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Weeds Uncap

Weeds_lounging2I sat down to watch Weeds last night and found myself feeling kind of sad about it. When I watch a show that I recap for MamaPop, I take rather detailed notes, both about the plot of the episode and any particular quotes or actions that I think are worth pointing out in the recap. And last night, I just couldn't do it.

I mean, for the purposes of this posting slot, I'll give you a rundown.

Nancy got properly freaked out when she saw that Esteban was setting up a small Ob/Gyn ward in the spare bedroom, particularly after she found out that the woman who arrived to chew him out basically owns all of the media in Mexico. Her concerns that Esteban would take her baby and have her killed suddenly didn't seem so paranoid. She convinced Andy to come get her and, after stuffing her into the General Lee, take her to Dr. Alanis Morissette. She pleaded with Dr. Morissette to help her have the baby immediately in the U.S. with witnesses and documentation. When Andy explained how much danger she was in, Dr. Morissette agreed.

Shane went back to Bubby's house and waited for Nancy. While there, he got to talking to Celia and went on this slightly racist-by-trauma tirade about Mexicans and then kinda asked Celia to look out for him so that he could get away from his mom and all of her...issues. And Celia started working on her You're Pretty (sort of a Mary Kay/Avon/Evil conglomerate) business and was shocked to realize that it was a total rip off.

Silas and Doug seemed to be destined to be screwed by the cop that was taking a cut of their money, but that all turned out okay because the guy that was working for them turned out to be an Internal Affairs undercover officer. So that problem's gone.

Esteban eventually realized that Nancy was gone and found her at the hospital. He started threatening her but was dumbfounded when he saw his son and Nancy gave him this very serious look when she pointed out that the baby had his eyes.

To say that this show has come a long way since it's beginnings as a scandal-in-the-suburbs comedy would be an understatement. I am just now at the point where I can't decide if I think that they've jumped the shark. Well, actually, I think that they have jumped the shark but I think I can't decide if it's serving a purpose. It might be.

If we look at Weeds as an epic tale of the American Dream gone horrible awry, then this could be a very interesting story in the history of television. Freak circumstances and just a few bad decisions caused a picture-perfect family to turn to crime and then flee their enclave. Their attempts to climb their way out of this underworld only pull them further down and they find themselves allied with the groups of people that America reviles the most.

It's kind of post-apocalyptic, especially since the Botwins now almost never associate with anyone "normal." And when they do (Shane's teacher, the cop that Silas and Doug have to deal with, Roy Till) they're all corrupt.

I guess I just want some reassurance that the Botwins are actually going somewhere and aren't just being drilled into sensational silliness. Your thoughts?

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Maria M

I'm just worried I'm going to be screwed out of enjoying this show now because I'm a total pussy about fiction that involve babies/babies in peril/etc.

Suzy Q

Some good food for thought there, kdiddy.

Me? I'm just going with the flow. The show is much less of a comedy than it used to be but is still entertaining in a freaky/goofy/scary way. I can't imagine how they're going to get Nancy away from Esteban, and I've a feeling that Guillermo will be back in the picture, too.

Let's all just remember that it's only TV and not some serious existential commentary on Life.


The American Dream gone awry? If it was meant to do that, it lost its way in season one.

It's about the vulnerability of women to be sure. And it highlights the basic inability people have to deal with their emotional turmoil rather than blot it out with substances, adrenaline rushes and materialism. But the American Dream? Only if that dream is marrying well and handing over control of your life to live out the existence of Barbie. And maybe that is the dream, but it's not the reality of too many.

Just tv? No, nothing we allow entrance to our brains should be "just" anything.

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