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The MamaPop Pop Culture Confessional: Clever Girls Edition


Welcome to the MamaPop Pop Culture Confessional, where we receive confession of any and all pop culture pleasures, guilty or otherwise!

Today, we take confession from Stefania, aka CityMama, and Cat, aka Bad Kitty, who are also authors of the humor blog 40 Whatever and founders of Clever Girls Collective. They are AWESOME.

Herewith, their not-so-guilty pop culture pleasures, in their own words:

Everyone has them. You try to keep them secret, but sooner or later it always comes out. For some people it's food, others an unmissable TV show, or a totally not green/p.c. need for "fresh spring scented" fabric softener.

Since we know we're in excellent company with the MamaPop crew, we're not shy about sharing our guilty pleasures. Heck, we're proud to say WE LOVE:

Reality TV and Unfiltered Celebrity Gossip.
Two great tastes that taste great together. Our idol, aka the Queen You Were Thinking It Before She Said It, Kathy Griffin is the best example of this. We've watched every episode of My Life on the D List, seen Miss Griffin do stand up in person multiple times, going all the way back to the mid-90s. Yes, back in the Suddenly Susan days, thank you very much. She told excellent Brooke Shields stories. We can't wait to read her book, Official Book Club Selection, and we'd be delighted to receive review copies. Want to talk about the whole package? Check out her "film" performance as Kate Gosselin. Just sayin' it's pretty friggin awesome. And say, who's that she's with?

Buy One Get One.
We cyber- and in-person-stalk Payless because we like pretty, shiny things (like Chinese-made, earth-raping pleather), and are BOGO whores.  Sure we love expensive (Prada) shoes, and we can convince ourselves that Louboutins are cheap when we do the cost/wear analysis. (They'll pay for themselves in a year! Get them! Red sole pretty!) But we are suckers for BOGO, especially now that Payless is carrying

designers like Christian Siriano, Lela Rose, and Abaeté. P.S. We so want the Christian Siriano slither booties and maybe the punky Abaeté ones as well. Getting shod for fall for around $50? Priceless!

"Bad Food" from the 70s. And 90s.
What? We live in Northern California, where everything (no, literally everything, even iPhones, we get special ones made for us, like kosher hotdogs) is organic and free-range and sweetened with agave nectar. Can you blame us for needing an occasional strawberry frosted Pop Tart or bowl of (peanut butter) Cap'n Crunch? And, you know everything's better with a splash of 7-Up. Back in the dot com 90's when everyone had piles of money, and going out and ordering five rounds of cosmos was no big thing, we still preferred to open a box of wine, add a splash of soda (and by soda we mean HFCS+carbonation), and a hefty squeeze of lime. We'd sit on the back deck all afternoon in boozy, sugary bliss. We've gotten older and know that we aren't supposed to drink our calories, so now soda means (gah) Club Soda, but don't you dare try to take away our box wine spritzers.  Not as long as there are five Target's within driving distance of our houses.

Some would call us "Fanilows." Some people go to concerts because they love the singer and the music moves them. Other people go to see if the singer's plastic surgery will even allow his lips to part. Some people go to concerts to commune with like-minded fans. And other people go to concerts to take picture of freaks with ankle-length, center-parted hair that hasn't been cut since "Mandy" was a top 10 hit. Hey, we grew up in the 70's and 80's. We love Barry Manilow. He is an icon of our time. But that sweet, shaggy-haired, white-grand-piano-playing boy on American Bandstand bears absolutely no resemblance to the Vicodin-riddled, psycho-eyed, Kate-Gosselin-coiffed Las Vegas performer of today.  We find that kind of...FASCINATING.  And that is why we will remain members of his fan club so we always get first dibs on the good seats when Barry comes to town.

It's not about singing well, it's about singing drunk. We absolutely cannot resist the siren song of tall vodka sodas, a binder full of Stevie Nicks and Toto songs, and sweet, sweet, reverbverbverbverbverb. We've rocked karaoke bars from New York to Honolulu and we prefer the private boxes so we can get up and do the dance moves too. (Bye! Bye! Bye!) Plus, it's a lot easier to sneak hip flasks full of tequila in when you have a private room.  (Pro tip: Vodka in a water bottle? Looks like water!) One of us might do a bad-ass rendition of Fergie's "London Bridge" that could become a signature song, but we're not saying who.

(Editor's Note: I have personally witnessed the awesome that is a CityMama Karaoke Throwdown performance and it is indeed wondrous to behold)

**Stefania Pomponi Butler (CityMama) and Cat Lincoln (Bad Kitty) alternately mock and delight in turning The Big 4-0 on their humor blog 40 Whatever and founded Clever Girls Collective along with their partner Sheila Bernus Dowd.**

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That Manilow picture burned a hole in my SOUL.


I have to sleep with a light on tonight because when I close my eyes all I will see is Barry's overlifted eyes glammering me like the vamps on True Blood.So,so scared....

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