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Duggars Expecting Child Number Nineteen. At What Point Was Eight Not Enough?

Duggars In a fit of boredom a couple of weeks ago, my husband and I started watching that Duggars show on TLC. We had barely made it through the credits before I had to rewind to double-check something: I needed to confirm they had actually given all 18 of their children names that start with the letter "J". Is Jinger even a real name? My husband looked at me, and said "If you love me, we won't watch this show." What can I say? I love the guy so I turned it off.
Anyhow, I noticed a headline today announcing that Michelle Duggar -- the lone non-J name in the family -- shared with The Today Show that she is expecting baby number nineteen. TLC sure was exhibiting forethought when they named the prodigious nugget of reality television 18 Kids and Counting, didn't they?

Word is Jim Bob and Michelle were shocked to be pregnant again but are happy to be adding to the family. Is it even called a family at this point or should we just refer to them as a colony?

At 42, Michelle's doctors have talked to her about prenatal testing but the Duggars say they aren't planning on doing any such thing. Her Ob-Gyn spoke to PEOPLE (because having your Ob-Gyn talk to PEOPLE is totally normal in reality TV world) and informed its readers that "Some women are made to have babies, and Michelle is to the nth degree. She is in terrific health without any strain on her uterus." No strain on her uterus? My uterus felt strained reading this announcement.

It comes as no great surprise that the Duggars will be gracing this child with a J-name. Daughter Jessa has already made a print-up of J-names they haven't used yet. They must be scraping the bottom of the barrel at this point in the game. Heck, we will all know they were being lazy if they just name this one Junior.


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i wonder if this one will just crawl out...


My friends facebook status yesterday said "Dear Michelle Duggar. Your vagina is not a clown car. Birth control: it's a wonderful thing. Warmest regards, X"
I about died. On the one hand, I would never ever do this in my own life. On the other hand, we live in America where people can do stuff like this. As far as I know they aren't on welfare of any sort so more power to 'em but still, crazy! (Is anyone else rooting for the nice round number of 20 at this point? May as well!)


My uterus felt strained reading this announcement.

This made me chortle out loud.

And I think they've passed colony and gone right on to small country.


My family also have ALL "J" names!! (Even my mom. Unlike the Duggers we did NOT leave the mom out.)


Fortunately, there aren't 20 of us. E-gads. Better her then me, that's what I say.


Isn't the oldest boy expecting? How funny to be in the same class as your aunt/uncle?? Oh wait. They home school.

Karen Sugarpants

Jardena : jar-DEE-nah : hebrew "to flow downward"

Just a suggestion. Cuz that kid will not require contractions. Or pushing.


Ice water out the nose at that one!

Karen Sugarpants

Jin : JIN : japanese "super-excellent"

Party on, Wayne.


A friend of mine posted this as her facebook status: At what point does it stop being a big announcement and just start being "it's that time of year again..." HA!


I'm an only child. This was my dream family when I was a kid. I'm fascinated by big families. I lurve them. Now lets just hope Jim Bob doesn't start sporting Ed Hardey t-shirts, earrings and 20 something year old girlfriend.


It was explained to me once that "Jinger" is pronounced as "Ginger." I call cheating on that one.


Since it takes almost a freaking year to cook a baby...that woman is 42 and has been pregnant for 19 years, pregnant since she was 23! That's like half of her life. She's eternally pregnant. Can we stage an intervention for people addicted to pregnancy?? Michelle needs it. It's time to be done when your oldest child is having a child but will also have a sibling of the same age as their own kid. Reminds me of that Father of The Bride sequal. Can we start a petition for her to STOP MAKING MOAR CHILDREN?



We get it, you like having kids.


I totally did not pronounce it as "Ginger" when I first read it and was so disappointed when I found that that was the correct way to say it.


I just want to know when there's an intervention, like when people have too many cats. Surely at this point they aren't parenting these kids - the older kids are parenting the younger kids. What's the point?


I said this in briefer form on Twitter yesterday but it applies.
My Duggar "circle of life" is as follows:
First I'm shocked (again!).
Then I'm a little disgusted by the whole thing (uterus strength?).
Then I am tired of the hype.
Then I get annoyed at the haters.
And the circle repeats itself...


OK, officially lost it on that one! Great!


I am a Duggar lover. I admit it! Their 18 kids are better mannered and sweeter and kinder than my 3. Whatever they're doing, as far as parenting, it's working. I guess more power to 'em.


I love the Duggars. I think having that many kids is CRAZY and I don't like all the names starting with J, but they seem like a loving, close-knit family. And I think all those little boys are hysterical.

That said: I think it might be time to close up shop Michelle. I agree with whoever said once your kids start having kids, you are done! That's a little weird.


Ditto...can they come raise mine? Apparently Christian Homeschooling makes great kids, all the ones whom I know that are are wonderful.

My opinion: If they can support the kids and give them everything they need, along with all the love they need, power to them. I've tied my tubes in their honor.

Fairly Odd Mother

But, they don't believe in birth control, so I guess, theoretically, she has two choices: 1) stop having sex; 2) have babies until menopause. I'm betting Jim Bob (is that the father's name?) is opting for #2.

Why can't I stop singing Every Sperm is Sacred whenever people bring up the Duggars? I wonder how baby #13 feels about all this---how much time do they really get with their mom? Hell, I schedule "date nights" with my kids just so I feel like I get decent 1x1 time with them!

foradifferentkindofgirl (fadkog)

There was an episode of the show recently where the Duggars were at Dollywood and the crew kind of made Jim Bob and Michelle re-enact that scene from "Ghost" where Demi and Patrick spin a clay penis on the potter's wheel, and then they cut to a shot asking Michelle what Jim Bob does well, and Michelle giggled and said Jim Bob does everything well, and then they showed them kissing while spinning their clay statue (they probably don't say penis in the Duggar house)(and if they did, they'd not be so shocked to discover they were pregnant again), and anyway, my sister and I speed-dialed each other and said, at the same time, "Ten bucks says Michelle got knocked up at Dollywood!"

And then ta da! Three months pregnant. All I get out of this is $10 and the very obvious indication I know too much about the Duggars.


They honestly don't bother me. They're not depending on welfare to raise their kids, they're not running up debt. Their kids have a roof over their heads, food on the table, and yes, they had all that before they started the reality show.

I can't contemplate having 19 kids, but then, you don't have 19 babies all at once (unless you're Nadya Suleman, ZING!), you have a baby, it grows older, et cetera. It's the lifestyle they've chosen, based on their faith, and the wonderful thing about America is we have freedom of religion, where people can live like this.

I do wish they didn't have the reality TV show. Because THAT is what is not normal for these kids. If anything, that's going to be what screws them up. Not being part of a large family, because believe it or not, there are other large families in this country. People with 15 or more kids. Some adopt, some don't.

If the people who choose to not have kids want to be left alone, and the people who have only children want people to stop criticizing them, then maybe....just maybe, we should stop nattering on the Duggars for the number of kids they have. And instead hope they stop the show so the kids can go back to having a normal, non-televised life.


I'm still laughing about the "clown car" post. Hilarious...


I can think of a far better reason to boycott the Duggars' show - the truly perverted Quiverful faith that they practice, which strives to keep women in a state of submission (girls cannot wear pants, cut their hair, or attend college)and in a near-constant cycle of pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding that is physically and emotionally unhealthy. The Duggar kids have had no childhood to speak of - they are homeschooled, kept in virtual isolation from the rest of the world (despite their TV presence) and taught to behave in a robotic, Stepford-like fashion. Did anyone see them on Today yesterday? They all just sat their frozen, staring straight ahead and smiling like fools. It was truly creepy.

The Duggar daughters will spend their entire childhoods taking care of their mother's kids, and then get married extremely young and begin having babies immediately, regardless of whether or not they are prepared for them, because this is what "God wants." I love Jesus as much as the next girl and consider myself to be a practicing Christian - and in most circumstances I vehemently support anyone's right to religion - but these people are practicing a fringe faith that is tantamount to child abuse and their show merely glazes over it.

The Duggars disgust me.


OK, so Michelle's OB was also my own when I lived in Northwest Arkansas, and I must defend her honor! I TOTALLY think that having 19 children is socially irresponsible (regardless of if they are well loved and cared for-because I believe the Duggars certianly love and care for their children), and Dr. Sarver does not condone that type of lifestlye or propagate it amongst the rest of her patients. She is actually suprising clinical and aloof, which I think is great when someone is digging around down there. Every thing I have ever seen where she is quoted about the Duggars is very...well, distinctly separate from them as a family. Just about the medical aspect of giving birth.

Just thought I'd throw that out there to make sure people know she is not dissuading her patients from using birth control. (quite the opposite actually!)


yep. yep. yep. I say leave 'em alone.


I love watching their show. It is like peeking into a different world, but they all seem sweet, happy, and well-mannered!


I totally call cheating on Jinger (I was pronouncing it like Jin from LOST and grrr -- which I think is waaaaaaay cooler... obviously Jim Bob and Michelle disagree)


I totally thought of you while writing this post - seriously I did. I should have consulted you considering you are my resident expert on all things Duggar.

Suzy Q

That "clown car" line is not original to your friend. I read it the last time these people were pregnant.

But, it's still hilarious! And very apropo.


Exactly. Someone call A&E, because these people are Hoarding kids. I don't think people should have 19 cats, I sure as shit don't think they should have 19 kids.


I love it that the Today Show keeps having them back each time to announce it. Like, new on the Today Show, Michelle Duggar is pregnant again. How is it new, if it happens every single year?

WHat I want to do is hold onto the shows. In 6 years when my daughter turns 14, I want to make her watch it. This, is what can happen to you if you cross me. See the outfits? The weirdness? Back talk me one more time little girl, I double dog dare ya.

I'm betting she has 24 by the time her uterus just implodes. Truly though? I wish them well with baby Juju or whatever they name it.

Karina in T.O

Yesterday when this segment came on The Today Show I literally yelled out in my living room "Oh for the love of GOD! Just PULL OUT, MAN! For ONCE!!!"

One of my girlfriends on FB put this status update- which had me in hysterics. "Oh those Duggars and their babies... some day her box is gonna fall out."

C'mon, enoughs enough now.

Accidental Housewife

omfg!!!! for the win, lady! Holy hell! BWAHAHAHA! Was "Just pull out" or "box is gonna fall out" that sent me toppling off my chair? It's a tie!


I totally agree. Well except for the practicing Christian part which I'm not. I think what they do is child abuse and I think Quiverful is a cult. They have arranged marriages as well so that the children have little to no chance of breaking out of the cycle. I have heard so many people shout against the arranged marriages of women in Muslim countries but not once against these "Christians" in America.

Sure they can afford 19 children but how will their 19 children cope with 19 children?

I think birthing this many children is morally wrong. I struggled with birthing two given the state the earth is in. Then again I'm sure they believe the rapture is eminent so it doesn't really matter.


The only interest I have in the Duggars is this; WHAT IS THIS WOMAN'S PELVIC FLOOR MADE OF?????

I want a big family, having come from one myself. We currently have 4, the oldest is 5.5, but I really don't think my body will do well with more than one or two more. However, I'm not even sure I can handle another pregnancy physically. I don't want 20, but I am impressed.


i'm hoping they name this baby jeehosifat or jezebel!

if ma duggar were a dog, bob barker would have had her spayed by now!

stop! for the love of baby jesus, stop! cross your legs, michelle!

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