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Friday Combo Platter: Leprechaun Vampire Edition

Friday_combo_platter The Combo Platter is a little light this week, in my opinion. Folks have been busy and/or boxing in the first round with the kangaroo that is seasonal affective disorder. Not that I would know anything about that. Ahem. But we still have some lulz to share.

Subject: anyone looking for more vampires?

Her Bad Mother: [email about images/information about upcoming vampire thriller Daybreakers, starring Ethan Hawke and Willem Dafoe.]

SnarkyAmber: AMG WILL IT NEVER END? I would rather see a new Leprechaun movie than another fucking vampire movie.

Palinode: With our luck, it would be leprechaun vampire movie.

CIII: Leprechaun vampire.  Now you're talkin'.

Miss Banshee: Whatever happened to the "fast zombie" craze? Fast zombies are awesome and not as whiny as vampires. There's only so emo you can get with "GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH"


BHJ: If not leprechauns, at least dwarves. I'd pay $10.50 for blood sucking dwarves.

Palinode: And their ancient battle with werewolf dwarves.

BHJ: And hobbits. Lighthearted hobbits for a dose of wacky comedy.

Miss Banshee: *tears hair out* Fuck the werewolf dwarves and lighthearted hobbits! WHAT ABOUT ANKLEBITING ZOMBIES???

Sweetney: Ahh, yes. I believe it all began back at The Battle of Thermopylae, circa 480 BC. It was the Spartans, Thespians, Thebans, Vampire-Leprechauns and Werewolf Dwarves, all fighting to the death. Or undeath. Whatever, it was deathy.

Her Bad Mother: Tracey wins. Thucydides is spinning in his grave, but still. She wins.

BHJ: I can't imagine malice toward hobbits. I'm done with this thread. This is bullshit.

Palinode: "Our arrows will blacken the sky!" "Sure and begorrah, then, we'll be fighting in the shade".

Miss Banshee: You know who's a vampire-leprechaun? RYAN SEACREST. He works all the time and he's wee as a button. No way he sleeps. He just WAITS over his pot of gold pretending he likes girls. I'VE FIGURED IT OUT!!!!

Are you listening, Hollywood? We've got your summer 2010 blockbuster season all worked out. Make our royalty checks out to "The MamaPop Betches and Besterds."


Our comment of the week comes from our very own TwoBusy, who was so tickled by the video from my post about The Worst Witch, said he:

"I'm not quite sure what the best thing about that video is. The hooded, "I'm channeling Lou Reed from the early 70s" look in Tim Curry's eyes? The way his voice absolutely drips with sarcasm during his dialogue? The bat bow tie? Or the really sophisticated use of post-disco synth that underlies virtually every moment of the clip? In the end, I guess it doesn't really matter. Spectacular all the way around."
And because I think it bears repeating:


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Do note, my "DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY IDEAS" was referencing the leprechaun vampire movie idea, NOT fast zombies. LOVE fast zombies! MOAR PLEASE!


*sobbing imagining zombie Ryan Seacrest*


Even better, Leprechaun Vampires...IN SPACE!


If that version of the Battle of Thermopylae were in Thucydides, I might have been a lot more interested in my Greek History courses!


Hows about zombie leprechauns chasing the vampires of Twilight because they think that the way they sparkle is stolen gold from the pots at the end of the rainbows??I think that the zombie leprechauns should be done in at the end by rabid unicorns!!!!Sorry kids,too many cold meds consumed today...


Banshee...I really think you're onto something about Seacrest. That's the MOST plausible explanation I've ever heard to justify that "man's" existance.

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