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Team Jacob Asserts Its Right To Bare Arms

Team-jacob-poster Yeah. I just don't get Team Jacob at all.

I have nothing against Taylor Lautner, who I'm sure will make a fine Jacob in the upcoming New Moon movie, but really: the Jacob part of that whole story is ONE BIG SNORE. Like, seriously. PAGES AND PAGES OF SNORE.

So when Teen Vogue (which, no, not a reader, but still) insists that Taylor Lautner's performance will convert me to Team Jacob, I'm more or less inclined to roll my eyes.

That said, Teen Vogue does do its level best to make a compelling argument:


I mean, I can see the point that they're trying to make. And it's a worthy point for sure. Not enough to convert me - a buff Jacob is still a boring Jacob - but yeah, um: ARMS.


What was I saying?

Right. Team Jacob. WHATEVER.


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I agree. Jacob is BORING. I almost gave up on the Twilight series halfway through New Moon because it was such a snore. Team EDWARD!


Hmph. Big arms. I don't see any SPARKLE on those arms.




GO TEAM JACOB!!! *smoothes hair, goes back to work*


See, here's Jacob's problem. He doesn't smolder. He's like a puppy (no pun intended). He's cute and he's cuddly but he looks like he might slobber all over you. Whereas Edward....well, Edward looks like he wants to bite you. And therein lies the difference.



Jacob = fun and makes you laugh.
Edward = angsty and makes you cry.

That's all I have to say.

(To be fair, I feel they each got what they wanted by the end of the series, and in general I like werewolves more, so I'm not trying to pick fights with Team Edward. They're bitey! ;)

fawn amber

For anyone who has read the books and knows how it all shakes down, it's silly to choose teams...

All I can say is that Taylor Lautner? Makes me feel like a creepy old woman cuz, 17 or not?? DAMMIT BOY! slluuurrrrp.

Love Edward. Drool drool drool over Jacob.


I completely agree!



Why you do this to me?


Cripes, I'm such a dirty old lady.


Two words: Shark Boy.


He really rocks that short hair. Yow!

The long hair never looked right to me.


I'm still a Jacob girl. Even before the arms. But, dude... the arms.

Colleen - Mommy Always Wins

I'm with fawn amber.

Someone should help that poor boy out of his rags. (WTF is up with THAT phenomenon? YUK.)

But RAWR. Still RAWR.

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