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An Actual Conversation Between Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears

Britney-spears-lindsay-lohan Britney: HEY Y'ALL! Look who I'm hanging out with!!!!

LiLo: Heh heh. Hey.

Britney: Betcha never thought you'd see the two of US together again, huh??

LiLo: Or at least, never see us together without fire raining from the sky, right??

Britney: But here we are!!

LiLo: Yep, the Two Weaveheads of the Apocalypse.

Britney: Blondes have more fun, YAY!

Britney: You know, Lindsay. I like you. You're pretty.

LiLo: You know, Britney, I like that you're even crazier than I am.

Britney: You're not like the other kids from the clubs. You're...hey!

LiLo: What?

Britney: Is that my coat you're stealing?

LiLo: You gave it to me.

Britney: I did?

LiLo: Sure you did. And you gave me three of your dogs, some linty gum and KFed's old fedora, but I gave those back.

Britney: Oh good! Whew!

LiLo: No, I'm kidding, I stole those too.

Britney: Want another round of Red Bull and NOTHING ELSE?

LiLo: I would like a water and NOTHING ELSE.

Britney: It's so good to sit at a club with you and drink non-alcoholic beverages, Lindsay.

LiLo: I know, we have so much to talk about.

Britney: I went to the looney bin, you know.

LiLo: I've been to rehab eleventeen times.

Britney: I have two kids, y'all!!!!!

LiLo: I have an on again off again girlfriend who hasn't eaten since last December.

Britney: Girl, you gotta fatten that Samantha up. Here, I've got some Cheetos and Mountain Dew here in my diaper bag.

LiLo: Thanks, but she says she lives off of cigarettes and emo. You seeing anyone these days?

Britney: I can't see much out of these glasses, no. Look, I'm a buggy!

LiLo: Wow, girl.

Britney: So anyway, um...

LiLo: Yeah, um...Okay, so we don't have much to talk about, do we?

Britney: I have a runner in mah pantyhose!

LiLo: ...

Britney: ...

LiLo: Aw, fuck it, let's just make out and flash our vaginas to the press.

Britney: YAY!

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Suzy Q

"...she lives off of cigarettes and emo." HA!


OK, everyone in my row at work is looking at me now...just can't contain my laughter. Miss B, you rock.

cindy w

Tell me this is an old picture and that the two of them aren't BFFs again? Because, GAH.

Oh, and I might keep a stash of Cheetos in my diaper bag. But no Mountain Dew, I prefer Diet Coke. Don't judge me.

mouthy_broad (michele)

i like "weaveheads of the apocalypse" myself.


I think you may be giving them too much credit.


I prefer to think of Lindsey's hair as a lovely shade of orange.


"Weaveheads of the Apocalypse" is golden, seriously golden.


Rocks my socks off & NOTHING ELSE!


Since you like Britney, check out my new album called Las lobas! If you'd like to publish it on your site or if you have any comments on the mix, let me know.

Amanda of Shamelessly Sassy

I think the forgotten part of the conversation is when Britney says, "Shit, Lindsay! them leggins looks tight."

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