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Some Vampire Eric Northman for Your Hump Day

Alexander_skarsgard Based on comments on the True Blood recaps over the past couple of weeks, everyone seems to agree that the character of Eric, played by Swede Alexander Skarsgard, has grown immensely.

Aside from just having more lines and scenes, Eric has started to become more than just the creepy blonde sheriff who spends most of his time at Fangtasia. Particularly with Godric coming into the picture, we've been able to see something of Eric's lengthy past and his persona beyond the bored and broody boss of Bon Temps.

And, from what I've heard, his telltale protests that he's not interested in Sookie are foreshadowing some pearl-clutching awesome (those of you who have read the books, shh!).

So, because it is Wednesday, which is Hump Day, and because we still have almost four whole days until the next episode airs, I thought it would be a good time to dedicate a little time (and drool) to the Nordic hottie.

  • About.com has a red carpet interview with Skarsgard. It's from before the second season aired, so he can't say too much, but he smiles a lot.
  • NY Post has a Q&A in which Skarsgard promises that if, for whatever ridiculous reason, True Blood wasn't renewed for a third season, he'll take part in the riots that would be sure to erupt.
  • Interview Magazine also a has a Q&A, which is mostly about how Skarsgard is Swedish.

Also, there's this:

Yes, that's Skarsgard in the shower from a movie called Hundtricket. That screen cap is from a post about Skarsgard on Random Detox, HOWEVER there are some spoilers in that post so if you haven't read the books, don't go here.

I'm sorry to just blatantly objectify him, because he is obviously a very talented actor, but I needed this today.

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*sigh* Thanks for that. Shmutzie's post on SELF got me all worked up...this was just the ticket. Ahhh...Eric.

And while we're on the subject, raise your hand if you think that Bill is looking less and less tantalizing next to...oh...anyone on that show.


::hand raised::

I actually have an animated .gif of that shower scene above. I believe Sweetney has it too (cos I sent it to her on the Twitter). So you should harass her for it.

Um.. Eric.. Yum.. Bill who?


"Damn fine" is all I have to say :)


Love him. No wait, correction: LOOOOOOOOOVE HIIIIIIMMMMMMM.

And yes, BlackEyedGurl, I have shown Kelly the glory of the .gif.



Hump day, indeed. Thank you for this. A gracious plenty. ;-)


Oh, Thank-you, Kdiddy, Thank-you.


JennC, awesome book reference!
Again, I say, Catherine had it right: Bill is a douche.


This post makes my tummy tickle. He makes me SKWEEEEEEEE like an alcoholic who just won a life time supply of the Mad Dog.

BTW – Have you seen him in the Lady Gaga video? It’s full on porntastic.



that picture... wow.... eric.... mmmmmmm

mouthy_broad (michele)

oh boy it is going to be so hot when the time comes.

Just Shireen

Bless you.


No, Please, Blatantly Objectify! Go on. I insist. Thanks for this. I too, need a bit of the Eric to keep me going this week.

Rebecca (Bearca)


Fawn Amber

MMMMMMMMMM...this is why mamapop.com IS THE BEST SITE EVAH.

Again I say SLURP.


Eric Northman is like the STAR of true blood, he has given the show so much life!


That is one fine piece of swedish meatball!! He is one of the only blonds to make me all gaga!!!He is frigging all shades of awesome


Having seen some of his other films, I think Alexander Skarsgard does a superb job as Eric. And while on topic, Eric Northman has been nominated for Mr. Twitter and everyone can vote for him (every 20 minutes) even if they don't have a twitter account. So, let's make him #1 :) http://tweeterwall.mallplace.com/tw/usa/mr-twitter


Objectify my a**.

I could boink him senseless if allowed....over...and over and over again :D


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