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Evan Rachel Wood and Alexander Skarsgard Are Dating. We Think.

Alexander-skarsgard01I won't lie. This news made me cry and throw things a little bit this morning. Word on the street is that Evan Rachel Wood and Alexander Skarsgard are dating.

I don't know how to feel about Ms. Wood. I didn't understand the hype surrounding Thirteen but yet I wasn't totally turned off by her performance as Queen Sophie-Anne in True Blood, though many of you gave her two enthusiastic fangs down for her performance.

I do know that I think that her taste in men so far in her short life has been misguided at best and truly WTF at worst. After a relationship with Marilyn Manson left many scratching their heads, Wood then moved on with Mickey Rourke, a reconstructive surgery and chihuahua devotee who also played her father in The Wrestler. (However, if I remember correctly, this relationship was never totally confirmed and if it did exist it fizzled pretty quickly.)

But suddenly, it's like Wood realized, "Hey, wait a second! What am I doing with you old weirdos? I'm young! And hot!" and went and snapped up a hottie. My hottie.

Alexander_skarsgard_evan_rachel_wood Reports are that Wood flew to Shreveport, Lousiana to spend time with Skarsgard. He is there filming a movie. There are also some vague pictures of the two together. They don't look particularly smitten, so I'm holding out hope that this rumor will remain just that. (Psst! Alex! Call me!)

I'm also wondering what's in the water on the True Blood set, since the cast members can't seem to keep their hands off one another. Case in point: Anna Paquin (Sookeh) and Stephen Moyer (Beel) are engaged in real life.

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Rebecca (Bearca)

What?!? Ugh. Why am I devastated by this news? I don't know. But I am.


I'm devastated as well, which is odd since I'm married. Ah well...


You know I loves my Eric. He's my favorite fantasy man ever written. I'm a little shocked over Rachel because:

1. I never would have picked Rachel for him. She’s nothing REMOTELY like me.
2. My gaydar goes a little wonky around him. Just sayin.


this is bad...she was Marilyn Mansons gf and theres always pics of her makin out with peeps and older guys ewww like Mickey Rourke and shes only 22? Shes a real freak a real hooka hoe...she will def ruin him ...he seems so genuin and she just wants to make her way thru hollywood! Well see his career go down after a few pics wit her and she dumps him! Im gonna have a real hard time watchin the show now ..and I LOVE THE SHOW! he makes the show and now knowing this Ima be like oops lets just switch channels! someone might wanna introduce him a nice american girl...cuz there aint nuttin wrong with that!!!


Yea, you lost me at the hot pic of Eric with no shirt.


I refuse to believe this until I see photographic evidence of them in flagrante delicto. In full color glossy, 8 x 10's preferred.

Until then, back off betches. I called dibs.


This makes me angrier & pissier than I probably have the right to be. Evan Rachel Wood?! Seriously? Seriously?! Certainly my Eric would have better taste than ERW. Furthermore, why can't she stick to boys her own age?! I totally disapprove


She is Teh Nastiness! Anyone else I'd kinda be like "Ah, ok". But her? NOOOOOOO! My Happy Place is dating a whore. WHAT. THE. EFF.


NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! WTF is this world coming too?? DAMMIT, why her??? He will always be my little swedish meatball of love.I feel all stabby now!!!:(



Fuck. Oh well, on to Plan B.




(back to wailing and weeping because nooooo Eric nooooooooooooo.)

Selle Castaigneda

I say more power to 'em. They're young and beautiful and free to be together. Good for them. As long as they treat each other with consideration and respect, then I'm glad they might have found a shelter from the storm that is Hollywood.


As someone old enough to be Alex's mother, I can't help but think he could do better. I have no problem with the Stephen/Ana relationship. But for some reason the Alex/Evan news has fallen flat for me. But he's a grown man and hopefully he knows what he is doing...like we fans really know what he is like outside of the delicious vampire he portrays and can/should judge his personal life?

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