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Trent Reznor Quits Twitter

Trent_reznor Alternately titled: Trent Reznor Takes His Ball and Goes Home.

I'm going to pay the penance of flattery before I say what brought me to write this in the first place: I have all of Reznor's albums; I've seen him in concert repeatedly; I think "The Fragile" ("Halo Fourteen") is one of the best albums ever recorded, period, and remains one of the most under-appreciate albums of our era. 

That being said I find it truly ironic that the king of industrial is such a temperamental nancy.

His Twitter updates were 140 character versions of the complaining usually found in his lyrics; they don't sound as cool without the music accompaniment. He got engaged, got mad when people criticized it (dude, you're a celebrity. You could take too long a breath and people will either love or hate you for it) and just spouted off incessantly. I didn't follow his updates simply because I already live with my own PMS for one week out of every month. 

All the snake oil salesmen social media "experts" are fawning over the implications of Reznor's decision: OMG, this just illustrates a larger problem in terms of celebrities utilizing social media; it diminishes the buffer between the fan and intimacy ... blah blah blah. There is a certain truth to this, if you view social media as nothing but interaction and lack of one's ability to control it - each famous person can decide with what boundaries they feel most comfortable. It's not the fault of the fan if a celebrity is incapable of defining those boundaries and maintaining them no more than it's the fan's fault that a musician writes a crappy song. 

So yeah, wah wah wah. At what point is someone too old to be angst-ridden? And at what point does one go from goth to emo in terms of emotional aesthetic? How old is Reznor? 

Enjoy some vintage Trent:

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Thomas Dolby? Trent Reznor?


(head explodes. dies. the end.)

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