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Friday Eye Candy: The Bloggess Edition

Friday_eye_candyRemember how earlier this week we tricked Jenny The Bloggess into spilling her pop culture confessions, all without even having to buy a single drink? 

Yes, well obviously Jenny can be fooled twice and now we are proud to present Friday Eye Candy: The Bloggess Edition.

Her list only came with a warning:
My idea of hot is probably not the same as everyone else's.

1.  Fairuza Balk when she was really gothy. 


2.  Lily Cole


3.  Noel Fielding (with or without mullet)


4.  Zachary Quinto as young Spock


5.  Alan Rickman in Sense and Sensibility, Robin Hood, Harry Potter and everything else he's ever been in.   Ever.


Care to share the ones that you consider offbeat? Betcha you aren't alone...

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Alan Rickman, huh? I have often wondered, since seeing him in "Sense and Sensibility", if there was ANYONE in the world who found him attractive. Now I know.


You are not alone in the Snape love. There is something about his evil-ness and gorgeous voice that gets to me!

mouthy_broad (michele)

erin--dude--it is the voice!

also, i did enjoy young spock as eye candy but i enjoyed young kirk way more!

mouthy_broad (michele)

oh and i have always loved jon cusack. i feel he is offbeat.


#4 Swoon. I loved the new Star Trek movie. Aaaand I think I loved it more because of him and the young Kirk. Meeeow.


Alan Rickman in Dogma? Not only hilarious, but pretty damn adorable.


Oh, Mr. Rickman. How I love thee.

Spock, too.


I loved Alan Rickman as Col. Brandon, it's one of the reasons I have seen that movie hundreds of times.


The Sheriff of Nottingham, baby. Dear Lord, he was hot, hot, hot, and evil. Just the way I like em.

And young Spock, too. I concur. You just know that when you get him alone, he will be the type to throw you up against the wall and get busy - all that leashed emotion.

Do I sound as horny as I think I do? Damn.


Zachary Quinto in anything, period.


Oh yes, Alan Rickman as Snape. So nice!
And in Dogma, so very nice!

I've never actually seen Sense and Sensibility though. I'll have to go check it out.

Rebecca (Bearca)

I also have an odd attraction to Rickman. It IS the voice.


I don't find Alan Rickman particularly attractive, but his voice is gorgeous, and makes me swoon. Especially as Col. Brandon. Yummers. He's also in Love Actually (one of my all-time favourite movies), although his part is quite small.

SciFi Dad

What about Alan Rickman as that stuffy guy playing the alien in Galaxy Quest? Is partially adhered latex hot too?


Off beat? How about Phillip Seymour Hoffman? I've been told I'm insane, but how can you not be attracted to someone with that much talent?

And Alan Rickman? Nummy.

Marmite Breath

He's in Truly, Madly, Deeply, which is SUCH a great movie. Love him in it. Love him in everything.


I too, loves me some Sheriff of Nottingham/Snape. And the Metatron... RAWR.


I prefer him in *nothing*, actually... ;)

Alan Rickman, anything, nothing, will take.him.any.way.


If you've ever seen Alan Rickman in Truly, Madly, Deeply, you will love him FOREVER. Well, at least that's what happened to me.

My weird attractions: Adrian Brody, Jeff Goldblum and...shhh....Russell Brand....shhhh....


She's not the only one. Can't explain it. But I get it.


And he is getting better with age, IMO.


Ah. See? I didn't like him in that one because he hurt his loving wife by being all cheatermcheatypants.


Lily Cole - yes.



"It's like gasoleeeene, on a flame."


I have the same Russell issue but if nothing else I would like to hang out with him for a day or seven. I think it would be teh awsome :)


you reached into my BRAIN and put it on FEC! oh, my alan rickman, i love you in all your snapey glory. And I spent all of star trek elbowing my husband and saying 'spock is so HAWT...'


Jeff Goldblum and David Letterman...go figure!


That is the Alan Rickman movie. Along with Die Hard.


I like Fairuza Balk's nasty, trashy persona.


Oh, I love Truly, Madly, Deeply!! And Alan Rickman.
And Zachary Quinto.


Last night I had a dream about The Janitor from Scrubs.

That's pretty weird and off beat.

Sarcastic Mom

I have to give a hearty "FUCK YEA, BEESHES!" to both the first and last in the list.

Oh yeah. That's how I roll.


Pop and Ice

Ummmmm.........Alan Rickman.......Ummmmmmmmm!

Sheila (@stinginthetail)

am totally in with alan rickman, he's a fabulous actor - they cut most of his performance out of robin hood, i heard, because rickman outshone the star. And Noel Fielding - he's divine - love his mod goth in the The Mighty Boosh.


Have you seen this? HOT.



I like Vincent D'Onofrio and Jeff Goldblum. And the guy who used to play BJ on Trapper John, MD.

Just Shireen

Oh Rickman. Yes. Just yes.


Rickman does it for me. What about that guy from A Fish Called Wanda...Fines something. He's hot.

Wait, I looked it up it's Kevin Klein. He floats my boat.

Oh and Ralph Fiennes...him too (came up in the search).

I'm going to go have some quiet time now....

sweetsalty kate

The air... is full.. of spices.


Miss B

Oh yes -- I became deeply infatuated with Alan Rickman when I saw "Truly Madly Deeply" at the age of, perhaps, 14. And the infatuation only deepens.

I find Willem Dafoe to be unbelievably compelling, and based on the reactions I get when I tell people that, apparently it's a bit odd? He's just all...lines and planes and shadows. Mmmm.

I have been ridiculously in love with Gene Wilder since I first saw him as Willy Wonka, and I am still in love with him, as he is now.

And Dominique Pinon -- the French actor who appears in every Jeunet film. I just adore him.

(also, I have been totally in love with Bob Barker since I was very small, and I was just devastated when he left The Price Is Right -- I had a little fantasy of getting on the show at some point in my life and giving him a kiss. And yes, I know that's very fucked up.)


Mmm. David Straitharn. Any movie. Scratch that. Almost any movie, but not the one where he tried to rape Debra Winger. Oh, but definitely L. A. Confidential.

I'm one of those who'd do Eddie Izzard in full drag. Or out of it.

Robert Carradine - the youngest one. Preferably in his mid-1970's glory.

Gregory Hines. Preferably dancing.

(Yes, I understand the difficulties of the last two.)


Sorry Jenny, but I am judging away, hardcore. I can't help it! I tried not to, but I never promised you I wouldn't. Judge, judge, judge...

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

Me too. I love him.


Me too! I really like the way he looks. And I can't explain it, either.


Willem Dafoe!! I haven't seen him in a lot of things but I like what I've seen...and do think he's attractive. So, you're not alone!


Didn't even know Snape's real name - Rickman is such a chameleon & I love that....and his voice. Somebody nominate him for an Oscar, already!

Accidental Housewife

can I get a hell yeah for your last three... I love me some Jeff Goldblum. and, oh god, don't make me say it... Russell Brand. I am so ashamed.

Accidental Housewife

ooooohhhh... Gregory Hines... good call!


Alan Rickman... drooooooool....

The Mother Tongue

Um. Yeah. Checking in for the Alan Rickman lust here. Can't explain it. Won't fight it. Yippee ki yay. GUH.

New Age Bitch

There's a really creepy Alan Rickman fan site that I found once when I figured out the name behind THE DELICIOUS VOICE ... NOT recommended.

However, last night I had a VERY detailed dream that involved both Jennifer Aniston (ew) and Fred Willard, mockumentary maestro but NOT hot. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fred_Willard I need a shower now.

The Mother Tongue

Oh my god. That video is like bukkakke in rewind.

carrien (she laughs at the days)

I love Alan Rickman in Sense and Sensibility, and Dogma.

I found out a while ago that Fairusa is my husband's cousin. He remembers playing with a light bright set with her in an attic at her house in Vancouver when they were kids. Before she starred in Return To Neverland.

I wonder if she goes to family reunions.

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