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Jackson Doc To Be Charged With Manslaughter

Conrad_murray_michael_jackson This just in: Dr. Conrad Murray, personal physician to Michael Jackson, will be arrested within the next two weeks and charged with manslaughter. Murray is accused of administering a powerful anesthetic called propofol to his patient, the late Michael Jackson, resulting in his eventual death on June 25th. I guess you probably knew that last part, unless you only just now got DSL installed at the rock under which you currently dwell.

What does that mean? Well, I'm no doctor, but I do know that whether or not he's found guilty, Dr. Murray will likely never practice medicine again. There's just absolutely no way on earth any hospital would employ him, even if he didn't lose his license to practice by some miracle wherein the ethics panel he would face is replaced by a panel of circus monkeys. And can you imagine the malpractice insurance for someone who thought it would be okay to ANESTHETIZE someone to treat their insomnia? As another doctor said when the toxicology report first came out (I paraphrase), that's like prescribing radiation treatment when your patient wants a haircut. 

According to other sources, Jackson's dermatologist will also face charges related to medical malpractice for prescribing Schedule II narcotics like they're friggin' Twizzlers.

A lot of people out there are actually defending these doctors, saying they were under tremendous pressure to give Jackson what he wanted. I say that the medical field isn't exactly a customer service profession. I mean, sure, doctors and nurses should be nice to their patients, but the customer is not always right. If your patient is having trouble sleeping, you do not put them under, no matter how much they're willing to pay. This is particularly true if you are a general practitioner rather than a trained anesthesiologist, which if you were such, I suppose you would likely tell that patient they are smoking crack if they think you'd do such a thing.

Jackson's body will be buried on August 29th, over two months after his death, on what would have been his 51st birthday. Maybe it's just me, but Jacko seems to have an unusually long shelf life for a corpse, even with the embalming. 

Sorry, too soon?


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Well, the doctor has to take some responsibility for something. If he were treating some regular non-famous rich type with ansethesia for their insomnia I feel a malpractice suit along with some sort of convicition if they died from it coming on.

But this is another one of those celebrity conundrums. Anna Nicole & Heath Ledger come to mind. Mixing all sorts of perscriptions because they could get them from their doctors & now they're both dead...

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