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Olivia Newton-John's Ex-Boyfriend Presumed Dead, Sends Fax from Mexico

Olivia_newton_john_patrick_mcdermott At the same time I learned about the boyfriend of Olivia Newton-John's disappearance and being presumed dead, I also heard the rumours about him faking his own death. It all sounded so unreal, the story was more like one of the made-for-tv movies of the week starring Roma Downey as the sweet, successful girlfriend and Dirk Benedict as the handsome, always broke boyfriend -- who fakes his own death when his debt gets out of control.

But unfortunately: this story was real and it probably was pretty damn horrible for Olivia Newton-John. She gave the world "Let's Get Physical", Sandy Olsson, and hello? Xanadu (my favoritest worst movie ever). She's an activist, survived cancer, and overall she's pretty dang hard to hate. So yeah, it was sad to read about her boyfriend, cameraman Patrick McDermott, who disappeared on a boat and was presumed dead.

Apparently Patrick was bankrupt and totally in debt up to his eyeballs because of missed payments on child support. All this sparked the rumours about him staging the entire thing. Okay, so how crappy would it be to know that people are saying your boyfriend of nine years totally took off to start over because of money problems and even worse, he totally flaked out his kid? I'm not exactly sure how I'd react to that kind of talk but I know it wouldn't be pretty and definitely messy. Yet Olivia handled with grace and has since moved on. She met someone else and married just last year.

Well I'm glad she's moved on, appears happy, and found love because evidence has been found that makes it look like Patrick McDermott is alive. Somebody claiming to be Patrick's representatives sent a fax from Mexico to the private dicks hired to work the case in the US, asking them to stop the investigation pronto and leave Pat alone. They actually said "Let him live his life in peace and harmony." and something about innocence, plus how it was all to escape the "rat race" and starting "anew".

If Patrick McDermott is really alive, I gotta say: Dude seriously, Innocence? Did you forget about that "faking your death so you didn't have to pay any more child support or any moneys owed for that matter" dealio? And how about making your own child think this dad is dead? You know "innocence" isn't the exact word that comes to mind when I read this story.

Anyhow, the sender of the fax has apparently also contacted the same team of dicks who received the fax, three times by phone in the past six months. Oh my god, some days I wish I had married a detective just so I could call him a dick. And seriously, I really just need to grow up.

The investigation team worked with the US Coast Guard and somehow figured out that he applied for a passport in his birth name, withdrew all his savings money from two accounts, has been sailing around the coast of Mexico and South America, and probably has worked as a deckhand. How they find this stuff totally fascinates me, I should have been a PI but I'll settle for doing it from my armchair while watching A&E.

So let's see, if this is the real Patrick McDermott, this guy has been sailing around for the past few years without a care in the world -- save for getting caught -- while his loved ones at home grieved and went through lots of unnecessary pain. And he also claims his "innocence". Yup, I'm still having a hard time with that part.  Also if this is true, ONJ should be relieved this one got away.

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mouthy_broad (michele)

this story is so crazy. i was thinking to myself yesterday when i read about it--who is faking their own death? is this TV or a John Grisham novel? what is this mess?

he sounds like a real loser.

cindy w

That is insane. Someone needs to send Dog the Bounty Hunter down to Mexico to snatch that douchebag back to the States & make him own up to his family. Especially his kid. Gah.

Alyssa S.

Sounds like his kid is better off without him too. Seriously, it's not like he'd be any kind of role model or could be counted on to be there for anything important...most likely, he'd be in jail. Why cause the kid any unnecessary pain/embarrassment by making him deal with this jerk?


What a tool. Deadbeats are always so "innocent". Sheesh.


I like the way you think though if memory serves me correct, Dog was charged with something himself last time he went to get somebody down in Mexico - the Max Factor guy was charged with sexual assault. But yes, I'd love it someone set Dog on his douchebag ass.


True that. The kid has probably already mourned the loss of his dad and this would be unimaginable. He definitely belongs in jail, preferably a Mexican one.


Still can't wrap my head around declaring his "innocence" - seriously CANNOT.


I KNOW - and it's so sad that it is real.

Fawn Amber

Shouldn't that be ONJ...?

Amanda of Shamelessly Sassy

What an asshole. If the tale about people stealing other's vital organs in bathtubs and selling them on the black market is true, one might think that he needs his deadbeat dad kidneys stolen. or not--just sayin'.


Typo corrected. Thanks.


While I'd never endorse stealing organs for the blackmarket, IF that happened to him I'd have a hard time not yelling "You had it coming dude" in his direction.


I'm a divorce lawyer and you would be appalled at how many people just don't see child support as their OBLIGATION, not some "gift" to the child.


I think the word "dick" is being applied to the wrong party in this story.


Hilarious - you really made me laugh with that comment.


I guess he thought that his insurance money would pay his kid?? Dickwad,this is the time sharks come in handy while he is sailing around

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