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Who Exactly Did Sandra Bullock Piss Off?

Sandra_bullock The husband and I went to see Funny People last night (which was, indeed, kind of crappy) and saw a preview for the newest Sandra Bullock vehicle.

I've been mostly ambivalent about Sandra Bullock. She never did anything extremely offensive and she's entertaining enough. But the preview for All About Steve made me wonder if she had made someone angry during her early years in Hollywood.

I think we can all agree that roles for women in Hollywood are often a joke and once over the age of 35, many actresses are relegated to playing concerned mothers and neurotic spinsters. Because women are simple creatures who just want to make sure that their kids aren't screwing around, or that they can snag a husband before it's too late, or can find the perfect sweater set.

This is just sort of the reality of the movie industry at this time and hopefully it won't always be this way.

In All About Steve, Bullock plays a woman named Mary who is single, of course, and quirky, of course. She's a master at crossword puzzles, lives with her parents, and always wears these rather obnoxious red go-go boots. She meets a great guy, but he's not that into her, so she does what any marriage hungry woman would do: she stalks him. Hijinks ensue, including Mary tripping and falling in an embarrassing manner.

I don't know that anyone would argue that Bullock's acting chops are way too advanced for this kind of stuff. But is there really NOTHING ELSE for her? Looking through her filmography, there are many examples of these types of roles, plus a few simpering housewives, and the odd middling thriller here and there thrown in for good measure.

Of course, if Sandra Bullock were here with me, reading over my shoulder, she would probably ask me how much money I made last year, which would probably be equal to just what she spent at Whole Foods, and tell me to kiss her 45-year-old ass.

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Aside from the mess that is that movie...that hair is enough to think that someone hates her.


Agree with somedayphd, why does she have to be a stalking spinster with SUCH BAD HAIR?


That movie's only redeeming quality is Bradley Cooper. Sandra must have lost a bet.

Miss Banshee

Jeebus, Sandy. You've made some bad movies, but this is just insulting yourself. Does she owe someone money???


Ha ha. Oh God this actually looked funny. Yes, it will be painful to watch. But...I laughed when she fell in the mine(hangs head in shame).

Can I make a personal confession here? As I've gotten older I've gotten less and less likely to be like 'ooh men are bad bla bla bla' but simultaneously I have been unable to believe any Cinderella story of this type where the man comes around to a woman's lovable qualities, etc. In fact, I find this utter torture to watch. That man has a list of the things of the woman he wants and she does not have the things on that list and his list will never change. (Personal part of that confession is that I was formerly some kind of man-hater.)

(I LERVE the last two lines and of course it was the kdiddy who did it.)


This is weird, considering how much Hollywood loves women and wants to put them in great roles that go beyond slinky sex kitten/raging bitch of a mother/kindly old grandma.


I've been wondering about this movie myself. WTF? I'm still probably going to Netflix it though.

Kim S.

All I can say about this is:

THANK GOD Bradley Cooper is becoming a leading man. I swooned over him in Alias and I relish any opportunity to stare at him in the dark.

That, and I admit to laughing when she fell down the mine too. We're only human, ozma.

mouthy_broad (michele)

good question. i think i liken it to when i wondered why they never show normal people on wedding stories and whatnot--no one wants to watch poor people.

in movies--no one wants to watch their real life. folding laundry that is never done, working, cooking, cleaning, raising kids (and all that it entails). most women in their 40s are doing that. not all of them, but most. and no one wants to watch a woman without a significant other go to work and be normal and rational.


I'd like to point out that this seems strangely like Something About Mary, although, admittedly, older, but still... In this case, I think the boys stalked the girls first.q

Suzy Q

Good point, kdiddy. I was wondering something along those lines when I first saw this trailer. Of course, I lost that thought almost as soon as I thunked it. Thanks for taking it further and really pointing out that, dayum, this woman gets some bad roles despite her talent.

But, yes, the money must be good. Still, there's just no excuse for this film. Or that wig.


Wait - Sandra Bullock is in this? Funny, I really didn't notice her, all I saw was BRADLEY COOPER.


That was the first thing I noticed too. Then I thought, "Has she had something done to her cheeks?" and later "Or her nose?" She looks kind of weird and not in a cute way.

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