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"Funny People" is Funny if You Think Things That Are Too Long Are Funny

Funny-people-poster I actually made it to an opening of a movie for once and then I proceeded to actually watch the film, so I'm going to totally capitalize on the experience and write about it, and maybe some people would call me a "hero journalist" but I'm shy and don't like all that attention lavished on me. Just "hero" is fine. The movie is Funny People, of course and the the best thing I can say about it is that it really makes you appreciate theaters with reclining seats because you really want to be able to settle in for the long haul. It's like that prostitute in the bag who keeps waking up despite you repeatedly hitting them in the head with a shovel. It goes on and on and on. You'll notice I didn't refer to the prostitute in my analogy as a "she". That's because I'm not a misogynist. A misanthrope maybe...but not a misogynist.

Okay seriously, two and a half hours on a comedy? Or maybe it was a drama with many comedic elements, so much so that you could be tricked  into thinking it was a comedy because you are distracted by how long you've been sitting there watching it. Or maybe it a comedy with enough real life thrown in to feel a little serious. Either way that one female comedian, played by some actress I might look up later but probably not*, was hot. So I think we can all agree she deserved more screen time. My point is, that Funny People was about 35 minutes longer than it needed to be and maybe Judd Apatow is getting a little indulgent because I really don't need multiple 5 minute long scenes of people watching TV. I BELIEVE they watch TV...I don't need the reinforcement. You could even have a character be all "I'm going in the other room to watch some TV" and I'll pretty much still buy into your fiction . 

I'm not sure if I'm supposed to comment on people's weight because sometimes people get all uptight and racist against me if I talk about fat people as being fat. So maybe I just won't mention anything about it. Yeah that's probably the best course of action. Let's just say that some people in the movie have lost a bunch of weight and other people in the movie maybe didn't lose so much and are also engaged in an epic battle with their glands and are probably big-boned from genetics and totally not over-weight and couldn't help it even if they were and their name is Jonah Hill. I feel bad for him because he had all those pictures of him jogging in People, so obviously he's trying to get healthy. Maybe he just isn't running fast enough, is all.  I think it's okay to talk about this though because obesity kills a number of people that I'm too lazy to look up every day and not just those that get accidentally eaten.

Even though Funny People stars Adam Sandler it is not completely moronic and you don't need a lobotomy to enjoy it. In fact, for most of the movie it feels like Sandler is poking fun at himself for having made movies like Click and I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry and that makes his character likable. It's good to see that he acknowledges he's been making crap movies. It's like a convict admitting he shanked that one crooked guard. It's good to see justice being served, is my point.

So maybe you're asking yourself if you should see this or not. Well, I'm not your you...but I think it's definitely a renter and maybe even a go-er to-er if you don't mind sitting around for a really long time in one place. It's got some good laughs to it and some of them don't even involve dicks or buttholes. Some of them even involve making fun of Ray Romano. So Win/Win.

*Aubrey Plaza...I totally looked her up. Please sit down and stop clapping. 

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Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

*stops clapping and sits down*


You could've clapped for a little while longer. I didn't even get a chance to come back for a dramatic encore. Oh well. :)


Kurt, you just brought it. Kudos.


Great reviews are the ones that let me know whether or not I should spend my money, without telling me that I need to go spend my money. Or not spend it. Since I'm not making sense anymore, I'll just say this was a great review.


Thank you.


Up until the last bit, I didn't know if I was being reprimanded for being obtuse or not. I was relieved to find out I wasn't.


Everybody loves to make fun of Raymond.


Well this confuses me even more. The one person I know of, who saw this movie, said she'd tried to off herself with her soda straw it was that bad. But she's a tad dramatic and also didn't like the new Indiana Jones, which I loved. Sooo...this will probably be a renter and that's mostly because my husband refuses to pay $16+ and see anything in a theatre that isn't all action, war, or explodey.


Yeah, my 23-year old son saw this and even he thought it was too long, and he even kind of likes Adam Sandler. (I'm still wondering where I went wrong on that one.) His girlfriend, on the other hand, thought is was not only too long, but also stupid. So there ya go.

Devra Renner

Our air conditioner is broken, so sitting in a really long movie worked very well for us that evening. There were some funny moments in the film, but if you're AC works, I would just wait to rent it so you can fast forward thru the parts that never needed to be in the film in the first place.

However, if your AC is broken, this would be THE movie to go see at the theatre, unless you can find a theatre playing "Reds" which would mean you would have to probably time travel, which may not be something you can or are willing to do.

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