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Pop Quiz: Guess the Celebrity (Hint: Rhymes with Meather Hills)

Heather_mills_v1 Boys and girls, today we’re going to play a little game called Guess the Celebrity! (Please note: I use the term celebrity loosely, because if I were to infer that the woman is more of a celebrity than she is a total cow, it would be very misleading of me). I’ll give you two hints about this so-called ‘celebrity’, and you guess who it is. Ready?

Hint One: She has proven, as of late, to be a seriously hardcore money-grubbing bitch.

Hint Two: She was once married to the most famous musician in the whole entire world (and when I say most famous, I mean look up famous in the dictionary and there’s his beautiful smiling pixie face staring back at you). She and the world-famous pixie-faced musician have a five-year-old daughter together.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m talking about Heather Mills. Ex-wife of Sir Paul McCartney, mum to Beatrice, vegan, passionate animal activist; total cow.


I’ve gotten used to reading crazy whack job-type stories about Heather. I rolled my eyes like I always do when I heard about her latest antics – like how, for example, she apparently keeps popping up at the same functions that Sir Paul and his new girlfriend are attending, and how certain journalists who write about her wind up with terrible afflictions, all in the name of Karma. But this latest Heather Mills tidbit – which comes straight from the cow horse’s mouth itself – is one that proves once and for all what a complete and utter douchebag this woman really is.

During a stay in the south of France, Heather and her daughter caused a bit of an upset with those who happened to be eating near them. By the end of a visit nobody would sit near the two of them, because Beatrice questioned the other diners about why they were eating meat. Heather, of course, is not only a dedicated animal activist, but the owner of a vegan cafe and a staunch vegan herself, which apparently makes it perfectly okay for her five-year-old to approach people while they’re eating and have them explain why they chose the prime rib for dinner.

Beatrice questions everybody who eats animals," Heather disclosed during an interview with ES magazine. “When we were in the south of France, there was a buffet for kids, and by the end of the week no one would sit near us because she would go over and say, ‘Why are you eating that cow’s bottom?’ or ‘Oh, look at that little shrimp with little eyes’.

Now hear this: I have absolutely no problem with animal activists, veganism, vegetarianism or anything else like that. I respect that some people are passionate about eating steaks and others are not. To each is own, I say. But Heather. Girlfriend. You can go on with your bad self and be the best bloody vegan there is, and you can raise her child the vegan way too. It makes no difference to me. But FOR CORN’S SAKE, woman, keep it off of the dinner table (or should I say other people’s dinner tables), and leave Beatrice out of it! How about teaching your daughter to focus on actions that will benefit what she’s passionate about, instead of how to annoy people? Let the good folks in the south of France sit and eat their cow’s bottoms and the little shrimp (with little eyes) without getting a guilt trip from a nosy little kid, and put your efforts in to other, more pressing matters – like teaching your daughter the importance of proper dining etiquette.

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ms martyr

I would have forked up a piece of meat (or shrimp) and offered it to Beatrice, telling her how delicious it is and that she should taste it. Hopefully that would send her screaming back to Mommy.
Why didn't management step in and tell Heather to behave? She is a nobody that married a famous man, period. Of course I felt the same way about Princess Di so I'm probably in the minority.


Calling her "nobody" is dead on. She has made my skin crawl since the day she became "famous".


Oh GOD. My kid does this to smokers! All.the.time.

She won't stop. She's five. Sure, one should correct this behavior. But if a five year old thinks there is a deep moral issue, then damn, they just don't get that you can let people go on their merry immoral way. My kid somehow, someway--not from me--learned that smoking kills. She sees people smoke and she thinks they are killing themselves. It freaks her out. Also, she's bossy as hell. She was born like that, sweartagawd.

This is interesting to me because I was thinking about why I don't try to get her to be a vegetarian. And I was just like--then she would have to be totally freaked out all the damn time. Not just about people eating meat but about animals and their suffering. I met a kid like this once--a vegan 9 year old--and she was the sweetest most adorable child and exactly like Beatrice to me. (I admitted to her that I kill mice in traps.)

I mean, I know this 9 year old is going to grow up to be a super cool person. She takes her ethics seriously. That's actually a good thing. And she doesn't get the adult distance that we have yet. If a little kid sees that people are starving they are like: SAVE THEM. It's a great thing about little kids.

Now I KNOW I made the right decision, though! Seriously, this story makes me realize I dodge some serious restaurant behavior bullet.


I would probably have poked that child with the shrimp. On the face. There's nothing wrong with being vegan. Of course not! But there is something wrong with judging others, especially walking up to somebody while they are eating, interrupting them, and judging them.


Bossy five year olds are really cute :)

I think it is a thin line between preaching and teaching though. I think it's wonderful that child has all the passion about animal rights and wants to share this information - but share with those who want to hear it, not those who just want to enjoy their paid meal in peace.

Teach don't preach is how I'm raising my little one. Respect that each human has the right to their beliefs and opinions without having a different opinion/belief rammed down their throat by others (as wrong as one might think that person's opinion/belief may be).


I'd freak if someone allowed their kid to come over and start harassing me over my meal choice -- the meal I paid for. I admire passion about animal rights but I also have the right to eat my meal in peace.

Also, I'd totally pay money to see you poke someone with a shrimp.



cindy w

When my little brother was 5, he marched up to our grandfather, hands on hips & full of righteous indignation, and told him, "You're weird cuz you smoke." (Luckily, my grandfather found this hilarious.)

But yeah, I would've called Beatrice out for being a rude little brat directly to her mother. Hell, I probably would've flung my shrimp (with its little eyes) directly at them to make *them* move farther away. Gah.


I like teach don't preach. My kid would not understand that distinction yet.

I think one thing is whether how bad the child perceives the actions to be. On one view, eating animals is terrible, really, really wrong.

I don't want to shut down my kid's ability to speak out against wrong. For one thing, if I was like 'well, racism is really wrong but when people are racists we just ignore it' or something then I'm not sure I'd be getting across the idea that it's really wrong. Because some wrong things we can't and shouldn't ignore.

It's tough, is all I'm saying. I think, for me, the lesson I need to impart (and am failing miserably at) is that children don't get to tell adults what to do. She just doesn't seem to get that...

This is such an interesting issue though...Tough questions.

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