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Gwyneth Paltrow Apparently Had Few Fans on Set of Iron Man 2

Gwyneth_paltrow_iron_man_2 If I somehow injure myself by over rolling my eyes at Gwyneth Paltrow and one more of her freakazoid, snob-filled moments that seem to be occurring at a frightening rate of return, thus causing my eye muscles to seize up so I can only see the area right above my head, I will sue her and her Goop-filled accounts for corrective surgery plus more money than I can count.

Each time a gossip source talks about her latest dumbass move, I detest her just that much more. For the record, I must state that I actually used to like Gwyneth Paltrow -- especially back in the Brad Pitt / Ben Affleck era when she seemed a hell of a lot less snobby and more singleton-best-friend needy in a way that didn't seem annoying. But now she's just annoying. I think it all happened when she started hanging around Madonna or maybe it was when she ruined Chris Martin for me. It's a hard call, I should have taken better notes.

Anyhow: I find Gwyneth annoying with her punch-worthy Goop advice that only super rich, bubble-living, stick-insects would label sage and if we are to believe the latest gossip, I'm not the only one who finds her hard to take. Apparently the crew of Iron Man 2 thinks so too.

Of course there was already talk about how mad Gwyneth was over the amount of attention Scarlett Johansson received instead of her in the promotion of Iron Man 2. Now there is talk of on-set frigidity that sounds down right prima-donna like, plus apparently some people wanted her out of the show. Of course it's those one of those wonderful "sources" that spoke about how some Iron Man 2 team members (cast? crew? the guys in catering that feel her evil glare when serving luscious carbs?) were hoping her role would be re-cast. Harsh!

There was also talk about how she was snobby and not friendly to people on set, therefore pretty much making the team feel "awkward and uncomfortable." Awkward!

Also according to that source, she was never rude to Scarlett Johansson's face but that sounds like it was due to the fact that she avoided Scarlett at all times and never spoke to her. Which I do believe in itself is rude behaviour. Last time I checked the professional behaviour guidelines, one should set aside issues with peers in order for a team to have inspiring synergy and good dynamics. Yes, I just used the word "synergy". Can you tell I used to work in a corporate cube farm?

Anyhow, per usual Gwyneth is just making it too easy to hate her. She had better not ruin any moment of Iron Man 2 with a wooden robotic Pepper Potts performance or I'm adding that to my lawsuit.

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You know, I would never want to be That Person, no matter how famous I was, or how much pull I had. Never. NEVER. I don't care WHO you are, how hard is it to JUST BE NICE. AND NORMAL. GAWD.

Watching this week's 60 Minutes and seeing Chris Martin in an interview, I was left to ponder how the fuck those two are married. He seemed nice and down to earth and the kind of person who would be EMBARRASSED that his wife was not only an ass, but a person who says that her life is great because she's "not passive about it" and then spouts life-changing tips involving vegan meatloaf, you know?


Take her for all she's got! She need's a reality check...and to stop hanging out with Madge.


I know! And she ruined Chris Martin for me. Obviously that life-changing vegan meatloaf didn't work for her because she's still an asshat.


I think finding reality is probably darn near impossible when you consider Madonna one of your best friends. But still, that's only an excuse -- I think her lofty diet & exercise regime is negatively impacting her grey matter.


I hate to talk to people, personally. So I can't fault her for not talking to people. Maybe she doesn't want to.

The other day I had this absurd insight: Being really nice is hard. Basically, the best I can do is fake nice much of the time.


I've never liked her and I think she's not really even a decent actor. But whatever.

I was just thinking how very Kabbalah it must be to act like an asshat to all of your cast mates.

Vegan meatloaf? Snort. What exactly is it anyway? Never mind, I don't want to know.


I shrug some. As far as I can tell, Paltrow's main problem here is not falling all over herself to be nice to everyone. She expects the set to run more-or-less on schedule, she's clear about what she wants and she treats her colleagues as colleauges, not pals. When men do this it's called professionalism. When women do it, it's called being a bitch.

The lifestyle advice and the ill-considered remarks about the superiority of life in the UK (note to Paltrow: go hang out at Picadilly Circus on a Friday night and see how much you like it after the fourth round of random vomit hits you) are really annoying, though.


But from where I sit with my rose-coloured glasses and superiority over all things celeb, I spout "is it really that hard to be nice?". Apparently it is (heh).


That's our great advantage as MamaPop writers. We can give the finger to Gwyneth Paltrow TWENTY-FOUR SEVEN, YEAH.


I think being nice IS really hard unless you know the people...too much small talk truly exhausts me.
But...if we were working on a movie set....I know I'D be cheerier!

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