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The Beatles and Disney - It's On!

Paul-mccartney-disney This has been a big week for the Beatles.  Their new game (see insanely cool commercial below) The Beatles: Rock Band is on the top of many a gift list and their entire UK catalog (plus Magical Mystery Tour and Past Masters) has been remastered and rereleased with a depth and a clarity that so many of us are missing in our lives right now.  Yes, once again we have found ourselves in times of trouble and the Beatles come to us.  Words of wisdom and all that.

They sound fucking awesome.

And since things of this nature always happen in threes, the Walt Disney Company has officially announced that it will be remaking the Beatles' Yellow Submarine animated movie.  In 3-D no less.

Hold on.  I should probably preface this by saying that aside from my family, following the Twitter stylings of one Jon Gosselin and drinking heavily, there are few things in this world (or the other) that I am more passionate about than the Beatles.  Except for Disney.  Yes, I love them both.  They are my chocolate and my peanut butter.  They pair nicely with a red zin or a good stout.

But Disney and the Beatles? Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling! Human sacrifices, dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!? Is this a good thing? Can we cross the streams?

My initial reaction was one of shock and awe.  Visions of the Wonder Pets danced in my head (no, they aren't Disney, but they sure are cute).

Would the Chief Blue Meanie be played by Pete (who, by the way, is a cat)?

Would Pepperland be populated by Tink and her ilk?

Disneyland does have yellow submarines.

That's about as far as I got with it.

The thing is, I'm okay with the project. Like they care. This isn't Travolta and Cruise remaking Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (please kill me the day they pull that off), it is the masters of animation retooling a vehicle, in this case a yellow submarine, to spread the music created by the masters of song.  It is masters working together.

Paul McCartney (pictured above) has gone on record stating that Yellow Submarine was inspired by Disney.  So there's that.

Some people point out that half of the Beatles are dead and therefore unable to voice their characters in the film.  Here's a little tidbit the kids call a "fact" - the Beatles' voices in the original film weren't done by them either. Sure, the music was theirs and they did a live-action cameo at the end, but the characters in the movie were PAID ACTORS! 

If this meeting of the masters had happened in the late 80s under the watchful wallet of Michael Eisner I may have cringed a bit lot.  Eisner was about living off the dream.  The current administration is about living it.  Dreamers of the dream and all that.  Apply this to other administrations as you see fit.

Consider, if you will, the current cast working at and/or for Disney: Bob Iger, John Lasseter, Steve Jobs, PIXAR, Marvel, Muppets (well, they have yet to capitalize on the brand, but they need to), Tim Burton, Jerry Bruckheimer, Johnny Depp, George Lucas, Guillermo Del Toro - not to mention close ties and various bits of inbreeding with Apple, Star Wars, Indiana Jones and the collective imagination of America's youth (the inbreeding part doesn't apply to the kids).

Most of those people and brands on that list are the best at what they do.  Why not bring in the Beatles?

Stitch-Elvis They've already covered Elvis.

All together now.

Here's that commercial I was talking about:


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Wow, its like you read my brain, took careful notes, and then summarized clearly, because I was not making sense, even to myself on this one. I am a HUGE Beatles fan (I won't get into a contest here, but if I did, I assure you, I would win it, and then in true Beatles form, say something terrible about it) and Disney, well, Disney will always have a place in our home. Like, on 3 shelves of DVDs and among a crapload of costumes in the dress up trunk.

And I heard about this Yellow Submarine project, and how they would be doing it in that creepy motion capture Polar Express style, and I kind of went, "oooooh" because it was like, too much (and motion capture soulless eyes SCARE me).

But I AM excited, and I think the project is in the right hands, and I really really want the Beatles to remain cool so my kids won't hate me forever for being named after them.


What I don't get about the motion capture films is why one person always does all the parts (see Tom Hanks and Jim Carrey). Of course, this could play out well for Ringo.

Mrs Chaos

This post reminds me that I am a big, huge geek. A Beatles, Disney geek. That is all.


We should start a club.

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