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A Review of 'The Boys Are Back' And Screening Tickets To Win!


I'm going to start off this review of Clive Owen's new movie "The Boys Are Back" the same way I started it off when I told my girlfriends about it: Clive is HOT.

That should convince 85% of the women reading (and a percentage of the men as well) so here's a review for everyone else.

Based on a true story, "The Boys Are Back" follows the life of sportswriter Joe Warr (Owen) and his journey to rebuild his world and conquer the challenges of single-fatherhood after the death of his beloved wife Katy.  The film is directed by Scott Hicks (he directed the amazing 'Shine') and is set against the breathtaking landscapes of Australia. Did I mention Clive was pretty breathtaking, too?

Joe is is doing his best to raise his 6-year-old son Artie (adorable Nicholas McAnulty) while at the same time trying to work through his grief. Even something as simple as making Artie breakfast is achingly difficult in the shadow of his late wife; when he forgets to cut the crusts off the toast Artie has a meltdown and Joe is reminded of how the simple routines that define their lives are now in limbo without the presence of Katy.

To make things even more complicated, Joe's teenage son Harry (George MacKay) from his first marriage decides to leave England to come and join their now rather disheveled household. Joe and Harry's relationship is strained and infused with guilt; Joe left Harry's mother when he found out Katy was pregnant with his child and Harry repeatedly questions how his father could leave him behind, too. They work steadfastly at rebuilding their relationship, though, and they both soon see the redeeming result of their trying situation: Harry becomes a nurturing big brother to Artie.

I loved the movie, and was impressed that even with its tearjerker beginning where Hicks takes you painfully through Katy's diagnosis, illness and finally her death the film didn't wallow in its sadness. Instead, Joe's decision to raise his sons with a fearless attitude infuses them, and the viewer, with a feeling of triumph. Their family motto, spelled out boldly on their refrigerator for all to see, is "Just Say Yes," and it's clear Joe, while at first tentative, firmly believes in it.

Note: Mother's everywhere will no doubt shake their heads when they witness some of the things Joe allows Artie to do (e.g. ride on the hood of the car) - there's even a scene where a mother tells Joe, "I think you enjoy upsetting mothers." But as a parent who sometimes sees herself as overly cautious, I felt a tinge of regret that I haven't allowed my kids to experience life with more abandon. I may just start letting the kids go outside without their sweaters. Carpe diem!

Now about those screening tickets: the fine people over at Miramax are offering a few lucky MamaPop readers in major cities the chance to attend screenings of "The Boys Are Back." To enter the giveaway, leave a comment below and we'll pick 25 entrants at random to receive a pair of tickets. Please note that screenings are only taking place in the following cities:

Albany, Albuquerque, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Buffalo, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas, Washington, DC, Denver, Detroit, Hartford, Houston, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Louisville, Memphis, Miami, New Orleans, Oklahoma City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland, Raleigh, Richmond, Rochester, Sacramento, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, St, Louis, Tuscon, Tulsa

*You must leave a valid email address in your comment and the city you wish to attend the screening in. Your comment must be posted by Thursday, October 1, Midnight est. Miramax cannot guarantee screening dates.

Here's a trailer for the movie. I forgot to mention that Clive Owen is HOT.

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Even though I watched the trailer with no sound (@work), I still cannot wait to see this... in BOSTON.


I would LOVE to see this movie in Chicago. It's about to get cold here and, as I think you may have mentioned, Clive Owen is HOT. Also, the movie looks pretty fantastic!


I made it through Duplicity by reminding myself that Clive Owens is really Hot. So I'm sure I can make it through this movie good or bad in PHILADELPHIA.


It's been HOT in Rochester but not as HOT as Clive.


I hope that's Louisville, KY up there, if not nevermind. I hadn't heard anything about this movie until now but it looks good.


Awesome! I'd love to see this in Pittsburgh.


saw a trailer for this in the theater, and i wept. WEPT. at a TRAILER. would love to see the philly screening.


Clive Owen is SOOOOOOO hot! I live in Miami where it's always hot but not always Clive Owens hot.


Love Clive. How about Louisville!


Even though I know this movie will make me cry, about why Clive Owen is not my personal love slave, I still would love to see it in either CHARLOTTE or MEMPHIS (traveling between the two cities soon).


Baltimore! Thanks for the opportunity!


I'd love to see this movie in Sacramento!


Charlotte, but Clive probably looks good in any city.


San Antonio! Fingers crossed! :)


Oh, YES, Clive Owen is HOT. I saw the trailer for this movie a few weeks ago and have been counting down the days to its premiere ever since!

If chosen, I'd attend a screening in Atlanta.


Suzy Q

Miami in da house!

Me and Clive in a dark theater? OH YEAH!

Amanda S.

Enter me for Seattle please!


I love me some Clive Owen. AUSTIN!


Um, Clive Owen is HOT. San Diego is hot too!

susan varney

iwould like a pair mverno@roadrunner.com


I have yet to see a movie with Clive Owen (OMG!) so I would love to win! :) Kansas City!


Boston! Where it is unseasonably hot. And yucky. We need Clive to make it less yucky.

Carol Lawrence

I'd love to see this in Pittsburgh.


This movie sounds amazing! I would love to see it in Philadelphia. Even though I will mostly be distracted by Clive Owen's hottness, the story also sounds fabulous!


I'd looooove to see this in Detroit City! My husband loves movies, so he will see anything if I agree to go;-) I'd love to take him to this!



I saw this trailer when Hubby took me to my birthday movie night ("The Time Traveler's Wife") and figured I should make more of an effort to see movies in the theater. Clive Owen on a big screen is a very good thing to have in the world.

Baltimore is my city of choice, although DC works also.


I would love to grab a friend and get out for a girls night in Charlotte!!!

Johanna Woehrle

Columbus. I just LOVE Clive Owen. I'll go see it even if I don't get free tickets!


Yes he is! I'd love to see this in HOUSTON!

Diane Baum

This story sounds wonderful. I would love to see it in Detroit.

Lily Kwan

Please enter me into the contest for the Las Vegas screening. Thanks!

Thomas Hoh

It looks like a wonderful movie. I would love tickets to the Philadelphia screening. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

Jane Hoh

I like the Grape PUL with the lilac microfleece GAD. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

Veronica Garrett

I would love to see this movie in Atlanta. It sounds great.

Justin Matthews

I live in Raliegh and would love to see this movie

Mya Brooks

I wanna go to Portland OR!!!

Brian hendrickson

New York New York!

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