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Unleashing My Mad Men Excitement Here

Mad-men You all know about Google Reader, right? It's a handy way to compile all of the sites that you read in one spot, via the sites' RSS feeds. I'm completely obsessed with mine, especially since Google keeps adding new and amazing features to it. One of my favorite features is the ability to share interesting items with people in your Gmail contacts. Your shared items are also compiled on their own webpage. Here's mine.

With the premiere of the third season of Mad Men right around the corner, more and more items are popping up about the show...and I've been sharing all of them with my Gmail contacts because I. JUST. CAN'T. WAIT. FOR. AUGUST. 16TH. DRAPER DRAPER DRAPER JOAN BOBBY SALLY GIRDLES ADVERTISING OH MY GOD I NEED SOME SCOTCH AND SOME LUCKY STRIKES AND SOME SAMMITCHES FROM THE DELI.

Clearly, I've gone all caps. And I know that I've bothered you poor MamaPop readers with this stuff before. But behold some awesome linkage:

iTunes Playlists of Mad Men cast members. Peggy Olson likes Wilco and Sigur Ros, Betty Draper likes Radiohead and Mos Def and Wilco, Roger Sterling likes Wilco and Mos Def, Don Draper likes Wilco and A Tribe Called Quest and Outkast. Wow, maybe Wilco and Mos Def should try to get guest spots on the show.

PostBourgie ponders how the show, as it forges ahead through those important and society-altering 1960s, will handle the subject of race and misogyny. I noted that they have a lot of room to make it very interesting, since the show's story arc seems to be attempting to follow societal shifts and how the advertising industry shaped and responded to them.

Esquire and NY Mag dutifully note that Christina Hendricks (Joan Holloway) has boobies and red hair. To be perfectly shallow for a moment, I know that I should focus on Hendricks' impressive acting chops, but I am really excited to see a redhead with some curves in a major role on TV that is not limited to the quirky best friend.

And have you Mad Menned Yourself yet? Do it! It's fun!

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Suzy Q


OMG, I am peeing in my Depends with excitement over the new season of this show! I have a friend who's a TV critic and he's already seen the first episode and the ratfink won't tell me anything about it.

Holy hell, I need a martini.


CAPS ARE NECESSARY! I just Netflixed (it is SO a word) Mad Men this summer and am hooked. I've got part of season two waiting for me in the mailbox right now. My only problem is that now there's another show I have to DVR on Sundays.

I know. White people's problems.


Okay, you convinced me. I'll netflix the previous seasons...because THE CAPS? So compels me to obey.


DON DRAPER LIKES "BOB"!!!! Do you think he'd, you know, like me like me? In real life I mean. He's DREAAAAMY.


PS: I watched all the previous seasons over one blissful 2 week period this spring. Was inconsolable when I finished. People, if you haven't watched yet, WATCH. For reals.


I'm completely obsessed with Joan. And Betty. And the paint colors in Don and Betty's house. And the clothes. And everybody at Sterling Cooper. Cannot WAIT for season 3.


How can I possibly love Don Draper so much? He's a horrible human being. And yet so smokin' hot...I'M ANOTHER WHO CANNOT WAIT!


Don Draper: NOM NOM NOM ... !


I need to try to catch up before August 16... Do you think I could call in sick for work for a week while I re-watch season 1 and watch season 2?

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