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Two "New Moon" Sneak Peeks

New_moon_movie If you only played the audio I'd swear that it was a Girls Gone Wild video because of all the "WOOOOOOOO! OMG!" and eardrum-slicing shrieking. I actually think the girls' commentary is more interesting than the clip. They scream at the screen DON'T DO IT BELLA OMG DON'T DO IT IS HIS SHIRT OFF OMGWTF!11!! HIS SHIRT IS OFF WOOOOOOOO!"

The first clip features Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, Bell and Jacob for those who just joined us in this century, in the now-famous scene in which Bella learns to operate her bike. She crashes into a rock; Jacob hops on his bike and speeds the 10 feet to her and whips off his shirt to wipe the blood off her head - even though she's wearing a jacket and could've used that OH NO that would mean that Jacob's shirt would have no reason to slip off his body and incite a shrieking near-riot amongst the cougars and fangirls. 

But, whatever. 

The second clip actually does a fairly good job of setting the tone and for the first time we see into the throngs of people through which Bella must push through to save Edward from stepping out into the sun and having his super-diamond-sparkly emo moment. He also takes off his shirt. There is a copious amount of shirt removal in this film. My favorite part of the second clip is when all the girls stabbed me in there cerebrum with their sonic daggers at the sight of Edward's SHADOW. My computer's speakers thank you, you raptors. 

I love the way the film looks so far from the grainy bootlegged video. What do you think?

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The commentary from the girls in the audience is hysterical. And yes, I'll see it, but I'll go to during school hours so I can avoid all the OMG's.


Both clips are the same :/




Ha! I just told my husband that I would call in sick to work during a school day to be sure to avoid the screeching.


So my friends went to go see the first movie in the theater after it had been out for like two months. The first time Edward appeared onscreen a girl in the audience screamed, "Oh my God, I need a new pair of UNDERWEAR," and that's funny, but it was at this point in the story that I realized I am old because I'm definitely willing to wait for the DVD and thereby avoid having to hear stuff like that since it kills my own buzz. But I agree with you, Dana, it looks good so far.


Yeah, definitely going to see this on a weekday, thus can avoid embarrassment at my own squee-ing. Also in agreement that this one looks to be pretty darn good (dare I hope better than the first?).

Daphne Gray

OK I must be one of the few that is just not into this series. I would want to strangle anyone that got that sexcited at a movie sceen! I do wish to thank you for the good laugh at the girls though!


Have you seen this? Kevin Smith at Comicon talking about Twilight fans. Hilarious.


And yes, I am taking 11-20-09 off and going to an early show to avoid the screamers.


Oh, I just can't wait for Jacob to cut his hair. It is pretty ridiculous that he takes off his shirt to dab her head, but the boy does have hella fine abs. I won't be seeing it on opening weekend, but I do wonder how ANYONE will be able to hear when it does premiere considering this is just the TRAILER. Dear me.


LOL I took my 16 year old niece to see the first movie in a nearly empty theater. I was the only making all the comments and "woo'ing" at the screen just so I would have a half decent time.

Ashlie- Mommycosm

I'm embarrassed to admit that I already have it on my calendar.


This is my least favorite book in the series, but I think the film will do a better job of telling the story than the book did (oddly enough). It looks entertaining enough...

But that screaming. Yikes. I had headphones on so I think my ears exploded back into themselves.

Mae Anne

When the audience screamed as Jacob took off his shirt, my 3 1/2 year old daughter asked me why that muscley girl w/ the long hair stepped on a cat. Obviously, I have a lot of teaching to do, huh? I'm SO going during school hours to avoid the ear piercing screams of teens... because the lower decible screams of my fellow cougars may be easier to handle.


Watching the Kevin Smith commentary right after the clip he's talking about is the way to go! Hilarious! My (20 yo) sister and (30 yo) I went to the midnight showing of Twilight. It was the only time I could go since my twins were just a few months old at the time. There was a lot of squeeling when it first started, but it was fun watching it with the die-hards. They were surprisingly respectful during the actual movie, with the exception of certain parts that definitely called for squeeling.


I L-O-V-E-D the books, but thought the movie was awful! Kristen Stewart as Bella was just horrible casting. I thought the movie looked cheap, too. So far the trailers I've seen for "New Moon" have been an improvement in the overall "look" of the movie, but Kristen Stewart is still rigid and expressionless :(

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