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Kids In The Hall Are Back. Still Canadian.

Kids600 The Kids in the Hall were super funny in the early 90s for their irreverent form of sketch comedy that while sometimes riffing too heavily on Monty Python and other times just falling flat, was straight-up awesome from a "What the hell am I watching?" perspective. It was a defining moment in my appreciation of The Comedic Arts when Bruce McCulloch, playing a boy with a cabbage head, declared "I have a cabbage for a head! I'm the king of the sympathy fuck!" Well said Bruce. Well said.

The reason this is news is because the original five cast members of Kids In The Hall, have reunited and begun principle photography on a new project called Death Comes to Town and it is an 8-part series to be shown on the CBC, and will feature all of them playing multiple parts, and lady parts (*snicker* I said "lady parts") and they will probably talk in high falsetto voices so you know for sure they are women and that is highly helpful because I've heard the song "Lola" and I know accidents can happen if you aren't careful, especially if I've had too much to drink and he totally looked hot so don't judge me. 

I suppose I should list the other members of The Kids In the Hall so you can be all reverent and shit. There's Dave Foley, who starred on Newsradio and then was the snarky host of that Celebrity Poker Show that was on back when Texas Hold 'em was still trendy. And then there's Kevin McDonald, who played the stupid alien's voice in Lilo & Stitch. (c'mon! Remember damn you!) and there's Mark McKinney who played "That unfunny cast member" on Saturday Night Live for like a hundred years and then there's Scott Thomson who's done a bunch of tv and stuff apparently but I don't remember any of it and then there's the other one I mentioned before, Bruce McCulloch, who did stuff probably, but all this research is making me sleepy and let's face it...who cares? They're Canadian. They can tolerate a little indifference I'm sure. 

Death Comes to Town is about Death arriving in a small Canadian town on a Greyhound bus and then a murder mystery ensues and the press release is intentionally vague from that point on so I guess I'm a little bewildered about what I should report next. How about the fact that the principle photography will be done in October with the intention to broadcast on the CBC sometime in January of 2010? Is that enough for you information junkies? You wanna talk about Inglorious Basterds while we wait for there to be better info on this one? No? How about we play some cards? Do you have a three?

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This is MY Saved by the Bell reunion. Holy crap, I think I'm moving to Canada.


This makes my Monday!

Leanne Palmerston

Scott was on The Larry Sanders show. He was on the same time Janeane Garafalo was on, IIRC.

Looking forward to this.

"I'm crushing your head!"

"My pen! My pen! That guy took my pen!"


The original show was the source of most of my highschool one liners.


These kids, they smoke! And they taught their dog to beg for cigarettes. So I guess you want me to paint your chair now, eh?


YEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!! Next to Monty Python and SCTV, the Kids in the Hall is the best comedy show ever.


SQUEE!!!! I sooo got kicked out of the school library for watching "fuck the bank" one day! Best detention ever! I LURVE KITH!


Kids in the Hall has been off the air for eight million years, but it was a huge part of Canadian pop culture and still is.

These are the Daves I know...
Forty two Helens agree...
Girl-drink Drunk...

Say any of those random phrases to a Canadian currently aged 35 to 45, and I guarantee you will get a huge grin in return. Can't wait til January!


Dave: "People say I got the power 'cause I got the monkeys. No. I got the power 'cause I'll let the monkeys loose. People don't understand that. They goddamn don't understand that, and they goddamn don't understand me. But that's okay. 'Cause people? They understands monkeys."

Scott: "I'm as offended when people think I'm straight as when people think I'm from the States."

Bruce: "You know why they call it Krazy Glue? Because the guy who invented didn't patent it and he went craaaaaaaaazyyyyy." /googly eyes that only Bruce can do

Mark: "Hey, flathead!"

Kevin: /snap "I've gone mad with...POWER!"

Oh how I love Kids in the Hall. "SCREW YOU, TAXPAYER!"

Heather Ann

My favourite is still "I crush you."


Girl Drink Drunk
I Crush Your Head
These are the Daves I Know

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