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MamaPop Pop Culture Confessional: AlphaMom Edition


Welcome to the MamaPop Pop Culture Confessional, where we receive confession of any and all pop culture pleasures, guilty or otherwise!

Today, we take confession from the incomparably awesome Isabel of AlphaMom.

Herewith, her not-so-guilty pop culture pleasures, in her own words:

What an honor to share my most recent pop culture obsessions with you. Luckily for us all, over the past decade we have been blessed by some of the most incredibly written, directed and performed works of are on television, like The Shield, Dexter and Mad Men to name but a few. However for some reason I don’t feel too guilty about watching those shows. My addictions below?  Well… that’s a different story. 

Flash Mob Dance Videos Even before Oprah orchestrated the world’s largest choreographed dance flash mob last week to a Black Eyed Peas live performance, I had been visiting YouTube more often than I am comfortable admitting, to watch my favorite feel good dance videos.   They’re all large audience flash mob dances that happened overseas.  There’s the Sound of Music one in Antwerp (my fave), the Single Ladies at Piccadilly Circus and the T-Mobile Dance at Liverpool Station.

Jerry Bruckheimer Mystery Shows.  Forget CSI, it’s all about Cold Case & Without a Trace. Especially the reruns that air late at night. The plot is formulaic but that and the shows’ hot Latino sidekicks are oddly comforting.  But I think the key ingredients to these shows’ storytelling success are the flashbacks and awesome musical soundtracks, which pull at your heartstrings.   

NY Times Sunday Styles Section.   For me Sunday is all about a very large cup of morning coffee in hand and my beloved 'women's sports pages,' as I affectionately call the Styles section.  I can’t relate to half the stuff any more in the Styles Section, but I sure do like looking at the engagement photos in the wedding pages and reading how these young kids met.  

Pussycat Dolls, et al.   Say what you want, but when it comes time to hit that treadmill full force, Don’t Cha and Buttons are what you need.  My other workout music favorites include Deborah Cox’s Things Just Aren’t The Same and Nobody’s Supposed to Be Here and anything by the reigning queens of dance music, Rhianna and Beyonce.  You just try to keep yourself from dancing on that treadmill. 

A Cappella.  Yes, I too, am in love with Glee, the new smash television drama about the rise of a new glee club at a perfectly imperfect suburban high school.  But, my addiction doesn’t stop at rewatching Glee clips on Hulu. Now, it’s moved on to watching Sam Tsui on YouTube and listening to Straight No Chaser on constant replay.   Who doesn’t love a story where the supposed geeks are the winners?

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Suzy Q

OMG, that Sound of Music flash mob was the best thing EVER!


I just ran across Sam Tsui somewhere yesterday and spent a REALLY long time watching his videos. Amazing!


Hearts & Kisses for Straight No Chaser. They are FANTASTIC!


I now have a new addiction, flash mob searching on you tube!


Am I the only one who cries at the flash mob dancing videos? To see so many people joining together in public for something as fun and lovely as music and dancing. It just brings me to happy tears.

RookieMom Heather

That Oprah Flash Mom was most awesome. I already loved AlphaMom and The SOM flash mob.


No, you're so not! I cry EVERY. TIME.

Suzy Q

OMG, I thought it was only me! Waaaah!

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