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Before the Vampires, there were Wizards (psst... want to win Harry Potter Books? -- Yes, Plural)

HPandtheSorcerersStone_Paperback_lores After months of looking at perfectly sane and respectable adults reading Harry Potter books on my daily commute, I finally gave in and picked up a copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. It seemed strange that perfectly grown adults would go ga-ga over a children's series; it just seemed so infantile (says the woman who had a Tamaguchi on her keychain that she faithfully took care of until the poor thing pooped itself to death when I left it in the car overnight. That unfortunate incident scared me out of becoming a parent for years.)

Anyhow, I read that first book and never again poked fun at an adult reading Harry Potter on the subway. I may have poked fun at them for other reasons, but never for the Potter books. That book grabbed me like A Wrinkle in Time and had me hooked like The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe y'all. And that pre-teen magic is hard to replicate, know what I mean?

If you don't, you really must enter this contest. And if you do know what I mean, you should still enter this contest.

Get this: paperback sets of the first three books in the Scholastic Harry Potter series are up for grabs for not one, but FIVE lucky muggles:
  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaben
The lucky winners will walk away with all three books valued at $40.

Think about it for a sec dear muggle. If you haven't read the series, here's your chance. And if you have already learned the magic of Hogwarts, I bet you would easily attain status of bestest friend / parent / aunt / uncle / cousin / non-creepy relative or family friend with someone you want to impress and / or bribe.

All you witches and wizards need to do is leave a comment and tell us if would you be good like Harry or evil like "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named" Lord Voldemort?

Contest closes noon (EST) September 7th [US residents only, please].


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Good like Harry. Because I'm like that!


Couldn't I just be loony like Luna?

christine stephens

How bout brainy like Hermione?

mouthy_broad (michele)

i would def prefer to be like hermione or luna before harry or valdemort. but one of the absolute most interesting characters is snape--he is playing both sides. and well.


I'd be good at my roots, and a little rough around the edges. For some reason I feel like that would be the golden key to getting Sirius to fall in love with me. Rawr.

Kim S.

I want to say good like Harry, but let's be honest. If allowed to be expressed, my inner rage at not having had more than 10 full nights sleep in TWO AND ONE HALF YEARS (thank you twins!) would burn brighter than a thousand suns. Take that Voldemort.


Good like Harry but I am actually more of a Hufflepuff.


I prefer to be like Hermoine but, I guess since she's good, I'll go with Harry.

Marmite Breath

Good like Harry, but also with the potential to be awesomely evil, like Harry also. He's got part of Voldemort's soul in him, you know :)

Liz Woodard

Well, I am definitely more like Hermione - yes I am a nerd - but I guess I'll have to settle for Harry :)


Harry, but I also think I'd fit in more at Hufflepuff.


I think I'll pick Good like Harry, though can I go with Dumbledore instead? :)


Bad like Voldemort




Guess I have to say I would rather be good like Harry, although I would rather be semi-evil like the Weasley twins. Heh.

Delicate Flowah

I will be good like Harry. Although, like cagey, I would like to keep my options open.


Definitely good like Harry , because he gets to be the hero and a Gryffindor.


I would be a bad ass fo' shizzle.


Good like Harry. But I'd rather be good like Hermione.


Don't know because I haven't read the books!!! Probably good, but with the potential for evil...


good like Harry, for sures.


The "good wizard" of course.

Leanne Palmerston

I'd be good like Harry! Of course. But, late at night, in Snape's private rooms, I might be a little bit naughty. Teehee!


I would be god like Harry, because I'm a nerd like that.

Teresa W.

Thanks for the contest, I would be good like Harry!


cdziuba@aol.com Good like Harry. There are enough bad and negative forces and people in the world.

Tracy H

OMG! I have been wanting to read these with my 7 year old daughter. I think that would be great fun to do together and even more fun to win 3 of the books! THANKS!!!

Tracy H

Oh yeah, I would be good, of course!

Laurie White

I'd be good like Harry but then I'd need therapy because I'd be so stressed from putting up with the Dursleys' shit all those years. But I'd be a wizard and end up winning anyway so, you know, score.


No idea who I'd rather be like. That's all the more reason I should have these, dontcha think? So I can get educated and then make an informed decision.

dorothy l

good like Harry


Good. That's just how I am - mostly.


I'd be good like Harry...

adrienne gordon

more fun being evil

Patricia Hill

I would definitely be Harry.

susan varney

good like harry Waxing Poetic - Necklace - Rolo Chain


I'd like to think I'd be good, but I know I'd have at least a touch of evil.


Good like Harry. I want to defeat evil and stand up for what is right.

(But really, I want to be Neville Longbottom. Because he is a badass.)

(And I want to win because I just started a friend on the series and I would love to give her her own copies.)


Good like Harry...but probably dead before too long, because I'm not even the tiniest bit lucky like he is.

Joanne Schultz

Good like Harry of course!

Thanks for the giveaway!


Good like Harry, what else? LOL.
Thanks for the chance to win this.


Oh well, I really think more Sirius...


I'd choose to be good over evil. I also think it would be a lot of fun to be a part of the Weasley family!


herimone- because shes smart, stubborn


As much as I want to be a Gryffindor I'm a Ravenclaw at heart. But yes I would be good like Harry.


good like harry for sure!

Tracey Byram

I try to be good like Harry and succeed at it most of the time.

Nicole C.

Good like Harry, of course!!! LOL!!


I would have to be on the good wizard side because Voldemort is a Republican for sure. He undoubtedly pals around with Dick Cheney and Rush Limbaugh.

david basile

good yet a little out there


Good like Harry!


Good like Harry FTW!

Karen B

Good like Harry, of course!

Holly W.

I would like to be good like Harry!


Good like Harry - though he breaks a lot of rules to be considered good.

barbara wright

I want to be cute like Harry - LOL. But I guess I'll settle for good. And I'm really most like Hagrid.


I like to think I'm a Harry...well, actually, I'm a know it all like Hermione, but let's pretend I'm a Harry.

beth shepherd

Good Harry for sure
Thank you for the chance


Harry, of course!


Cass would be Harry Potter. And I want to win these so I don't have to share my copies!

The Mother Tongue

Can I be morally ambiguous like Snape? That, please.


Fashionable, like Fleur Delacour. If I was gonna be good, I'd wear it well and if I was bad, I'd rather be Bellatrix as played by a recently postpartum Helena Bonham Carter. She really gets it.

Erika S.

I would be good like Harry.


Evil would be more fun

Cynthia C

I've always been good like Harry. Thanks for the chance!


If I had magic I would use it to defend the helpless, right the wrongs, and so on... like Harry. ^_^

David Leavitt

I would be good like Harry :)


I would be good like Harry.


i would be good however evil sounds like a lot of fund

Meaghan F.

Well... I'm definitely a Luna. So I'd have to go with Harry I suppose. Although... I think we all have a little dark side in us, but hopefully not as dark as You-Know-Who. These are my favorite books by the way! I'd love to win for my nieces!

Susan C

I havent read the book or seen the movie, but I do know I woule prefer to be evil like "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named", because it sounds like more fun.

Lisa D

Good like Harry definitely.

Leona P

Good like harry


I would like to be Good like Harry Potter.

Colin W

I'd probably be like Harry, but actually dabble in the dark arts.


I think I would like to start my section and gather followers. I could be like the Ross Perot of wizards.


Tara Braun

I would be good like Harry.


Good like Harry.

Kathy Scott

I would love to have copies of these great books.

Daniel M

i'm just wild about harry

Jill Myrick

My son is an avid Harry Potter fan who is good like Harry Potter. I would so love to win these for him.
Thank you so much for the chance.

Jared Jeffers

Most definitely good like Harry.

Carol Lawrence

Guess I have to say I would rather be good like Harry.


I would be good like Harry:)


I'd be evil.

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