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OMG More Volturi Photos

New_moon_3 Initially, I was going to write about something with way more depth, perhaps a bit more intellectually stimulating, and then the producer for the morning radio show which I'm on sent me a link to newest - newer than the last ones! - shots coming from "New Moon," and my brain disintegrated and now I'm anxious to retrieve "Breaking Dawn" from my bookshelf. (Shut up. You're the same way. Oh I read the comments on the last post, DON'T LIE.) 

More shots after the jump.


Where are their robes? Their big black robes, one of which they make Edward wear because he went all shirtless-in-the-square? Here is Aro, Caius, and Alec of the Volturi, played by Michael Sheen, Jamie Bower, and Cameron Bright, respectively. I thought Caius would be older. Aro is almost how I pictured he would be, a bit less Robert Benigni (who I thought, for some reason, would be the perfect actor) than I thought, but I like Sheen even more. 


Felix, played by Daniel Cudmore, and Ashley Greene's Alice. I thought Felix would be way more heinous-looking. All these dudes need is a bit of Visine. 


OH SWEET JEEBUS. Dakota Fanning scares me even when she was in "Charlotte's Web." She's almost ... too precocious for that amount of innocence, like the balance is off. Oh why yes, that is Edward Cullen in the background. 


I included this photo only because last winter I knitted umpteen frillion pairs of fetchings like Alice's. I like how she's dressed here and I hope that they amped up her fashion forwardness because her costuming and predilection for fashion were incongruent during the last film. 

The movie is looking better and better. 

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So.. I have a confession.. I never watched Twilight. The trailers made it look horrible, so I never watched it. (Seriously, Alice would never let them wear the heinous baseball outfits..)

That being said, I kinda want to see New Moon. Truthfully though, I really only want to watch this scene. I can do without the rest.



I fully admit that I put the photo of Michael Sheen on my home PC wallpaper.


Alice will forever and ever be my favorite Cullen.


This will be my next reason to live after True Blood wraps up their season. Well besides my kids. And husband. Blah, blah blah. MOHR EDWARD!!!!


Me LIKEY! I like them much better in context, as opposed to the individual photos (except for the uncanny resemblance of Michael Sheen to Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode, which is still okay because he's hot and all, but it's just a little distracting).

Just Shireen

New Moon was my least favorite book (although, after listening to the audiobook recently, I didn't dislike it as much as I remember) but I'm stoked for this movie. From what I've seen the new director has made a huge difference costume, makeup, etcwise.

Aaand now I'm talking all serious like about Twilight, when I'm really just in it for the sparkly, sparkly lulz.


This looks nothing at all like I pictured. Aren't they supposed to be underground? Why is it so spacious and bright? Sorry to be a hater ladies.


I'm not into this, no idea what's going on here besides the usual teen angst bs, but the thing is, the guy on the far left looks like he's in the middle of trying to break silent wind.

Operation Pink Herring

I don't think I can even form words. Soooo much awesome.


Dakota Fanning goes to my school....


Honestly better than my own imagination. While I miss the robes...they still look brilliant.


I think I love you. I really do. Your snarky excitement for all things Twilight makes me happy in the best kind of way. Can we be best friends? Seriously, I love your comments and agree completely.

That Danielle

I pictured them looking more Old Worldy than Eurotrash. Oh well. And I agree about Dakota Fanning. I can only see her as a characature of the Amy Poehler SNL characature of her now.

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