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WTF Happened to Rick Springfield's Face?

Rick_springfield_young When I first saw the latest picture of Rick Springfield I thought the story which accompanied it was some predictable write-up about how Madam Tussaud's was unveiling another new wax figure. Perhaps they even poured a mold for the legendary Jesse's girl, too. 

But oh, wait. My bad. It was ACTUALLY Rick Springfield.

And then I saw the spider on his shirt and wondered if one of the poisonous spiders from "Arachnophobia" had bitten him. Because, HONEY. 

Remember Rick before he played with knives or needles near his face, just remember, and then take the jump.



He looks like wax. I don't know what happened. I love a man who can grow old gracefully; in fact, I've always kinda liked the distinguished older men (which is probably why I married a man nearly 10 years my senior) but holy Moses. 

I'm really trying to give him the benefit of the doubt here (bad lighting? Bad ... hair day?) but both his man-scaping and Google images aren't helping:


Do you see what I mean? Did someone hit him in the lip? Does he have chew in his mouth? I'm so confused. The peaks on his top lip are totally gone.

Here he looks OK:


It is OK to show age, Rick! (You know, in the event that you're reading this post, if I may flatter myself so.)

In fact, it's much more attractive. Jesse's girl would approve. 

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Gray Matter

SOB...so...sad...his younger, adorable, not-waxy face adorned the walls of my teenage bedroom. Allowance was saved to purchase Working Class Dog, and now...well, there are no words...SOB...


That unsettles me so. I'm gonna pretend that without the bad dye job and make up that he's still hot. Because this summer too many objects of my teenage affection have gone away and losing Rick Springfield would just be too much.


Looks like he had his eyes done. How sad the the waxen look is becoming the norm for aging entertainers.


I just saw Rick a little over a week ago in concert and these are unflattering pictures of him. He still looks REALLY great - in fact, I'm almost certain he hasn't had work done (other than the dye job because he MUST have gray in there somewhere :o) because there are some sags and lines in his face. Sometimes that translates to not the most flattering photos but he looks fabulous in person and he puts on one HECK of a show! I love him more now than I did in the 80s!


So sad if he has messed up his face.I for one like getting older and yeah,the sags and bags do suck sometimes,but such is life


He has not messed up his face. The the second recent photo above clearly shows how he sweats when he is in concert hence the waxy look. The lip is due to a serious ATV accident in 1988 which required dental work and altered the look of his mouth and lips somewhat. I too have had the opportunity to see the man in concert close up when he came out into the audience and he has aged very well, there are some wrinkles but no cosmetic surgery on this man, just a little hair dye which is okay by me.


He was my first concert and I do believe he took one item of clothing off with each song. Eeek!


He looks like one of the marionettes from "Team America."


I love your posts when you're totally stunned by faces and the things that happened to them.


Okay, first of all--he's 60, or will be in a few days, so cut him some slack if he doesn't look quite like he did in 1981. You've chosen a few terrible pictures to illustrate your point, but trust me...in person, he shows his age gracefully and HOTLY, crows feet, wrinkles, and all. He has only gotten better with age.


looks like ricky's fanclub got wind of this post.

Katie Kat

I seriously don't think he's had anything done. I watched him on General Hospital back in the day and then recently when he was back on, and he looked like he's aged, and done so pretty gracefully! He's always had a baby face though, so that helps!

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