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Twisting Time is Here! Now With More Jack Nicholson!

JACK-NICHOLSON-DOING-THE-TWIST-1 They say that a picture tells a thousand words, which is good, because this post is going to be pretty short and I could totally use the padding.  We get paid by the syllable. 

That man you see dancing.  He is 72-years-young.  That woman working the karaoke like it's never been worked before, she is not.  I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that she is a little bit younger.  Like decades younger.  Possibly an entire century.

This is not a criticism.  This is a fact.  That man is Jack Nicholson and he is not human, which is really the whole point of this post.  If you want to leave now I'll totally understand.  I'm not going to make another point until next Tuesday.

Jack Nicholson has been called many things with regard to his relationships with women.  The guy has issues.  There should probably be a book.  Hell, there probably is a book.  I haven't seen a page sans pictures in about six years, so there could be a whole series on the fact that Jack Nicholson has issues with women.

You know what book hasn't been written?  The one about Nicholson not being human.  That's why this post is quite possibly the most important thing you are reading right now.  Possibly.

The guy is a machine.  And he dances.  Watch him get down.  Watch him get down. 

Also, Karaoke looks like it would hurt my back.

Basically, what it boils down to is that I really liked the picture, but I couldn't let it do all the work.


And that, my friends, is a 2,000+ word post. Cha and ching.

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What I'm wondering is where are the pictures of him trying to get back up? And what meds did he take when he got home?


Two questions, one answer: Viagra.


I'm far more curious about the dude in the white leisure suit (with a shiny silver shirt!) hanging out just behind Jack.


He's French.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

Looks like it would hurt my back AND my sensibilities.

Heather @ Cool Zebras

You just know he was having that young lady (ahem) put the Ben Gay on his back later that night.


What is awesome is that every single thing in this picture, other than Jack Nicholson, could have been straight out of the 60's. His hair has changed colors but apparently he is the same old Jack no matter the decade. That is bad-ass.


Shit, you'd own that.


I would bet my last dollar on that.


It is pretty impressive.


I like how the one woman behind him can't even suspend her disbelief.


That's his granddaughter.

foradifferentkindofgirl (fadkog)

I pray to god that girl didn't end up on Jack's fuck it list.


Is that like his bucket list?


That is a very quotable line. Me likey. Jack on the other hand could bottle the stuff that must ooze from his lacivious pores and make another fortune


Who...or WHAT...is that thing standing with its hands on the table behind Jack? How is it that nobody else has commented on it?


What? You've never seen a humiliating servant guise before? Plaster is the new plush.


that is not a 2000+ word post! (I have spent TOO MANY YEARS grading papers to be distracted by something like that when there is Jack Nicholson being so entirely nicholsonian in such a great photo. note to self: Get life)


I was allowing 1,000 words per photo. That's freelance math.

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