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The VMAs: Win Vs. Fail, When Win = New Moon Trailer And Fail = Kanye

Kanye-taylor Whooooooooa buddy, were the VMAs out of control this year. By now everyone's heard about Kanye's douchebaggery, but trust me, that wasn't the only OMG moment, by far. There were a lot of missteps at the VMAs, as there are every year, but there also were some highlights, so let's go through the show and dissect the chaos, shall we?

WIN: The Michael Jackson Tribute. The dancing (from Thriller, Bad, Smooth Criminal and Scream) was impeccable, the costumes, which represented Jackson throughout his career, were inspired, and Janet was FIERCE. No really, she looked like she wanted to cut someone. It was a great tribute, unlike...

FAIL: Madonna's "Tribute" To Michael Jackson. Madge managed to make her "tribute" aaaaaaaaall about her, and how she and MJ were like ships in the night, they had a connection but now it's too late, and blah. It smacked of insincerity and seriously, dude, it's not all about you.

WIN: Eminem and Tracy Morgan. It's good to see Eminem back on MTV (he won for best hip hop video as well) but he has a knack for comedy, and playing the straight man to Morgan's bizzarro persona in the clips between awards was really fun.

FAIL. Russell Brand. It pains me to say this, because his standup is really funny, but having Brand back as host...well those were SOME Bad Idea Jeans he was wearing. His accent is too thick, the jokes were too lewd (again) and he just doesn't work the crowd properly. I know MTV wanted a repeat of last year's Jordin Sparks debacle, but Brand's bits just fell flat. Please don't have him host again.

WIN: Pink's Acrobatics: Holy crap, Pink was on FIRE. Her performance of "Sober" while doing aerial acrobatics made me care not a whit that she was (probably) lip synching. Her Cirque du Pink show was fantastic, and fit the song, concept-wise. Unlike...

FAIL: Lady GaGa's "Carrie" Moment. I love how insane Lady GaGa is. And during her performance, I kept waiting for The Crazy. Sure everyone was wrapped in white lace and had surgical masks made out of thongs, but where was the CRAZY? Well, it came at the end when she suddenly was covered in blood and hoisted above the stage. It didn't make a lick of sense, and I think it was waaaay too much for the audience.

WIN: Beyonce, Beyonce, Beyonce. Everything she touched turned to gold. Her dress was gorgeous. Her performance was FEROSH. Her grace and dignity in the face of the Kanye debacle was admirable. And giving Taylor Swift her moment in the sun when Beyonce won for best video was a class act from beginning to end. I always knew Beyonce was fierce as hell, but damn, she is a classy lady. Well done, madam. Your hubby Jay-Z was pretty amazing in his performance too.

FAIL: Kanye. Kanye, we here at MamaPop already knew you were a douche, but the extent of your assholishness floored not only us, but the entire audience. What you did was NOT about Beyonce. It was about you stealing the spotlight YET AGAIN and making it all about Kanye. It was rude, obnoxious, and totally without class. Oh, and it's already out to the press that when Pink walked by you and sneered after your little stunt, you sicced your bodyguards on her. Yeah, you're a tough guy, you douche.

AAAAAAND in case you were wondering if I forgot...

WIN: The "New Moon" trailer. Here it is. You're welcome.

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I hate that I have to wait until Thursday to see the VMA's...such entertainment! Dying to see the GaGa..

And Carlisle Cullen will never be the same to me after a season of "Nurse Jackie.."

She Likes Purple

Great recap. Totally.

The New Moon trailer made even my HUSBAND, who could care less about vampires, Edward or crazy Kristen Stewart want to see the movie. THAT is a good trailer.

I've always secretly loved Kanye, maybe even slightly more because he's such a true ass, but he went too far. I'm a fan of Taylor Swift. She's talented, she writes her own stuff, she's humble and classy, and not that she has to be or is obligated to be, but she's a good role model for the many girls who look up to her. When you start being an ass to people like that, you cross a line. Also, I was always a bit ho-hum on Beyonce. Yes, she's awesome and beautiful and talented, but ... just didn't REALLY do it for me one way or the other in the past. Last night she converted me, though. My god, she's a classy, awesome lady.

Loved the last performance of the night, too. Alicia Keys is one of the few singers who can give me goosebumps consistently.


I really liked your recap and love that you referred to KW as a douche not once but TWICE in one paragraph bc he so totally is but i respectfully disagree with the Madonna thing. I thought it was pretty huge to see someone like her who normally has to steal the show to share a very personal memory that she had of MJ. I mean she was visibly crying - well at the very least she ended up with a mascara smudge under her eye half way through her speech. I think the whole MJ thing has been completely out of control since his death and I really liked what she had to say, even admitting that they were never close but that the person she met seemed to just want a friend. I know I got choked up and I try to avoid all talk on that subject.

As for the dancing tribute and Janet, did they merge her and Michael's voice during the live Scream performance? Bc at first she sounded totes BIZ-AR.

AND how awkward was the opening sequence of Katy Perry & Joe Perry (do you think they put them together for that reason alone?) doing We Are The Champions while Russell Brand haphazardly made his way down to the stage. Did they not rehearse that thing at all? UGH!

Katie Kat

A friend of mine had an interesting slant on this... what if the publicity reps for these three got together and put this whole thing together (with the artists fully involved)? Kanye looks even more crazy, Beyonce looks motherly and humble and Taylor looks even more innocent -- also, EVERYONE makes more $$$$$. Not sure I agree, but hey, it is called show BUSINESS!

Suzy Q

I don't think so. Taylor just looked too stunned.


If Pink was lip-synching, I'll eat my hat. She's done that routine on tour for over 100 shows in Europe and Australia, and she's famous for not ever lip-synching. If anyone's got the voice to pull it off, it's her.

Some great and crazy stuff on Sunday, for sure.


You forgot...

WIN: Green Day...cause they create brilliant music and make their performances all about fan intimacy. AND Billie Joe is one tasty bite-sized treat that only gets better looking with age.


The reason why Kanye stole the mike from Taylor was to symbolize her initiation into the music industry. When Beyonce gave her the mic, it was symbolizing her acceptance. Lada Gaga on the other hand was a symbol of a sacrifice where she was giving up herself to the music industry. The entire thing was planned and I don't feel bad for Taylor because she was expecting it and she knew it would cause her to be more popular.

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