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Plaid Horse Game Review: Wet

Wet_game Authored by super special guest contributor and honorary MamaPop Bestard, Plaid Horse

Ever want to play an action movie? Now you can. Despite the unfortunate name, Wet (short for Wetwork) is not a first person shooter of the Girls Gone Wild variety. Though Rubi, the game’s protagonist, is a girl-gone-wild with bloodlust, you’re not going to see flashes of barely legal unmentionables. Make no mistake, Wet does know what it is; imagine if Robert Rodriguez collaborated with Rockstar Games with the goal of redefining Laura Croft… well, Bethesda beat everyone to the punch.

A few things make Wet unique. It’s one of the most overtly stylized games I’ve ever played. Film quality hairlines and smudges overlaying the screen make the player feel like they’re immersed in a classic shoot’em up from the 70s with contemporary hardware. Cut scenes flash movie theater concession stand advertisements and reference, merely aesthetically, the self referential vibe Tarantino has made his signature. An original soundtrack gives the game an added flare and pushes it harder into the pedal to the metal category. There’s no stopping to breath. Just a quick chug of whiskey and reload.
Acrobatic attacking is key to keeping Wet a standout game. And it exploits those slowed down, highly detailed film techniques that have infiltrated action movie post-Matrix. I had some trouble navigating the controls and ended up sliding into planters and trashcans, but after a few attempts I got the hang of it. Focusing in on targets had me longing for the slow-motion, focused head-shots that made me giddy in Fallout 3, but that might slow down the action even more and in the end, you want Rubi flipping cartwheels while collapsing jugulars, double automatics smoking in each hand.
Don’t expect anything like Fallout 3 from Bethesda’s new title. I’m happy to see them switch gears, trying something new and nailing what they were going after, but this is a far different experience from their 2008 masterpiece. And yes, Fallout is something of a masterpiece.

This game gets a 7.3 from Plaid Horse, but only because ole Plaid Horse like his shooters more tactical and realistic. I was left a little dry, but anyone interested in a unique action game will be pleased. Go pick up a copy Wet and get… ummm… wild?


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I've been waiting for this game for a while now... glad to hear it delivers! In terms of the flow of action, how would you say it stacks up to Mirror's Edge? Just looking for a little perspective on the pacing...

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