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NYC Prep: Please, Someone, Think Of The Children

Nyc-prep Oh people. I avoided this as long as I could, but I simply cannot be silent any longer. Bravo has gone and put our worst nightmares on television. That is unless you lay awake at night thinking "Ah, the halcyon days of high school, if only I could relive them on a reality television program, but instead of concentrating on real people, the show would focus on a bunch of horrifically spoiled little brats who may not be the coming of the apocalypse, but are really damn close."

Well if that's what your secret desire is, you need not look any further than NYC Prep, or, as I call it, The Real Mean Kids of New York City.

The show is a direct replica of The Real Housewives, only we get to follow a swarm of Mean Girls and two Mean Boys instead. It's the pre-silicone version of Bravo's juggernaut, but what it lacks in table flipping and prostitution whores, it makes up for in the audience gasping, writhing, and groaning at those long-suppressed memories of being tormented in high school by The Elite.

And elite these kids are. One of the girls refers to her family as "The upper one half of one percent" but assures us that they're "not multi-billionaires" or anything. Well thank the little baby Jeebus in his soggy Pampers, surely not having MANY billions of dollars will make these children down to earth, won't it? Of course not. These are kids that have car services that bring them everywhere, who have had personal shoppers at Barney's since they were 13, who, in the case of one of our little lasses, lives alone with her brother in Manhattan (the Upper East Side, which is like another character in the show, so important that status is) while her parents live in The Hamptons. These kids are 16 and 17 years old. The brain, she is boggled.

Lest you think all this is simply your writer grousing about rich kids, let me assure you that the cringing has less to do with the money these kids have and more to do with the fact that they are seriously crippling their futures by doing this damn show. The New York Times had a write up on NYC Prep that stated that the schools these little demons go to are less than pleased at how their students are being portrayed (and anyone who's anyone knows it's simply uncouth to talk about money, darling.) All the kids who were on the show have graduated, so their grades and college apps won't be affected, but what's going to happen when Lil' Lothario Sebastian goes for a big job in the corporate world and the interviewer recognizes him as the floppy haired douchebag who can't get enough of hooking up with as many girls as he can? Or what of Jessie, who works with the charity "Operation Smile?" Will they really want this incredibly snotty Mean Girl representing their organization?

This is why consenting adults should be the ones exploited on reality television. These kids, and they ARE kids, no matter how many servants or credit cards they have, have their whole lives to live down this show. They're not REAL monsters, they're horrifically, shamefully, painfully spoiled little Lords and Ladies who don't have the foresight to realize that someday they'll be in their 30s and this is going to end up on every DVD player in their office. That's the real grimace-inducer as they snot their way through restaurants and designer shops and the streets of the UES. We can roll our eyes and turn the channel. These kids have parents who let them do this. And no amount of money is going to erase those tapes.


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coco loco

um, you're right about it all save for one point: they will never work in offices. that made me giggle. these kids will never have to work. ever. so, maybe the dvd will show up at the country club.


the worst part of this show: no ed westwick. and the best part of this show: no jessica szohr.

it definitely makes you wish there was more semi-kinda-douchey-judgemental rufus-humphrey-style parenting, though. (or maybe that is just me.)


I had the same thought as Coco Loco. What difference does it make to them? If they can't get a job, their parents will pay their way out of it. It does. not. matter. That's what grossed me out about the whole thing. Who CARES what a giant asshole they are? The world won't care. They'll just pave their way with money.

And yes, I AM a little bitter. I totally, totally am.


Exactly, this is the kind of money that lets Paris Hilton at like a spoiled child long after she should be a responsible adult. The only thing this show does is warn people that

a. money can't buy class and manners, and
b. even if your kid is on the honor roll they shouldn't be allowed to live in a house alone with their, also underage, brother.

The parents on this show make me sick.


I'm so torn when it comes to this show. On the one hand: It's just so terrible and painful to watch this kids. I mean poor Taylor alone brings enough cringe to the show with her awkward teenage looks and thoughts on money. Then there's PC who is all about flaunting is EVERYTHING and he has the nerve to call girls stupid little bitches and then Camille. Sweetie, after the Deans at Harvard see this nonsense I doubt you'll be able to step foot on campus.

Then there's the entertainment value which Bravo is so freaking good at: People are going to watch. It's another one of those 'just can't look away' shows. Yeah it's wrong and yeah they're assholes and yeah, Sebastian needs a haircut and Kelli needs to get some balls. But you have to admit, it's kind of hard not to watch.

I have a Season Pass on itunes. Not because this show is Emmy worthy but because I question just how low these kids can go. I do also wonder if they realize just how much they're jeapordizing their futures. Screw people finding out about Facebook and MySpace accounts. This shit is 'reality' and they're going to get it in the end.


This is why I'm both glad and disappointed that I don't have cable for the next few weeks.


I work at a (snotty) prep school in Los Angeles. I watch this show because it makes my students look like sweet, innocent cherubs. Sad, I know… but I just can’t look away.


I see that, while not having seen a single second of this show, my assumption that it was "Cruel Intentions: The Series" was accurate. And yet, I don't feel good about it.


Looks and sounds like my poor nieces school.These kids are so vile it kills me.I guess money cant buy a soul now.

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