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Jon Gosselin, Raising His Douche Levels on a Daily Basis

Jon_Gosselin I know, another post about Jon Gosselin. We'd all be happy if we never saw his greasy, weaselly face again, sure, but he just keeps giving us reason to talk about him. This is probably as he wants it, but I'm weak and can't resist. I MUST COMMENT. Right after I roll my eyes exaggeratedly and then throw up after reading his tweets.

This time he's taking his own turn on Good Morning America, in response to Kate's recent interviews. His interview will run next week, September 8 and 9, but pieces have leaked, and, rest assured, HE BRINGS THE DOUCHE.

After repeating what we all know to be true, that he was "put down" often by Kate (although who is starting to sense that anyone married to him would also put him down because TOO EASY?), he went on to say that she was gone all the time, on book tours and working and MAKING MONEY TO PUT IN THE EIGHT COLLEGE FUNDS. He said, "I'm standing there like, 'Oh, okay. Your mom's gone again.'"

This pissed me off even more than his unironic fashion statements and alleged attempts to sneak women into his home while his kids slept. Sure, watching eight kids with the help of babysitters and nannies isn't the equivalent of a beach vacation (not exactly the equivalent of watching eight kids BY YOURSELF) but neither is a book tour or press junkets or media interviews. Kate was doing all that and then some to promote these books, books that it seemed she was passionate about.

Not only does Jon seem like an immature, out-of-touch fame whore, he seems like a whiny, ungrateful, insecure husband who didn't want his wife to travel around and find success apart from him.

Although their marriage seemed to have huge problems before that, I KNOW, this just completely rubs me the wrong way. The sentiment that he was the poor husband left at home to watch the kids while Kate was away on BUSINESS garners no sympathy from me. Especially since she wasn't exactly hosting Vegas pool parties.

There is this constant commentary about whether or not women can do it all, work and raise a family, and there are quite the number of opinions on the topic, but I can speak from experience that it's impossible to juggle a career and kids unless you have the support of SOMEONE at home. If your husband doesn't support the choice, the choice won't work. No matter how much outside help you have in the form of nannies, publicists, managers, production teams. Sure, I can't understand her SPECIFIC situation, but I can understand that while was trying to achieve some sort of success apart from the TLC show, Jon was home pouting in the corner and apparently reminding the kids their mother was gone. Who could stand that? 

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UGH. this guy is a douche-wrap supreme. calgon, take me awaay!


I am so glad someone else took offense to his statement. Kate was on a book tour promoting her book to increase sales to...BRING HOME MORE MONEY. What he is saying here, and what ABC seems to be ok with putting out there, is that it is ok for men to travel and work outside of the home but not women. If the reporter who did this interview didn't push back on that statement, I will have no respect for him.

My male boss travels for work for 2 weeks every month. His wife stays home ALONE with their 3 kids every time he is gone. Obviously 3 kids is much different than 8 but the fact remains that it is considered normal that he travels that much. When I travel for 1 week every couple of months I get tons of questions from neighbors and friends about who is taking care of our 2 kids. It's amazing because they are with my HUSBAND so they are fine.

The double standard is ridiculous. And Jon partying in Vegas doesn't even come close to Kate promoting her books. Jerk.


I used to have a ton of sympathy for Jon because, hi...Kate was horrible to him.


Dude, I agree with all this.

However, I kind of want to spew every time Kate acts like she is completely selfless in this situation. If I hear 'It's for the kids" one more time? Barf.

Both have huge flaws, but yeah...Jon is being totally douchey.


I never thought I'd see the day when I feel like I'm on Team Kate in this but yeah, Jon just sort of defines douchey right now.

I did always think he was kind of whiney and set himself up to be in situations where she would yell at him though. Not that it's an excuse for her but still. Grow up guy.

I want them both to stop going to the media though. Those poor kids! gah

Suzy Q

I can't stand either one of these two.


AGREED! What a great post. I've abandoned all things Gosselin since early this summer. But now that he's being a d-bag, I'll use you as my only "approved" source for Gosselin news - especially since I 100% agree with you.

Lee Anne

"If your husband doesn't support the choice, the choice won't work."

Truer words were never spoken. As a military spouse whose husband is often away from home for obvious reasons, I'm lucky to have a partner who does the best he can to support my decision to work, albeit part-time, outside the home. Jon needs to grow the hell up!


I'm in the same boat with you! My navy husband agrees as well!


Not I.


The operative term here is famewhore and they are BOTH raging and exploiting their children in the process. Jon has been particularly douchey this past week while Kate has been playing the long suffering woe is me martyr on Larry King. Why won't these people get off my TV?? What happened to "we are no longer going to comment publicly about our family? Oh that's right they launched a new season and need to drum up some publicity. Who films a reality TV show and then complains about the paparazzi?? My heart goes out to those kids

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