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Uma Thurman is having a Royale with Cheese

The_bride_kill_bill_uma The Bride is having a royal wedding.


I love Uma Thurman. Always have, always will. She is an excellent actor and a stunning woman. Hell, she was married to Gary Oldman which to me is wonderfully insane, then to Ethan Hawke, who apparently likes nannies and that makes no sense at all when you are married to Uma Thurman, so I'm glad he's gone.

She has always remained graceful in the press and appears to be a fine parent of two children. Now Uma is engaged to multi-millionaire Arpad Busson and I'm very happy for her. Rich is good.

Marrying a multi-millionaire sounds super extravagant so why not make it almost a royal wedding? Apparently that is just what Uma has done.

Uma's is going to get married in Kensington Palace -- as in Princess Diana's home. She'd be the first celebrity to ever to do that.

Okay, the palace reservation isn't exactly 100% confirmed but some British gossip site was told on the hush-hush that Thurman and Busson have not only booked the palace's Orangery, they have booked out the entire palace for some date in June 2010. I'd be more impressed if I knew what Orangery actually is, but I'm sure it's a swell room.

So Uma's getting married in a living royal family's castle just like a princess. My three year old daughter who happens to be my resident princessologist confirmed that anyone who marries in a castle is a princess. Factor the palace in with Uma's eight-carat diamond engagement ring, which looks in photos to be the same size as my head, and I can pretty much safely declare that in storybook land, Uma Thurman is a going to be princess.

In my books it's not as cool as a vigilante bride but nicely done.


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Suzy Q

How lucky you are to have a resident princessologist! She would come in so handy on those days when I'm indecisive about whether to wear my tiara or not.

Re this story: I am surprised that Kensington Palace is for rent for any reason. But I guess everyone is out to make a buck these days.


When in doubt, remember that tiaras pretty much go with anything -- even sneakers and especially yoga pants.

And I agree, everyone seems to have a price these days.


I LOVE me some Uma. And Ethan Hawke is a tool.


Word up. Hawke is a total tool for doing what he did. Uma is definitely one of my girl crushes.

Snarky Amber

Isn't is supposed to be tacky to have a lavish second (or third) wedding? Then again, if I were marrying a billionaire for husband #2, I'd tell him to fit that 8-carat ring for my middle finger instead so, in my diamond tiara-ed and Armani gown-ed splendor, I can stick it out at the nay-sayers and say, "fuck your social conventions. I'm rich, bitches!"

Snarky Amber

Seriously, who cheats on Uma Thurman? Like, I kinda get Brad Pitt cheating on Jen with Angelina, even if it makes him a dog. But Uma Thurman is barely even an earthling she's so amazing. WTF, Ethan?


I yell out "fuck your social conventions. I'm rich, bitches!" at random locations and I'm not even rich. Uma (as you deliciously already pointed out) is barely of this mortal coil so I say SCREW CONVENTION BABY!


LOVE HER,and fuck all the naysayers.Hell,if I looked like Princess Uma I would go around with my big ass 8 carat ring shining its pretty,sparkly light on those less AWESOME.. Plus,married to one Gary oldman,big ass props to her.Ethan Hawke is a dirty looking git,just meh...She is just so fantastic,I bow to her


I love her....

I had a lavish second wedding...the first marriage was a quickie mistake...this one is the one that will last my lifetime. I hope this one does for her as well..

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