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Friday Eye Candy: Stiletto Mom Edition

Friday-eye-candy Ed Note: Our guest author, Alli from Mrs. Fussypants, hit an unexpected snag with deadlines this week, and so asked her friend Mary Anne to fill in for her. And though we're sad to miss out on Alli's Eye Candy, I think you'll agree that Mary Anne more than rises to hte challenge with her picks (swoooooon).

. . . . .

Hi everyone, it's Mary Anne from The Stiletto Mom stepping in for the fabulous Alli Worthington today on Friday Eye Candy. Alli is super busy plus she doesn't waste all her time drooling over thoughtfully researching the topic of hot guys like I do.

Without further delay, here is the eye candy I waste the most time and money on purusing celebrity tabloids for pictures to tuck under my pillow at night.

Bradley Cooper:
First of all THE HAIR.  Also, those blue eyes.   Throw in the fact that he is funny and speaks fluent french and I'm in love.   I can almost forgive him for being in Spain with Renee Zellwegger right now.  *Almost*

Robert Pattinson:
Once again, THE HAIR.   If loving a teenage vampire is wrong, I don't want to be right even if it is considered "illegal" in some states.  Pfft.

George Clooney:George-clooney
Do I even need to say it again?  HAIR.  I'm willing to take a Xanax to get over my fear of flying overseas to hang out with him at Lake Como.  George? Call me, I'm free all weekend.

Leonardo DiCaprio:
Okay I won't say it again.   But you know what it is.    If he isn't still busy dating all those super-models, I'd  consider hanging out with him. It's okay, he's already on my kitchen pass list so my husband won't get TOO MAD at me.

Patrick Dempsey:

My most favorite of all.  I won't even beligure the point here with what I love most about him.  I'd play doctor with Dr. McDreamy any time.

. . . . .



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fawn amber

MMMMMMMMM...lovely, lovely, lovely...


Love all your choices (esp EDWARD!)! But when is Don Draper - I mean Jon Hamm - going to show up in a FEC? He comes back this Sunday!


George Clooney also has a voice that automatically removes your undergarments.


And, really - I don't work for AMC. Cause I just re-read my comment - and it sounds like I do. I am just really looking forward to Mad Men's new season. Am a dork.


I am right there with you, Anya. See above for SPESHAL BONUS PHOTO!


alright - last comment - promise. But, thank you Sweetney!


mmmmhmmmmm. I love the classics, and George is a classic. Great picture of him, btw! thx for this.


So that's where they went...damn it.


Get ready for a Bradley Cooper flashback...remember Alias when he was in witness protection and was all butched out, working as a construction worker and he and Sydney FINALLY GOT. IT. ON. Awesome.


I involuntarily just said "fuckin' damn" out loud when I looked at that picture of George Clooney. He's the dreamiest.

The Stiletto Mom

Sweetney, you totally rounded out my list! How could I have forgotten Don Draper???? THE SHAME.

Thanks for letting me hang out here today!


OMG. I loved Bradley Cooper when when I first saw him on the show GlobeTrekker while he was camping in Peru, galivanting around Macchu Picchu and watching native rituals wearing the garb and hat posing with a llama. He was sporting camping stubble and that crazy hair and looked oh-so rugged. Then I found out, he was an actor! Shut up.

CK Lunchbox

Robert Pattinson? Robert Pattinson!? The rest of your list are a room full of Jimmy Choo's; he's a mismatched pair of Crocs in the back room of Payless. Ahhhh!


Yes. Yes. YES. Loved it.

unmitigated me

Sorry, my brain's completely disconnected right now, as the blood is all rushing to...other parts. And did I mention one of my best friends from high school just scored a role on Mad Men? You'll be adding him to your eye candy page, soon.


Hands down John Hamm wins but Leo can't be ingnored. I can't wait until Sunday night to see Mr. Draper!


Yummy! Now I'm hungry! Where's Tightwad??????


Perfect choices!!! I love Bradley Cooper!!! But where is our dear underage, jailbait, Taylor!?!?


George Clooney's hands made me stop in my tracks. I think I might have meowed out loud. Thanks for some fine photos - except for the Pattinson kid - sorry ladies - I just don't get it.


MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! LOVE IT! He can keep 'em. As long as I get to personally remove his. With my teeth. ;)


You were right on with all of these - Leo doesn't do it for me, but I can see the attraction - but George? Rowr...

Kate Coveny Hood

I love Bradley Cooper. He's kind of a big deal now, but I loved him when... Seriously Bradley you can stop now - you had me at Alias.


I love you. Can we sit together at lunch?

Accidental Housewife

Dude! Who's your friend?? Did he win that walk-on contest???


Thank you!!! I do so agree with you LOL!!You are now my hero

unmitigated me

Nope. He's a real, live actor. Here's his IMDB page. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0230436/ On his Facebook page, he let us know he just scored a recurring role on MadMen.

Sprite's Keeper

Thanks, Mary Anne. How am I going to explain to the husband that my laptop shorted out due to, um, a glass spilling? Yeah...
Brad Cooper. My eyes crossed after his picture came up.

Connie @ Young and Relentless

Great choices Mary Anne! I can totally see you on the arm of George Clooney!

Maria S.

George Clooney! Mc Dreamy!!!! Sexy sexy sexy. How hot are they? I would also add the lovely and sexy Gerard Butler (of "PS I love you" fame, because - on top of everything else - he can sing and has that Irish brogue going on for him!).

Matt Haverkamp

I would get it on with Jon Hamm. But I am with CK. PATTISON? I don't get it.


so glad you included Don Draper!!!!

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