothing if not original. While I do not follow Nigel on Twitter (though maybe I should), I do watch it with the entire family. Watching my almost-three-year-old daughter as she shimmies her booty and slithers across the floor brings me no end of glee. Mary Murphy is almost a deal breaker what with her, "You are amazing! YES YOU ARE!", "You rocked that! YES YOU DID!", "You belong on the Hot Tamale Train. YES YOU DO!" statements. Last week I tossed out the idea that we turn her "YES YOU ARE/DID/DO" statements into a drinking game, but if I were to do that many shots my liver would curl up and die.

2. Yo Gabba Gabba As much as I have publicly proclaimed my disdain for this kids' show, I secretly love it. The people writing it are either pure geniuses or on some seriously good drugs. Maybe both. The one talent portion where the dude makes farting sounds with his hands sends me into the silent laughter every time. Hi. I'm a five-year-old boy. At least I'm not singing the praises of Four Square.

3. Awkwardfamilyphotos.com
OK. I feel no remorse whatsoever for my love of this site. What's not to love? Awkward moments, captured on film for eternity, posted on the Internet for all to point and laugh at. Heck, I'd even submit some of my high school photos for public mockery. Awkward does not even begin to describe those ten (Yes, TEN) years of high bangs, acid washed jeans and the fold-n-roll.

4. Big Brother
Maybe it's the lack of summer programming or the fact that I like to watch massive train wreck along with the best of them, but I got sucked into watching Big Brother in season 2. I wasn't alone; my husband was right by my side (and would DIE if he knew I told anyone that). At the end of each season I promise myself that I will not tune in the next year. I only have a few brain cells remaining after birthing three children; they need to be guarded at all costs. And yet, I turned on the TV last week and found myself being sucked in. I'm like that fly on A Bug's Life who, when told to stay away from the light says, "I...can't...help...it..."

5. Justin Timberlake on SNL
I know it's been two months since he performed "Mother Lover" with Adam Samberg, but that episode is still on my DVR. And locked. At the end of the day, before we head to bed, my husband and I will often play that digital short and giggle like school girls. If watching it is wrong, then I don't want to be right.

Thanks, Angella. No penance, if only because you managed to fit Big Brother, Justin Timberlake, and Yo Gabba Gabba into one confession.

Now, peeps: what guilty pop culture pleasures will you confess this week?

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Momo Fali

With the exception of number 5, I'm pretty sure you are disturbed. Which makes me like you even more.

Angella Dykstra

I usually refer to myself as "kooky", but "disturbed might be more accurate ;)


Kooky is such a cool word ;)

Totally with you on Yo Gabba Gabba. I actually get excited when it's on - meanwhile my daughter is like "meh". And don't worry Angella, your husbands secret love of BB is safe with me. My husband harbours the same secret.

Angella Dykstra

Kooky *is* a great word. And totally applies to me as you can attest to ;)

Too bad we didn't live on your side of the country; we could have Big Brother parties (because watching it in secret isn't bad enough).

Kerri Anne

Nigel and SYTYCD are favorites of mine. As is mostly any programming offered via Bravo.


Kooky is the BEST word.

I took to fast forwarding Mary Murphy on my PVR this week. I'm also getting a bit tired of those 'isn't this show so unique comments'. Can't they just rip the dancers apart and be done with it. (and was it just me or were all 3 judges on something 'fun' this week?)

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