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Friday Combo Platter: "Rape-Rape" Edition

Friday_combo_platterIt's Friday! That means it's time for the delicious smoked meats and cheeses that are the email threads of the MamaPop writers and the fantastic comments that you, our dear readers, leave for us like so many presents under the Festivus pole. Or like so many rabbit turds, depending on your motivation.

This week's email thread is actually a little old because the best thread that was actually from this week just so happens to be about an upcoming Roundtable topic and I don't want to spoil that for you. So to beat on a dead horse, here is a somewhat serious discussion followed by some tasteless cracks about Roman Polanski.

The first few emails were some back and forth about who was going to write about this story and it's not that interesting, so we'll pick up where we begin to bring the lulz:

SnarkyAmber: I had been planning on writing something about it for tomorrow, tying in the discussion from The View today that seemed a hair too apologetic for Polanski's actions. Not exactly full of lulz, but I have this weird beef with rape apologists so, uh, maybe I shouldn't take that story come to think of it. I might EXPLODE ALL OVER THE INTERNET.

Sweetney: It might be interesting to talk about the case relative to last week's revelation too... but yeah, I mean, EXPLODING BAD.

SnarkyAmber: I think maybe someone who doesn't fall into a blind rage when people defend rapists might want to take it, come to think. I'll write about puppies or something.

Then there was some more back and forth about who was going to write stuff and really aren't you surprised that we ever get anything done around here?

Her Bad Mother: more clusterfuckage on the Polanski story, which is to say, more fodder for commentary along the lines Amber was proposing: (link to Debra Winger joining the "it wasn't rape-rape" crowd). Debra Winger, apparently, regards rape in the same way that Whoopi Goldberg does: just one-a those things talented people do, whoops!

Palinode: Maybe he just lost his balance. It was a hot tub after all. And she was saying no the whole time. Yeah, he probably just lost his balance for a while. And then when he tried to stand up again? Why, he lost his balance when she was turned around. What a clumsy scamp he is, just losing his balance vaginally and anally with a 13 year old girl who wanted a ride home. la la la.

SnarkyAmber: Head. Exploding. Let's just let geniuses do what they want, you know? Hey, Phil Spector? It's totally cool you shot that dude because your Wall of Sound made All Things Must Pass possible. And you know, it doesn't even matter if MJ molested some kids because he wrote Thriller. FREE PASS, GENIUSES. I have a 152 IQ. Does that mean I can go rob a bank and get off scott free? Because um... BRB./rant

Jodifur: I'm leaving synagogue,  but this was also the lead story on above the law, the legal blog I read. They had some good points on where it stands legally if whomever if writing this wants to cover that side also.

Palinode: By the by: these MamaPop conversations today? They are saving my sanity.  Thank you all for the talk.

BHJ: I don't think they should get free passes, but I hate it when people judge their work based on their actions. My plumber might be a serial killer but that fucker can still fix a toilet with the best of them.

SnarkyAmber: I loved The Pianist. I watched it even though it was directed by a racist. Rosemary's Baby is one of the best horror films of all time. I love his work, but I still want the man in jail. And I would give up both of those movies to see justice served. AMBER OUT. *drops mic*

Palinode: Agreed. I think Amber is saying something different here, though - namely, that great art doesn't excuse crimes. But great art is still great art. I'm not sure what I'd think if Roman Polanksi directed Pretty Baby, though.

SnarkyAmber: Er. RAPIST. I dunno, he might be a racist, too. :)

Palinode: I never noticed how close the words rapist and racist were. That is some serious Saussurian fun there.

SnarkyAmber: Aidan, the fact that you can reference the VMAs and semiotics in the span of an hour convinces me you're the perfect man.

Palinode: I'm a lapsed academic.

Sweetney: I think people have a hard time with this notion generally -- it goes back to (sorry), my Kanye post, which most people didn't really seem to get entirely. And them not getting it frankly pissed me off, because reductive thinking bugs the crap out of me. Like, it was impossible to hold two thoughts in their mind at one time: That i wasn't excusing or condoning, that I agreed he acted like an ass and deserved the backlash he was rightly getting.... and yet simultaneously could separate out his art from that and have my opinion of it unchanged. I think it's difficult territory to navigate. The "you are wrong and deserve punishment, yet i love your art!" territory. Plus, most people suck. THANK GOD FOR MAMAPOP.

BHJ: Would race influence his rape choices? Interesting.

Palinode: Roman Polanski, the racist rapist? The racist racist Papist?

Palinode: I mean, racist rapist Papist.

Miss Banshee: here's the scoop from the victim. http://ac360.blogs.cnn.com/2009/09/28/judge-the-movie-not-the-man/

BHJ: Have you ever split therapist into the rapist? How about nowhere into now here? Good times.


Palinode: Dude, you should see what happens you split up psychotherapist.  It's like you're living in a full-on Peter Gabriel video.

Sweetney: [cry-laughing]

kdiddy: Okay, Lindsay, are you forgetting that I was a professional twice over - an analyst and a therapist. The world's first analrapist.

Since I'm writing this post and I get to do these kind of omniscient narrator things, I feel it is noteworthy that after I quoted Arrested Development the thread immediately DIED. I mean, I know that I'm like 5 years late to the Arrested Development party but WTF, dudes?

Our comment of the week comes from Washington "Pronto" Cube who provided me with this gem as part of a larger comment on Monday's Mad Men Open Thread:

Conrad Hilton is being portrayed so John Waters skeezy I'm surprised he didn't use a pass key to come into the bedroom during l'amore with a dwarf, two mimes and Anna Magnani(Fellinisque.)


Also, SnarkyAmber nominated every single comment on her Flashback Friday - S**t I Wasn't Allowed to Have Edition for their well-rounded awesomeness.

Remember to comment with all of your nuggets of win or fail. You, too, could be featured and/or chuckled at in this space!

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Snarky Amber

The fact is that our comment threads are at least 75% trying to make each other laugh the hardest, and the analrapist thing is pretty much the highest order of lulz you can get.

Snarky Amber

er, not comments, emails. One of those.


Love these combo-platter posts. It's like behind the scenes shit or movies with commentary. Either way, full of win.


When my partner's grandmother was in the hospital and unable to speak, she wrote a note to my brother-in-law along the lines of "the rapist just left." He was just about to hunt somebody down when another person there realized it was an unfortunate line break.

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