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MamaPop Pop Culture Confessional: Mrs. Fussypants Edition

MP confessional Welcome to the MamaPop Pop Culture Confessional, where we receive confession of any and all pop culture pleasures, guilty or otherwise!

Today, we welcome Allison Worthington from Mrs. Fussypants, Blissfully Domestic, and Worthington Wire, who in spite of her very busy life has somehow managed to accumulate several rather serious pop culture addictions. 

Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado I submit to you Alli's not-so-guilty pleasures, in her own words:

1) My Parents Joined Facebook - From the site: "because we want to laugh at your Mom’s ridiculous Facebook status and the embarrassing message your Dad wrote on your wall too!"  I can't help but go peek everyday. This is the reason I dread my children entering the world of social networking. 

2) 90s Hip Hop. - I admit it. I am that woman. You know the one. The one who will throw down at any point and belt out every lyric to the Humpty Dance, Bell Biv Devo (Thank you Sparklecorn Party DJ), or anything from Tribe Called Quest. I don't think of this so much as a "guilty pleasure" but more of a way to prepare myself to embarass my five boys should they choose to act up in public.   Oh, you don't have five children?   This measure works one on one even better.   Warning:  Can only be performed in public forum for maximum impact.  5 points for performing this in the grocery store.   10 for threatening to dance in front of school.  Trust me, it works. Preventative measures people, 90's videos can be your friend.   90's hip hop is not only a guilty pleasure but also a parental control measure in my book.

Joel 3) The Soup - Two words Joel McHale. Act like a fool in public?  The Soup dishes out just desserts. If you get paid millions of dollars a year to read off a cue card?   Expect some fall out, and a lot of  giggles at your expense. He does the best David Caruso impression ever and he loves the "Chicks, Man." It was Joel who first introduced me to my next confession...

Ygg 4) Yo Gabba Gabba- From whacked out DJ Lance to the large orange character who looks like he was at the Room 704 party, this show is the craziest, most disturbingly brilliant kids show of all time. Pop culture nirvana was reached when Jack Black hosted recently. Lessons to be learned here people.   The video "Don't Bite Your Friends"?   Applies to pre-school as well as blogging.

5) Best Week Ever- This is truly classic TV. Best Week ever.. why watch TV when you get it all in 20 minutes or less and actually enjoy it.  The snark, the irreverence, the geeky comedians; I can't get enough. BWE has the best commentary on TV, no contest. (Sorry, Joel)

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*ahem* I may have seen some photos of said 90's Hip Hop Dancing. It was pretty awesome!



Note to self: learn the humpty dance! I can see you breaking in out in front of the school. Too funny! Also, Yo Gabba Gabba is probably the most disturbing show ever. but it keeps my attention!


ha ha ha ;-) AWESOME!
I too, may have seen some awesome 90's dancing.. :-) Fun when you're a friend.. but, the thought of a parent rockin' it.. *shudders* That's scary ;-)


Soooo, gonna have to have a 90s hip hop "battle" at Blissdom 2010! I may have met my match. BOO YAH.

And I seriously need to visit the parents on facebook site - as my mother has ruined facebook for me.

Sugar Jones

Okay, I love me some Soup, too. They get all my trash TV news all at once. Makes for some great time savings!!


Yo Gabba Gabba is one of those "I just can't look away" shows.

The Stiletto Mom

Was that you I saw hip hop dancing in the grocery store last week while her son cowered under the soup display? I thought so....

Those Yo Gabba Gabba creatures are going to haunt my dreams. And not in a good way. :)


Oh YEAH! The 90s was a musical highlight! And how funny about Yo Gabba Gabba. We need to meet up at the grocery store, with all our 8 kids, and start humpty dancin' babe!


Hilarious, I tweeted about Humpty Dance this moring. Y'all gave me a great CDmix from the People's Party, with the Humpty Dance on it. So I was playing it in the car with a vanful of teenagers and ended up having to explain early 90s Oakland to them, past their dying laughter, and now they keep saying the Burger King bathroom line in this stuffy old voice. I never thought I'd be a Humpty apologist.


Joel, oh Joel...


OK that parent Facebook thing is genius!

Kerri Anne

The Soup and Best Week Ever are (The Soup! and Best Week Ever!, and thus) fantastic. I cannot live without their witty pop culture banter.

Allison Worthington

When Megan and I were getting ready for the People's Party, she played our mix CD.

She was shocked to see me bust out the Digital underground lyrics, :)


I knew we were predestined bff's in so many ways. But the 90's hip hop? I'm SO on that train. It also works to horrify your pre-tween girls {age 9-10}. Do it in the carpool lane and you double your points.

p.s. joel mchale? i heart him.

p.s.s. people's party mix? i want one.

mouthy_broad (michele)

i really like the threat of dancing to keep your kids in line. that is genius.


LOVE The Soup, also! But...do you really like the new set-up for Best Week Ever? They've kind of lost hubby and me...


I don't recall whether it was Humpty Dance or Baby Got Back that inspired the actions that made me tell my children, "I'm contractually obligated to embarrass you."

Yo Gabba Gabba rocks. In a very peculiar way.

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