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True Blood Recap: I Will Rise Up

Trueblood5 So, I consulted with many psychologists and doctors and scientists and people with PhDs and we came to the conclusion that last night's episode of True Blood was certifiably INSANE. And insanely good. I give it 5 Heaving Bosoms, including mine.

The episode starts out with a bit of an overlap of last week's. We again see Bill leading Lorena outside and Luke walking into the living room to carry out his most holy suicide bombing.

Lorena is still boo-hooing in disbelief that showing up uninvited and embarrassing herself and Bill in front of everyone by causing a scene and threatening to kill Sookie didn't win Bill back. Bill informs her that, even though she is immortal, she is dead to him. Oh, burn!

Lorena swooshes away and at that moment, Bill senses Sookie's panic as she realizes what Luke is about to do and heads for the house just as it blows up. When he runs inside, he finds Sookie with Eric laying on top of her. He was shielding her, see. And she's fine. Just stunned.

Bill spots a few FotS goons running away with crossbows in hand and chases after them as they speed away in their car. Bill grabs one of them who, terrified and in shock, explains that they didn't think that Luke would actually go through with it. Bill is not trying to hear any explanations and goes to town on the little terrorist's neck.

Isabel stumbles through the bombed out house and helpfully pulls a few pieces of debris out of some legs. Sookie pushes the heavy Eric off of her and calls for Jason. He's okay, just has a little vampire goop on him, and gives a thumbs up. Sookie turns back to Eric and he weakly explains that he had to shield her. Sookie impatiently tells him to heal himself but he groans that he can't because there are silver pieces in him and he's about to die and needs Sookie to suck the pieces out. Sookie agrees and goes after the bits in his neck and chest like a real champ. Eric puts his head back and grins.

Outside, Bill pulls off of the FotS guy and snarls at him to tell the people who sent him that a vampire showed him mercy where they had none.

Jason walks through the carnage and spots Luke's hand, honesty ring still attached.

Isabel reports to Godric that Stan, Paolo, Katherine, and two human companions are dead.

Bill comes upon Sookie sucking on a blissed out looking Eric and asks what's going on. Sookie explains that she had to suck the silver out of Eric even though she didn't want to. Eric adds that Sookie is doing a superb job. Bill glances away and sheepishly informs Sookie that Eric was in no danger. The healing process would have forced the silver bits out and Eric just tricked Sookie into drinking his blood. Now he can sense her emotions and know where she is, always. Fucking duh, Sookie. Are you new?

Godric sends everyone to the hotel and wearily looks around at the destroyed house. It's too bad that the house can't heal itself.

At the hotel, Sookie is pissed at Eric for tricking her, but Bill explains that he's had 1,000 years practice in deceit. Plus, he has made game and wherever he is, there will always be women. Plus, he's kind of gorgeous. Anyway, the worst part of Sookie's new connection with Eric is that now she'll feel some sexual attraction to him. Oh no! Not that! But honestly, Bill, I don't think Eric really needed to work much magic to get Sookie attracted to him. Sookie has eyes, after all. Sookie pshaws this and says that it's impossible because she can't stand him. But Bill insists that is possible. Plus, Eric's hot. He explains that Eric was determined to form a bond with her. Sookie's growls that she could kill him and Bill concurs.

Jessica and Hoyt are sadly discussing what options might exist for her magical hymen. Hoyt points out that intercourse isn't the only option for them. You know what that means? SURPRISE BUTTSECKS! Anyway, Jessica moans that Hoyt should just break up with her, but he says that's not happening. Especially not when there's buttsecks to be had. In fact, he wants to introduce Jessica to his momma. Jessica is ecstatic but Hoyt warns her that his mom hates vampires and just kind of sucks in general. But that doesn't matter because Hoyt is proud that Jessica is his girl and Hoyt is just so goddamned sweet and wonderful that I just want to eat him, no vampire pun intended. Jessica yawns and says that it's time for her to go to her cubbyhole. Hoyt says that someday he'll build them a tricked out double-wide. In the meantime, he sits on the floor and sings a song about his sweet little vampire. And my heart breaks because this is all too great to last.

Tara and Eggs sit at the breakfast table, recovering from last night and nursing their bruises. Maryann saunters in and teases them for possibly taking some of the acid that was floating around last night. Tara and Eggs aren't so pleased about this possibility and say that it's embarrassing. Maryann snaps at them and asks why they should be embarrassed by their pleasure, and that they should crave being out of control. Tara isn't convinced, and says that she really doesn't enjoy blacking out, especially since she grew up with her mom's blacking out episodes. Maryann starts ranting about mystics from every religion blacking out and how everyone thought they were crazy. Tara points out that they were crazy. Maryann gets super offended by this and gets kind of weepy talking about how they were in ecstasy and were reuniting with their god. Tara's like, "Oh." Maryann goes on to say that their bumps and bruises are a small price to pay for bliss and offers some Bloody Marys.

At the jail, the incarcerated townsfolk are getting increasingly agitated and Sam yells at the sheriff that he can't just keep them in there.

At the hotel, Sookie goes to Jason's room and finds that he's still awake, too. They sit on the bed and talk about Jason's popularity growing up and how no one really liked him for who he was. Steve and Sarah did and were rad friends until they tried to kill him. And despite all of the scary, fundamentalist stuff, the FotS teachings helped him to stop thinking about other stuff. Sookie asks if he didn't think about what Gran would say about him aligning himself with hateful people who horde guns and suicide bomb. Jason shudders and says not to talk about Gran because he doesn't want to feel anything. Sookie says that they can't stop remembering Gran just because it hurts too much and she would never stop loving them. Same with their parents. Jason tearfully points out that their whole family is gone and they're all that's left. Sookie starts to cry and says that that's why they have to be good to each other or they're letting everyone down. Jason says that he's so sorry for everything he ever did to Sookie and that he's a dumbass fuckup. Sookie's agrees with his assessment but argues that he wouldn't be if he just wasn't so lazy. She says that she always loves Jason, even when she wants to stick his head in a bucket and kick it around the yard. I must say that Sookie's ability to gently talk massive amounts of shit is her greatest redeeming quality. Jason sweetly answers that he wishes she were normal. They turn on the TV and see that the lead representative from the American Vampire League is debating with Steve and Sarah, who insist that Godric volunteered to be sacrificed. Steve and Sarah are clearly not handling this setback very well and bicker with each other. The AVL lady flat out says that they're crazy and Sarah snaps back that she hates the AVL lady's hair.

At Merlotte's, Arlene is having a really hard time holding things down as the sole surviving waitress in Bon Temps. It doesn't help that the customers are being rubbernecking assholes about the refrigerated crime scene. Arlene stops behind the bar to rest and Lafayette hands her a shot. She admits to him that she's really scared and that Daphne clumsy and mean but she wouldn't wish that kind of death on a possum. She stops by the kitchen to pick up an order from Terry and cries to him to quit being so much more peculiar than he usually is. He quietly says that he just doesn't understand what they did and Arlene says that she's pretty sure that they had sex. Terry says that he's okay with that and a very relieved Arlene asks him to give her some sugar. Before they can kiss, a customer yells, demanding her order and Arlene coos that she'll see him later.

Tara and Eggs walk into Merlotte's and Lafayette is immediately questioning both of them about the bruises on Tara's face. She insists that Eggs didn't do it but Lafayette thinks she's crazy. He lunges for Eggs and Eggs fights back, accidentally punching Tara in the process. There are some strong words exchanged, especially since Lafayette has Eric's blood in him. If you'll remember, he called out the homophobic rednecks and their AIDS burger antics after taking V. Much to Lafayette's chagrin, the Merlotte's patrons are far too entertained by the spectacle. They cheer and take pictures, which is really not appropriate when someone has just defended their cousin against an abusive boyfriend, ya know?

Hoyt's mom is making some kind of sandwich that consists of Velveeta and Fritos on toasted bread. She is, of course, really not pleased to hear about Hoyt's girlfriend. Hoyt, fed up, asks why she has so much hate in her as he rattles off the list of people that she hates. She looks embarrassed and quietly says that it's not her fault, it's just the way she was raised. Hoyt, I think, understands this but is just tired of his mom not being able to move past what she clearly realizes was a faulty upbringing. He tells his mom that if she won't accept his love for Jessica, then he'll leave and never come back. His mom protests that he's her baby. Hoyt shouts that he's not a baby, he's a grown-ass man...then grabs a few Fritos off of his plate before leaving.

Sookie wakes up (but not really) in bed with Eric. They're both naked and Lorena is there, watching them. They're talking a lot, but you'll have to go to someone else to find out what they said because I didn't hear anything after I got a glimpse of the side of Eric's naked butt. I do recall that Lorena hissed something about abandoning Bill and Sookie protesting before sucking Eric's face and Eric saying something about this being the beginning. Sookie wakes up and grabs Bill's hand and I'm like, "GO BACK TO SLEEP GO BACK TO SLEEP YOU MIGHT BE ABLE TO RE-ENTER THE DREAM! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!"

Maryann shows up at the jail. The townsfolk and Sam sense her presence. Sam happens to spot a fly on the vent in his cell. Maryann chats with Bud about their misdemeanors and says that she'll talk them down. She stands behind Bud and massages his shoulders, then vibrates for a second. Bud's eyes go black and Maryann grabs the keys. As she enters the cell area, the townsfolk start to get all worked up. She is really not pleased to see that Sam's clothes are on the floor and he is not in them. She lets the other prisoners out and they all run, howling, out of the building. Now, I'm not a social worker or anything, but this seems really unorthodox.

Jessica and Hoyt are meeting with his mom at Merlotte's. She was 20 minutes late and insists that she's not hungry. She snips that Hoyt is a very good boy and Jessica, still very patient says that she knows. Hoyt's mom says something about she wishes that she could meet Jessica's people, but obviously still regards her as an untouchable. Jessica explains that she was made a vampire against her will and I guess Hoyt's mom never considered that, but still Hoyt has a bright future in the sun and she really doesn't see him being able to spend it with an orphan vampire. This really is too much for Jessica and she lets her fangs pop out and insists that she loves Hoyt and will fight for what's best for him. Hoyt's mom finally boils over and says that Jessica can't give him babies. Jessica flees in tears and Hoyt tells his mom that he's never coming home. Hoyt's mom glugs the rest of his beer and tells Arlene that she'll be needing another one.

At home, Tara, Eggs, and Maryann are playing cards and drinking shots. Lafayette storms in with Lettie Mae. Tara is not interested in speaking to either of them and Lafayette asks her what the fuck is wrong with her and if she's even in there. Maryann offers Lettie Mae vodka, describing its cool thickness. It's obvious that she knows exactly what buttons to push and perhaps Lettie Mae has made Maryann's acquaintance before. Perhaps all that talk of demons wasn't just the booze talking and suddenly I remember that during Tara's peyote session with Miss Jeanette, she killed a black-eyed version of her child self. Lafayette calls Maryann a soulless bitch, which makes Tara and Eggs' eyes turn black, scaring the shit out of Lafayette and Lettie Mae. Tara and Eggs attack them, but Lafayette overpowers them, grabs Tara, and runs out of the house. Tara reaches for Eggs and Maryann and lets out a bloodcurdling scream that could be described as many things, human not being one of them. Maryann comforts Eggs, saying that Tara will be back and she'll bring Lafayette and Lettie Mae with her. As they go inside, we see a fly lingering outside.

At the hotel, the AVL lady is sternly lecturing the Dallas vampires for creating such a PR nightmare. She asks Godric how they managed to abduct him and he finally confirms that he offered himself. The AVL lady thinks he's clearly out of his mind and fires him from his sheriff position. Godric accepts this and says that Isabel should take over. Sookie (why is she at this meeting?) interjects and says that the AVL lady should thank him. She is really not trying to hear that nonsense and continues to scold Godric. Eric lunges at her, which is a huge faux pas, but what can you say about that? Eric really has some serious wood for Godric, dude.

Maryann stomps into Merlotte's and suddenly winds start blowing and she screams that their god demands a sacrifice. Arlene's eyes turn black and she dutifully reports that Sam hasn't been there all day. Maryann orders her minions to bring him to her and everyone's eyes turn black and somehow I think something more than a drunken orgy is about to go down.

BrundleSam buzzes over to the motel where Andy is staying. Andy opens the door to find Sam standing there, naked, and for once Andy doesn't look like the raving lunatic. He seems a little concerned when Sam enters the room, his face saying, "Um, I'm not really into this sort of thing."

Back at the vampire meeting, Godric apologizes profusely and says that he'll make amends. The AVL lady is confused at his extreme reverance and tells him to relax, that the de-sheriffing is just a few signatures. But, uh, guys? He's suicidal. Don't know if you managed to take a Psych 101 during your THOUSANDS OF YEARS ON EARTH. Surely you must have bumped into a community college along the way or perhaps caught a PSA on TV. Anyway, Eric swooshes up into Godric's grill and protests what he sees as Godric's plans. But Godric has made up his mind. Plus, Bill has a few knuckles that he would like to introduce to Eric's face. But Eric informs him that the deed is done and he is part of Sookie now. Bill can kindly get out of his way because Eric is not amused. Bill kind of shrinks back. Sookie announces that she's going to find Godric. Bill protests that it's not her concern, but she asks him what if it was him, 2,000 years old, tired, and about to be all alone at the end. Bill sighs that Sookie is so tender-hearted and lets her go. Besides, he has to go apply more pancake makeup to his face.

On the roof of the hotel, Eric protests that he can't accept Godric's suicide, but Godric explains that they don't belong here. "But we ARE here!" shouts Eric, promising that he'll keep him alive by force. They speak to each other in Swedish, with Eric (and me) bursting into tears and wailing, "Please! Please!" as he drops to his knees at Godric's feet. Sookie stands off to the side, like, "Er...should I...is it cool that I'm here?" Godric says to Eric that he loves him above all others and that he will be his father, brother, and son, just like he did when they first met. Eric says that he'll burn with Godric, that he won't let him die alone. "Yes, you will," says Godric. As his maker, Godric commands him to leave. Eric gets up and heads to where Sookie is standing, by the steps. She promises that she'll stay with Godric, for as long as it takes. Eric leaves to go put on a new, skintight shirt that is appropriate for mourning. Godric tells Sookie that it won't take long at his age. She points out that the Fellowship of the Sun idea was kind of hare-brained and he says that he knows, but thought it might fix everything somehow because he doesn't think like a vampire anymore. He asks Sookie if she believes in God and she does. He asks how God will punish him, but Sookie says that God doesn't punish, He forgives. He asks if Sookie cares for Eric and she says that she's not sure, because...well...you know how he is. Godric grins and says that Eric is indeed pretty much himself. Godric's skin begins to smoke and, startled, he looks to the sun. Sookie asks if he's very afraid. Godric says that he's not, that he's actually full of joy. He wants the pain, he wants to burn. Sookie says that she is afraid for him. Godric smiles at her and muses, "A human with me at the end! 2,000 years and I can still be surprised. In this, I see God!" He steps forward and removes his shirt. Sookie whispers goodbye and Godric sort of melts into the sun, becoming light himself. I get extremely weepy. (I feel fairly confident stating that the writer of this episode must have been a big fan of Khalil Gibran's The Prophet, particularly the passage about death: For what is it to die than to stand naked in the wind and to melt into the sun?

The last scene was very interesting, since it seemed to solidify the symbolism of Godric as, well, God and Eric as sort of a Christ figure. This is all very, very complex.

By the way, hbo.com has some Godric postcard things available for download:


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"SURPRISE BUTTSECKS!" I just cackled out loud.


This show was amazing..I cried and if I didn't already want Eric, this show solidified it. Did anyone else keep thinking, during the eric/sookie bedroom scene..."camera just pan back a little bit more". Just me? Oh sorry ;)

Fawn Amber

Nice Recap!!! One thing - I thought that Sarah was saying she didn't like Steve's hair - which was a helluva lot funnier than saying she didn't like the AVL chick's hair. It was after Steve cut her off and wouldn't let her finish her amazing speech about Easter eggs and such. Anyhow. OMG. The scene? Eric and Sookie? MMMMMMMMMMMMMM Am drooling in remembrance. Thank God for Tivo!

Amanda of Shamelessly Sassy

My thirst for more Eric has been slightly quenched. Also, sad to see Godric go. I will be so happy when MaryAnn is out of the picture. I hope she is offed soon. If she becomes a regular, I don't know if I can handle the show. Oh, and I heart LaFayette.


Oh KDiddy, how I love the.

It feels like a month since last Sunday. One of my kids had an emergency appendectomy on Thursday. Being able to sit and watch last night was like taking a bath in chocolate.

This show was incredible. So if Godric is pseudo God and Eric is pseudo Jesus, what’s Bill? I have a possible answer but it’s from my knowledge of the book series and I don’t want to ruin it for those of you who haven’t read it.

Sookie and Eric in bed. Sookie, go back to sleep, indeed! That man looks like such a damn good kisser.

Prediction: Since Lafayette is involved in this Maryann crap now, I wonder if that will draw Eric in – what with his whole blood/Eric thing now. And then Eric will save Sookie in some pearl clutching manor that will involve bare skin and heavy breathing. Or maybe that’s just my wishful thinking.

I am already in mourning that the season will be over soon! EGADS!

Account Deleted

hahah. Suprise buttsecks!!! that's exactly what i thought when Hoyt was all, "it's okay baby" -ing Jessica.

and yes please more eric dreams. i cannot WAIT for season four - at least, if they follow the books.

Rebecca (Bearca)

Certifiably insane, INDEED.

"Eric leaves to go put on a new, skintight shirt that is appropriate for mourning" <-- totally hilarious.


atheists eat fish

Brilliant reference to khalil Gibran. Funny, I watch the shows but ejoy your recaps more. Thank you. BTW- I also thought Sarah was saying she didn't like Steve's hair. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to watch the episode again. The horror.


Ok, here's the thing I've been pondering for the last week... if Jessica's hymen can grow back (with the thought that vampires revert back to the image/person they were when they were changed), how is it that Eric can cut his hair and it not grow back, a la Claudia in Interview With a Vampire?

I get that the hairs cut are not part of "live" cells (seeing as they are entirely dead), but it still throws me off.

Anyone else see what I'm saying? (Not that I mind Eric with the shorter hair... not at all.)


Maybe they use silver shears to cut his hair. Silver is supposed to be the only thing that really hurts them, well silver and fire. Maybe they burned it off strand by strand. And you can see that neither of these methods for permanently de-hymening Jessica would be really comfortable or convenient. Although, I wonder if cautery would work. Do they have vampire gynecologists? I am overthinking this. Sorry, MOAR naked ERIC please!!!


Ok,SUPRISE BUTTSECKS!! Funny,my hubby had the smae thought LMFAO!!!!Hubby also said he thought that Hoyt getting a hummer was out of the question so SUPRISE BUTTSECKS it shall be.I have a badass summer cold and when i saw Mr Hot Swedish Vamp nekkid I started panting!!I blamed it on being stuffed up but alas,hubby saw through the ruse(but he got to see some SOOKEH boobielish so its all fair)I was sobbing when Godric and Eric were spending their last moments on the roof(I knew it was gonna happen but it was sad just the same),hubby ready to commit me to local funny farm.I also vote for MOAR NEKKID ERIC!!!

Just Shireen

I find it amusing that Maryann's preaching about losing control and chaos and all that when, even though she's the one creating the chaos, she's a pretty in-control gal. You know, until Sam Merlott turns himself into a fly and buzzes the hell out of his jail cell.

"GO BACK TO SLEEP GO BACK TO SLEEP YOU MIGHT BE ABLE TO RE-ENTER THE DREAM! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!" I feel fairly confident when I say that this was the phrase heard 'round the world last night. That and, UNF.

Just Shireen


There will be no talk of the end of the season, do you hear? NO TALK!


I cannot STAND Bill "Sukie iz MAHN" Compton so am THRILLED over this development.


Okay, show of hands, who thought that scene with Sookie and Jason in Jason's bed was just a leeettle too Flowers In The Attic? ick.

I'm just fucking pissed off about Godric. Bastards. Best character they've introduced in forever. WHY NOT, BILL, HBO? WHY?



Okay. And I totally won't bring up how we will have to wait until next summer for more sexy Viking vampire time.

WEEP...GNASHING OF TEETH...RIPPING ROBE....ASHES ON HEAD..*insert additional drama here*


If they do the shower scene, I will be able to die a happy Cougar... Le Purrrrrrrr....


I just kept thinking how awesome Sookie's hair looked. Hmmmm....The more I post here, the more I realize I'm not all that deep. Heh.

Does ANYONE like Bill?! I've had a long standing aversion to the man myself (books) but I'm surprised to see that most fans of the tv show are all Team Eric.


So, if Godric is "God" and Maryann is "Satan," then we've just seen the "death" of God and Satan is living the highlife in Bon Temps? Ok, sorry, too many quotation marks there. So many AMAZING SCENES in this episode. I have been up and down with this whole series, but this season is simply rocking my world.
Did anyone else get a little shiver up their backs when Lorena said in response to Bill's "you're dead to me," "I wish you hadn't said that?" Because I CERTAINLY did. It made me wonder if there wasn't more sinister involvement in Eric's use of Lorena to get Sookie away from Bill. I mean, I felt like she was actually THERE in the dream when Sookie and Eric were having the most exquisite pillow talk ever.
I find it interesting that Sookie and Eric have WAY MORE on-screen chemistry than Sookie and Bill even though Anna Paquin and actor-who-plays-Bill are engaged IRL.
Arlene was awesome this ep with the comment about not wishing it on a possum. Also, I'm very glad to see Sam finally USING his power instead of being ashamed of it. I too love the dialogues going on between Hoyt and Jessica and Mrs. Fortenberry which another poster already pointed out are too amazing to last. I feel like poor Hoyt is going to get the shaft somehow.
Yeah, I could type more, but I've already got a novel going here so I'll leave it with this: I so loved seeing Lafayette kicking Eggs's ass and rescuing Tara. Lafayette RULES!


Hee! Flowers in the Attic.
Yeah, kinda gross.
Eric sobbing in Swedish killed me.


Oh...and anyone else think that Lorena's whole "I wish you hadn't said that" response when Bill told her that she was dead to him (heh) was a tad ominous? Package that with her presence in Sookie's dream and I think we have our season 3 villain. Or at least one of 'em.


Am I the only one who thought it was WEIRD that Sookie was there for Godric? They ... well, last time I checked, they didn't have a bond or anything, and I just kept thinking that this is AWKWARD, Godric just wants to be ALONE with ERIC and not have you all up in their shit.

Fucking Sookie. Bitch drives me CRAZY.


Eric + nekkid = slight heart attack

I think Bill and Sookie used to have some good chemistry but they are definitely downplaying it in favor of Eric right now (and it's all good if it means more Eric screen time!)

I'm scared of what may be coming for Jessica and Hoyt. They are just too damn cute.


Hand in air.

I don't know about y'all, but when I chat with my brother, we tend not to sit like to high school girls about to do each others makeup.

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