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Are You Ready for Some Football?

Brady-Details.jpeg Have you ever wished that reality TV was actually real? Do you like men in tight pants?  Beer commercials?

Are you ready for some football?

Yes, football.  That's right, I'm taking MamaPop into some unchartered territory here: sports talk.

Football is upon us and with it the turning of the seasons and other stuff that sounds poetic.  It is a time when the television earns its keep.  Yes, it brought you fake reality shows all summer (see... well, all of them), but there is nothing more real than a 300lb man with ample butt-sweat crashing through a line of equally sweaty 300lb men to tackle some pretty boy with an arm of gold.  This is reality.  This is what TV was made for. Jon and Kate can suck it.

What I don't understand is that a lot of people act like football on TV is a bad thing.  Hello? Real Housewives will rot your brain and Tim Gunn will cut a bitch, that can't be safe.  Football teaches teamwork.  It's like the Wonder Pets (but they didn't save the pigskin).  It's about self-discovery and inner demons and hot wings.

Also, the lives of athletes are way more interesting than the lives of people in the hills - unless they are actual hill people.  Banjos! 

Take Tom Brady, please.  He's married to a supermodel and they are expecting a child.  He left a super hot actress before she gave birth to their child to be with said supermodel.  He didn't play last season and his replacement was en fuego.  There's drama in them their hills and it doesn't include Speidi.  It does include, however, New England going down!

See, that's called talking smack.  I mentioned the personal life of Tom Brady, but I didn't attack him on it.  That's his biz and until he signs a contract with TLC I'll let him live it with just mild snickering from my peanut gallery.  That changes as soon as he suits up.  As soon as that Patriot helmet goes on it's okay to wish it knocked off.  That's football, people.

And it's real.

And it's fantastic.

I'm ready for some football, and maybe a nap.

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I am SO ready for some football! Gimme men in tight pants, sweating, piling up on top of each other! YUMMY.

I'll admit it, I am a girl who loves football.


I almost took this down the popular "football widow" route, but I know too many women that enjoy the game to play the gender card. Go, team-of-your-choice!

Fawn Amber

I am a fantasy football champ and i CANNOT FREAKING WAIT.
That is all.

mouthy_broad (michele)

ha! i am going to be picking my fantasy team in 1.5 weeks! woot!

bring on the smack talk.


Fantasy Football is like crack. In a good way.


I have two drafts this month and they are circled on my calendar like approaching holidays.

Matt Haverkamp

It's hot when my wife can name the players and positions.


You said positions.


It's the one sport the husband and I can agree on. Well, not on the actual TEAMS (THAT can't be helped) but we can agree we both like it and love to watch it.


That's sweet that you pretend his team matters.


I'm no football widow. I'm a single gal who just loves the game!


As long as my toddler continues his current nap schedule I'm good for the first game on Sunday. But then I'm going to have to decide if I tivo the 2nd game to watch after he goes to bed or miss the 2nd game in favor of the Sunday night game. This boy better be in to football in a few years!


Two words: duct tape.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

Wait, there are people who DON'T like football?

Why? Is there something wrong with them?


I only wish Brett Favre would've signed with the Vikings. Then my husband's favorite player would have ended up on his most hated team...therefore causing his whole world to explode.

That said, bring on the football baby!


I knew you'd understand.


What an evil thought. An evil, wonderful thought.


Boo. Why must you remind me any earlier than necessary that I am about to lose my husband to a bunch of big, sweaty guys in tight pants? FAIL.

Chicky Chicky Baby

And any self-respecting New Englander knows when the helmets go on it's "Giselle who?". Pop culture can check itself at the stadium entrance. That's the feeling on our side of the field anyway.

He does look good in a pair of football pants, though.


It's not that early, pre-season games started last weekend. Just find comfort in the fact that your husband is happy.


Patriots should have a solid season. I'm thinking 8-8ish.


now i will be unable to watch an entire game all season without thinking to myself: "now which one of those big fat hairy sweaty dudes on the o-line is secretly singing 'this ... is ... sewious!'?"

i totally bet it'd be jon runyan, if he's still playing this year.


So football...yeah, no. I live in Detroit, where the Lions find new, improved and ever-more creative ways to break our hearts every week.
And Tom Brady? Is a Douchebag. Who the hell leaves their pregnant superhot girlfriend for a supermodel? A douchbag, that's who. Gisele is a homewrecker, and had best watch her back while she's knocked up, lets Tom Brady find someone even hotter.


Wow, I was so worked up there, I couldn't even spell douchebag or lest correctly.


I have to admit that I don't get the football on TV. I prefer it in real life. Oh, I will watch a game on the tube here and there, but I much prefer to sit in the stands.


Oh the drama! My mind is numb from reality TV. I prefer fantasy football to the real games but then I prefer NCAA games to NFL games. There is something more electric to rooting for the Ohio State Buckeyes and debating the issues with the national championship bowl games than just watching the Giants (and my husband is an Eagles fan in NY, that is dangerous).

Tracy H

I just got butterflies!!! Let's go Ravens!!!

And, Tom Brady is hot even if he does play for another team.


i love football. i get the best naps of the year during football season. i find the noise of the games incredibly soothing, go figure.


i am SO ready for some football (NFL). I've been pacifying the urge by watching CFL since June but now i'm ready for the NFL season to start. YES!!!

And, I've never really gotten the whole "tight pants" aspect but i realize that's just me. (also: a lot of the players are over 300 pounds) I just know that I watch more and follow it more closely than does the Boy but he really likes that I watch... so it's all good.


You're goin' DOWN Michele! I'm going to kick ASS this year - no more 4th place for me!


Oh, yes, please, bring on the football!!!! I was so excited for this past Sunday's pre-season game that I kept asking the bf if it as 8pm yet.

College football? Even better... as much as the smack talk between me & bf's teams is sometimes annoying, I do have to admit that it keeps our relationship interesting. ;)


Football season is wonderful! Pittsburgh goes nuts on Sundays (and occasionally Thursday) when the Steelers are playing. Every Friday my boss encourages us to wear Steelers gear, and we actually get ridiculed if we don't!

Oh, and Tom Brady? Can suck it.


Runyan does like his celery.


Wait. Detroit has a football team?


Then where do you watch your beer commercials?


I think it's about time for the Buckeyes to join the NFL.


I wish the Ravens were called the butterflies. I bet their uniforms would be pretty.


The 3rd quarter was made for naps.


The CFL: Now on TV!


It beats fighting over politics.


As a Steelers fan I award you the perfect comment, um, award. This is actually it, just print it out and hang it on your refrigerator.


Bite your tongue, you cretin.

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