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Open Thread - Mad Men Season Three: The Anticipation Is Killing Me


If you're anything like me, right about now you're re-arranging the living room furniture, polishing the television set, preparing a variety of delicious chips & dips, and counting down the minutes until this Sunday night's premiere of the third glorious season of AMC's Mad Men. [fans self with hand dramatically]

Do you think Don Draper would prefer a three cheese or creamy spinach dip? Hmm?

Yesss mah presshussss, I -- your resident Mad Men recapper -- am chomping at the proverbial bit so hard that I feel I must, for the good of all humankind and the sanity of my loved ones, who are SICK OF TALKING ABOUT THAT STUPID SHOW ALREADY JESUS CHRIST ALMIGHTY, provide a space for my fellow Mad Men lovers to gush openly without fear of being shamed, judged, or ridiculed. SO.

What are you most looking forward to this season? What theories do you have about what will happen this season? What do you HOPE happens or doesn't happen? Which are your favorite characters? Who would you most like to have a drink with? What characters can't you stand? Who would you most like to punch in the neck? Why are you so obsessed with this show, anyway? Does it make you want to start smoking (again)? Is Jon Hamm my sekrit boyfriend? (The answer to that last one, just so you know, is YES.) Huh huh huh? OMG OMG OMG!1!!!

Please to commence with the shameless fangirl/fanboy squeeing in comments. We're all friends here, this is a safe space.

Hold me?


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I'm ready to be surprised--no agenda in my mind. But take a look at foxy Peggy in that picture!

Well, okay, if we're dreaming--naked Don booty?


I know, I know, a super intelligent and insightful comment. But don't pretend you don't want naked Don booty too.


well, obviously, some serious shit is going to (continue to) go down with Don and Betty's marriage. I can't decide if I think that Betty will find out about Don's identity this season, or if they'll stretch that out for next season. either way, you know it's coming.

I think Cooper and/or Sterling will die, putting Don in a position to take over the company. Hijinks will ensue, perhaps with those young guys that they hired at the beginning of season 2. (I can't remember what happened with them; I need to watch that season again.)

I don't think Salvatore will be outed this season, but there will be further developments along those lines, perhaps some hints at possibility difficulties that he has making love to/conceiving with his wife.

I think Pete will go apeshit for Peggy and leave his wife and this will be very, very bad.

Peggy will continue to kick ass at work but that family shit will threaten everything.

Joan's marriage will be very bad and she may turn to Paul for help.


I just finished season two on dvd last night and am super stoked for Sunday. I'm excited to see how Betty and Don get back after the infidelity and finding out about the new baby.

Roger Sterling? His silver-foxy ass NEEDS to call me.

Also, I'd like to nominate Pete Campbell for a healty dose of neck punching. The line starts behind me.


Yes! Yes! Oh, I am so glad to see that someone is as excited as I am. I am already pondering drink selection for the premiere--Old Fashioned, because it is what Mr. Draper drinks? Or something in a cocktail glass, because it is more festive?

My husband is sick to death of Mad Men, and frankly a little annoyed because when he asked me whether I would leave him for Jon Hamm my reply ("I don't think you have to worry about that"), while true, was not *technically speaking* an answer.

I've just finished re-watching the first two seasons in preparation, and I wonder if Joan really marries Dr. Rapist. My suspicion, regrettably, is that she does. I hear that Sal features prominently in the premiere and first few episodes, so that should be interesting.

As for characters I like, well, Roger Sterling is a favorite. Peggy's success makes me happy. I worry about Joan--one of the most upsetting bits of last season was when they took the Television scripts from her (I may have cried). Duck Philips can kiss my ass, but I suspect he will not be around after the merger anyway. I am very intrigued by Betty, despite finding her insipid in Season One. I dislike Roger's new fiance, and she should really stop writing poetry. My feelings for Don continue to be complicated: On the one hand, he is fairly despicable. On the other, I would very much like to join him in a night of animal passion.



I was going to say I'm ready to see Peggy get a makeover, but from the pic it looks like that might already be in the works. (yowza)

Also, forget the three cheese dip for Don, just go with three martinis...:)


I know, all the characters just keep getting hotter. HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?


I wonder about Don & Betty. I mean, people didn't get divorced then. Like, ever, pretty much, right?

Poor Joan. God. Ugh. (I have to admit I'm a little miffed about the fact that she's the strongest female character, and inevitably ended up being the one who had to be taken down a peg, debased, humilated. C'mon, Mad Men writers!)


I agree -- Roger Sterling? RAWR.

Oh and I also agree Pete needs some neck-punching. The reasons are so many I'm not sure I could list them all...


just too darn excited to even anticipate what will come about perhaps Colin Hanks the priest will leave the priesthood and help Salvatore "come out" in more ways than one. Hope Betty gets some action because it has been far too one sided in their marriage. Peggy will punch Pete Campbell in the neck or perhaps she'll "hit that again"


I think that Sal will be outed by Don (hush, hush) in the season opener. This is only because I am way too obsessed by the show and google way too much. It has not been said - but, in my mind, eluded to. Don will continue to be an unfaithful bas****, but had regets about it this season. But, who knows. He seemed to be a good guy the beginning of last season - and then Bobbie Barat (sp?).

I have always hated Pete - but he is growing on me, so I am kinda hoping he does well for himself this season.

From what I read: spoiler: it starts in 1963 - but who knows when, before or after the JFK assination. We will see- but I can't wait!


Please, no more spoilers! I am determined keep my head buried in the sand!


Oh Alexa, blood sisters 4evah?

I'm actually a little bummed that -- unless I don't actually sleep at all between now and Sunday night -- the chances of me watching both seasons back to back to bone up on things looks grim. I may try to squeeze in a review of season 2, however. I may need to buy more coffee.

I agree, Betty has gotten a bit more interesting as time's gone on (not saying much, but she's definitely more than a cardboard cut-out of Suzy Homemaker now). It's odd -- for a show supposedly about the men of Madison Avenue, the show really is on a deeper level about the lives of women in the early 60s... The soul of the show resonates most there.

Yes, I realize I just gave a television show a soul. Shut up.


Ahh Erin, dear, then don't read something that says "spoiler" before it! ;)

I'm actually interested to hear what y'all have heard about the coming season... anyone have any juicy gossip?


I am nearing obsessive on my worry over Peggy. Why, oh why, did she tell Pete about the baby? You know that shit is going to come back to bite her in the ass. Bleh, I hate Pete, but he is an entertaining character.

I hope Don finds out about Betty's fling. He could use a little punch to his ego, but don't punch his neck...it's too damn sexy to be ruined with bruises.


Yeah I heard (from Jon Hamm, in an interview) that there was a time switch, but didn't know how much. It's an intriguing plot device, the jump forward in time. Will be interesting to see how they use that and to what ends.


Season 1 to Season 2 jumped from 1960 to 1962. That is why so much was needed to be explained in season 2. Not many unanswered questions for season 3. It will be interesting how the writers will work with that.


for a show supposedly about the men of Madison Avenue, the show really is on a deeper level about the lives of women in the early 60s... The soul of the show resonates most there.

That's why I love it so much. The ladies are the meat of the show, the men are the eye candy. If you've seen the DVD extras (and I have, because I'm a dork), there's a feature about the evolution of women during the 60s. Very interesting stuff.


I'd love for Peggy to get involved with the priest, Thornbirds-style, but I doubt that's going to happen. Also, whenever Colin Hanks is on screen, all I see is his father. It's crazy how alike they look/sound.


I'm not reading the comments b/c I'm coming late to this show but thanks to the Miracle of the DVR I will soon be caught up! WOO! However, I am sooooooooooooo excited about season three since I am well and truly addicted now. I got a friend addicted too (she's 3 episodes behind me) so I had someone to talk about it.



Soooooo jealous! We don't have cable anymore (stupid economy)and I must get my Mad Men fix vicariously through recaps. I will just have to read everything I can and find someone with a DVR who takes pity on me. Jon Hamm is beyond yummy. I'm a sucker for a tortured cad.

Suzy Q

OMG, I want to fuck ALL OF THE PEOPLE in this show! Even creepy Pete.

I just bought a Blu-Ray player yesterday (on sale) so I could get Season 2 in hi-def (which I have not bought yet, but give me a minute).

Do y'all realize that Joan is "the old lady" on this show, even though she's only about 32? SO unfair! Also unfair is the fact that, like Joan, I am also a curvy redhead but she's just so much MOAR of everything than I will ever be. But, I fear for her. I hate that asshole she's engaged to.

I LOVED that Betty had that anonymous flingette at the bar. Slut. I also love the "first" Mrs. Draper character, who gives Don a non-judgmental (and non-amorous) ear.

I could go on, and on, and on...such is my love for this show. Martinis and pigs-in-blankets on Sunday night!

Suzy Q

Oh, I vote Yes for you doing a Season 2 recap this weekend. I'm old (over 32) and can't remember everything that happened.

Mama Bird

Where has Jon Hamm been all my life! Jealous of a friend that actually DID get to share cocktails with him at a charity event. He has his arm around her in a photo! Don't know if I could've helped myself from giggling like a schoolgirl...

Anyway, have only re-watched 2 episodes from season 2, so this thread is an awesome re-cap for me to be prepared for Sunday night!

What I have been dying to know is if anyone else noticed that early in season 1, the Drapers actually had 3 kids?! There was an episode where Betty tells Sally to go get her brother out of the playpen, & Billy is standing right next to her! Anyone?!


WOAH! Holy crap! Do you remember what ep that was? I have all of them right here on mah laptop [pets laptop] so I could check it...

Patty P.

I can't remember the last time I loved a TV quite so much. There's no way I can choose a favorite character. Even the "villians" are divine in this show--e.g. Bobbi Barrett, Pete Campbell. I've been rewatching Season 2 this week...

Okay, okay if I have to pick, I must say Peggy, Pete and Joan are my favorite characters.

I really hope Weiner and Co. will keep giving us wonderful glimpses into all the characters' lives, but still center on Don and Betty.

Such a brilliant show. The amazingly insightful and detailed dissections of each episode at the HouseNextDoor.Com have been incredible and added to my infinite enjoyment of this show. So sad that Andrew Johnston's untimely death will put an end to those episode-by-episode analyses.

And, it bothers me when I read articles that portray Don as shallow and Betty as repressed--they are so much more complicated and nuanced than their assigned "stereotype."

Sigh. I hope this show runs for years.

Thanks for fawning along with us, T.


Dude, you're putting a lot of pressure on me. Guess I'd better not, err, SLEEP?

Alright 48 hours. so that's only, err, 6.5 eps a day?


Mama Bird

Just looked over the recaps from Season 1, & it may be the 2nd episode: "Ladies Room." I remember Betty & her neighbor-lady friend are puffing cigarettes in the kitchen when Sally & Bobby (incorrectly called him Billy) appear wearing dry-cleaning bags.

Heather B.

Today I a) smoked a cigarette b) bought vintage drinking glasses and c) ordered the Mad Men season pass from itunes. Soooo ready. And in character it seems.


I know I'm late to this FABULOUS thread, but I just have to say that one of my favorite moments from season 1 is that vision of Betty in her lingerie, cigarette in mouth, and shotgun in hand taking care of the bird problem for the kids and dog. I know, I know, shooting poor birds, but the important part is that we got a real first glimpse of the cracks in that porcelain doll. And what song was playing at that moment? Wasn't it a song about being an angel? Somebody help me here...I didn't get to break out the dvds before the premiere last night....
Anyway, I digress. From that moment, Betty has always been a favorite character.


I am soooo happy for you with the blue-ray dvd!!! This show is so gorgeous, and everyone in it, you just HAVE to, I MEAN HAVE TO, see it on a big, flat screen tv in hi-def! I could watch over and over and over, because it is just so gorgeous!!!!

Yay for you, Suzy Q!


why, oh why, did I let life get in the way the last week so that I didn't come here to see this thread earlier????? That will teach me to forego my MamaPop in favor of kids and work and family....
I love the show, and I love me some MamaPop!

So glad I did see the premiere last night though...hey, where's the recap?????

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