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We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled True Blood Recap to Bring You Some Nonsense

True_blood_season_2_new-3Ugh. Dudes. I am sincerely so sad to report that I couldn't watch True Blood last night and thus the recap will not be going up today. My husband is a DJ and had a rather important gig last night, so I decided to, like, go be a supportive spouse or whatever, even though my heart was in Bon Temps.

So, if I promise to have the recap up by noon tomorrow, will you kindly forgive me this transgression?

In the meantime, I want to share with you what I will be peeking at regular intervals throughout the day until I can be at home with my DVR.

I have to be honest that I did not love True Blood immediately. The first few episodes of the first season weren't terribly impressive to me. But what finally drew me in was the character of Lafayette. In particular, the scene in which he, powered by V, gave some homophobic jerks the business when they thought it would be totally funny and original to harass a gay man. Because, you know, I'm sure small-minded assholes in small towns have never thought of that one before.

It's not just Lafayette's "sassiness" that gets me. It's his utter badassery that is impressive. From what we know of Lafayette, he's not prone to outbursts, but will tell people exactly what they need to hear when their antics have gone too far. Like when Tara and Eggs enter Merlotte's after their Maryann-induced beatings, Lafayette's fierce protection of Tara is inspiring. Unfortunately, it falls on deaf ears, since Tara is still so unsure of what is going on that she chooses to believe that all is well, and the Merlotte's patrons are already so far under Maryann's influence that they see the incident as nothing more than entertainment.

Bonus Lafayette moment: when Eric heals him by letting him drink his blood, which then makes Lafayette want to dance and hump furniture.

Another scene that I've watched a million times since it aired was Godric's death. It's a beautiful scene. Eric's grief as he begs his lifelong companion not to leave him is heartbreaking but Godric's serenity as he discusses the awe that he feels in his final moments with Sookie is just gorgeous.

What I especially love about True Blood is how silly it can be. It recognizes that it's a show about vampires and other supernatural creatures and that such a premise in an hour-long drama is bound to stir up some melodrama. But the way that they balance this melodrama with superbly crafted comedy is amazing. Case in point: Jason's stint as The God Who Comes in which he declares Sam "the best sacrifice ever" and promises Maryann's mob that they will all have "great weather and, uh, good crops." Unfortunately, this clip cuts off right before we get to see Sam's bottom, but that part was great, too.

So what scenes have become your favorites?

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Last night's episode was horrible. I mean, really just not up to snuff. There was nothing in there that really brought things about, just a slow episode to draw things out before the finale.
And Tara is getting so annoying, I might kill her myself.


I am actually glad there's no recap today because I plan on watching it tonight (was soooo tired last night).

I love Lafayette also. And the Jason as a god, with the make shift horns, and no freakin' clue what "smite" meant - awesome!


the one shining moment last night? Disco Eric!


Hmmm...favorite scenes?

I loved when Longshaddow got staked. I've watched it over and over, I just loved the gory graphics.

I also am fully amused by most scenes with Jason. He cracks me up and the chiseled abs are quite the bonus.

Annnd...I usually re-watch all the Eric scenes because he’s my imaginary boyfriend. And I know that makes me kind of sad and pathetic and I'm possibly in danger of owning 38 cats one day.

Last nights show was...meh. Definitely just a spring board for the finale. I'm ready to sacrifice Tara. She’s an annoying possessed girl.


The past two episodes should have been condensed into one. Take the good bits and smoosh them together and leave out 90% of this MaryAnn nonsense. Someone needs to cut that betch. Psh. There have been some classic, classic scenes (vampires sunbathing, teacup humans) but not nearly enough other good stuff (Eric). It's especially disappointing after the genius of the Godric story arc.


I just got the irony of the sunbathing scene. Geesh, I'm slow when I swill liquor like a Hoover over sand. Anyway. That's down right funny. The sunbathing that is.

I agree with the condensing of the past two episodes. Considering there is only 12 episodes A FLIPPIN YEAR *GAHHH*, there really should be no room for a soft, build up show. Maybe I should write a strongly worded letter. That should fix things right up.


I might join you in sacrificing Tara. It was without a doubt the worst ep of the season and maybe the series.


Ooo! Ooo! Ooo! Let's make it a Strongly Worded Petition. I'm so there. 12 freaking episodes, and 2 have been basically wasted with freaking MaryAnn and freaking zombies and freaking naked rednecks rolling around in the freaking mud. And no more naked Eric! Freaking teases. My only consolation is that next season MaryAnn will be gone. Plus more naked Eric.

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