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Reggie Miller Falsely Accused?

Reggie-miller The other day I read a story about Alex von Furstenburg getting a restraining order against his neighbor, Reggie Miller, because Reggie Miller was harassing his fiancee, designer Ali Kay.

I immediately dismissed this as a dream - because it doesn't make any sense.

I watched Reggie Miller play basketball for like 20 years and he never got in any legal trouble. I never heard about him being a lecher or anything even remotely like that. Plus, the idea concept of Diane von Furstenberg's son being neighbors with Reggie Miller sadly sounds like something that I would dream about after a long night of clearing out my Google reader.

Then I read that Reggie Miller was defending himself, so it must have been real. Then TMZ had slutty pictures that the girl texted to Reggie.

Reggie claims it was all flirtation. He also says that it was a two way street.

As a bonus, he has the texts to prove it.

Looks like Ali got caught being flirty in a very public fashion.

Too bad her surf shop owning boyfriend had already flown this all over several SoCal beaches before we wised up.


Now that is just embarrassing for everybody.


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Looks like some trollop just got busted..I have a soft spot for the former Indiana Pacer being I am a transplanted Hoosier.Methinks Alex should have done his homework first


But Reggie said it was a two-way street, right? He knew she had a significant other; therefore, he's just as much in the wrong as she. It's not okay for either of them to have behaved this way. How do we know he didn't encourage the slutty pictures? How do we know who pursued who? And does it matter, being that Reggie owns that it was, again, a two-way street? Regardless of who started what, they were both flirting, and that's not okay if one of the flirters is already in a relationship. Period. The only people who should be embarrassed are Reggie and the girl (too lazy to scroll back up for her name). The boyfriend was absolutely in the right for the flyovers and has nothing to be embarrassed about.


Hmm While I do agree that both the girlfriend/wife/fiancee/whatever she is because it is not clear and reggie were in the wrong with continued flirting...I do think that Reggie doesn't have nearly as much to be sorry about as von Furstenburg and Kay.

Reggie flirted, so do a lot of people, they didn't jump into bed together. And also, like you said, we don't know who came on to who. Maybe she was pursuing him.

What I would think is most embarrasing is instead of fessing up to von Furstenburg, Kay apparently tried to weave some tale were Reggie was stalking her (?) Prompting von Furstenburg to not only try to get a restraining order but to also fly those idiotic banners. Seems like these love birds deserve eachother and let this be a lesson to Reggie, take care of who you're messing with, she might be an attention ..um..needer and her fiancee might be one too

mouthy_broad (michele)

i think i have a problem with the sign--she is not married. and i think that he could something regarding this in terms of slander, no?

whole story seems nuts.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

I'm not a lawyer, but I'm thinking that yes, if Miller wanted to he could
sue for defamation/libel.


hollywoodstreetking.com flew the plane and they had the original text message transcripts on the site you can read what they were sayin to eachother

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