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Kate Gosselin Lands Own Talk Show, Is Called Names By Jon's Mistress

KateThis post is triple layered.  Like a Twix.  So, kick back and enjoy.  Because this is "Kate Gosselin's Week In Review". 

First things first.  How do you think Kate did on The View? (Clip after the jump.)  While she seemed slightly nervous, I thought she was earnest and compelling.  And that wavy hair?  Sort of loved it.  Although, I am a little tired of her limited vocabulary. 

But not nearly as tired as I am of Whoopi Goldberg's limited SENSE. OF. HUMOR.

"I wish you could squirt fertility treatments on money."


*cue nervous audience laughter* *cut to commercial*

How is this woman still hosting this show?

Anyway, apparently on the show Kate made mention of Jon (can we call you Dick?) allowing his girlfriend Hailey Glassman to be around their children.  Like any mature adult(ress) Hailey immediately took to Twitter.  And...I'm thinking she would get along well with Spencer Pratt.  See for yourself.

Hailey posted on Twitter:

"I was never at Jon and Katezilla's house nor did I meet the children, And nor am I in a rush to... When the truth finally comes out, the public owes Jon and I a HUGE apology, until then keep hating n being blinded, Bunch of Helen Keller's."

I like how "Helen Keller's" is possessive.  A nice touch.

Kate will most definitely be having the last laugh though as it was just announced today that she will be co-hosting her very own talk show.  You knew it was only a matter of time.  And her co-host is....

Paula Deen?

It appears that Kate and Paula, along with a few other hosts, will be co-hosting a mom-based talk show created by the website MomLogic where they'll discuss everything from gossip to health and beauty tips to advice for moms. The pilot is scheduled to shoot later this month.

(Side note: For the sake of full disclosure my bitterness I should mention that I actually auditioned for MomLogic for one of the seats on this talk show like 2 years ago and they said they LOVED ME AND WOULD CALL ME BUT WHATEVER MOMLOGIC I GUESS I WASN'T MULLETY ENOUGH FOR YOU or maybe it's because I DON'T FRY FRITTERS.)

So the question is, will you watch?

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Barbara Walters is starting to remind me more and more of my condescendingly nosy, meddling neighbor. She irritates me like bad underwear.


I'm going to watch, just to see when things finally explode between the two, in polite southern style, of course. I love the idea of Paula Deen but goodgosh that woman licks her fingers like a fiend. Maybe she's trying to emphasize that her food is finger-lickin' good, but it makes me shudder to watch (more than the shuddering involved in thinking about the number of calories in the food). Kate, on the other hands, is all about healthy food and being a clean fiend. That butter and finger licking are going to get to her.


I would not have tuned into a Kate Gosslin show, not because I dislike her, I just don’t have the time – BUT after I heard Paula Deen will be involved, I think I will have to make time at least to judge the opener in person.

I loves me some Paula Deen. I cook something of hers every time I have a party. I think they could make a great pairing. Kate (and probably the kids) need a southern-type grandma to make them apple fritters and give them hugs. Plus she was a single mom who created a culinary empire. She can be like a mentor. A mentor with butter. That’s the best kind.


Umm, is anyone bothered that Hailey was making fun of people with disabilities in her little Twitter?


Hailey is an idiot and he's gonna do her like he did Kate eventually, but I think deep down she knows these facts are true.

mouthy_broad (michele)

yes. she comes off as a very horrible person.

mouthy_broad (michele)

oh, i do like that hair!

oh lena--don't despair! people know kate and paula all over america already. it is easier to start a show with name recognition.

but the interwebs loves you!


Is there no irony in Kate doing a mom-themed talk show that takes her away from her kids more and leaves them up to whatever Jon has in store for them? Seriously when is it time to not just SAY "my kids come first", but actually PUT them first?


I just read an article this morning about him 'giving away' the family dogs as no one has time to care for them now. Nice work. I'm sure those kids won't remember that you took away their beloved pets because of your selfishness.

Accidental Housewife

Don't we already have this show in Canada??? It's called, wait for it, The Mom Show. Way to be original? Also, "And nor am I in a rush to... "??? Really? No kidding?! Have fun with your "boyfriend" if you ever get to a point of "having" to be around his kids. I'll bet he's TOTALLY as laidback with them around... I'm sure NOTHING will change... What a dingbat, seriously.

Cheeky Lotus

Yes. Especially since she's dating someone who is clearly mentally disabled.

Suzy Q

I will not be watching this show, even though I loves me some Paula. Everything about the Gosselins skeeves me out. Everything.


I see Miss Paula from time to time since I also live in Savannah and I think pairing Kate with Paula will help because Paula being so sweet will soften Kates hard edges


YES that bothered me.
Talk about losing the very public you are trying to appeal to...

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