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Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt: Who Kisses Like That?

Paris_hilton_doug_reinhardt So these two got back together. 

I saw this photo and the first though that flew through my head was WTF WHO KISSES LIKE THAT? Who aims their head at their beloved with their jaw unhinged and their mouth tentacle hanging below their chin? People who kiss like this? It's GROSS. STOP IT.

I thought about the million different ways that I could Photoshop this photo: Paris Hilton lapping up a bowl of water, Paris Hilton vomiting, Paris Hilton licking an ice cream cone, Paris Hilton superimposed into a "Predator" still and hunting Schwarzeneggar in the jungle. 

She's got her Gollumn claw up on his shoulder and appears to be attempting anything other than a kiss.

Had your breakfast yet? LET'S LOOK CLOSER! 

Wait - cue this music in another window and play while scrolling down. 


That isn't glow off her dress, that's KLASS, ladies and, well, mostly ladies. And some gentlemen. 

I have to say, this photo totally creeps me out and makes me think of the vampires from "Blade 3":


I realize that were there cameras around all of us as often as around Paris Hilton, we'd see a number of unflattering photos of ourselves. Yet, I don't think that this Gene Simmons-esque incoming counts as one of those times. 

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!!! I was not expecting that second photo as I sit in my darkened office working in the wee hours. Now I am too wigged out to creep across the house for a cup of coffee. Hmmm...but how HOT was Ryan Reynolds in Blade 3?

Okay, I'm better now.


Oh my, you really have me laughing this Thurs. morning with that photo. Poor Ryan, how yucky!


I meant Doug. Doesn't he look like Ben Affleck in the photo??


That's both extremely funny and disturbing, in no small part because I had the identical "jesus... she looks like that thing from Blade 2" reaction when I first saw the photo above the fold.

(The monster I recall from Blade Trinity is some super-buff dude playing a shirtless Dracula. Or something.)


Totally! I have to say as soon as they mentioned Blade 3 my first thought was mmmmm. Ryan, tight leather pants, chained to the floor (also, why can't I have that in my basement).
My other thought was EWWWW. Paris is a face licker.

cindy w

Wow. That's worse than the way Bret Michaels kisses on "Rock of Love." And I have to turn my head away from the TV during those.

Eww. That is decidedly NOT hot, Paris.


Well, the music totally made the experience better! LOL

I love my man, but I have never gone at him slack-jawed with my tongue lolling out of my mouth. And if I did, he'd definitely jump back and be all "WTF are you doing?"


She's trying to distract the photogs from noticing the giant herpie sore on her lip.


Oh that's awful. Also, why the headband? Which is worse? I was distracted by one, then the other, then back again...

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