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Friday Combo Platter: It Takes a Willage Edition

Friday_combo_platter It's time once again for the Friday Combo Platter, the weekly feature in which we highlight our favorite LOL-or-WTF-worthy comments and our favorite email thread from the past seven days.

This week's best email thread was actually born out of what was originally our comment of the week. But the ensuing snark was too funny and another comment came along to take its place. So, let's get to it, shall we?

SnarkyAmber: I apparently should be arrested, though I'm not sure what my crime is (other than being sexy, obvs).

The comment in question:

Writer of this post (Amber) should be arrested What a load of rubbish ,suddenly everyone seems to know everything there is to know about law eh,lets light a big fire in the centre of the willage and burn him there,welcome back to dark ages.

Sweetney: Uhh, no, i don't think i know everything about the law. But a man drugging and raping a 13 year old girl *KINDA* seems like it might be illegal or something.

I hate everyone, the end.

Motherbumper: I don't want to live in this commenter's willage. They probably tar and weather in addition to burning at the wake.

BHJ: There's a law against rape?

Jodi: There are no words to justify that comment.

Kdiddy (being meta): Why, I think we have our Friday Combo Platter comment of the week!

SnarkyAmber: YAY! Let's all go tell the willage town-crier.

CIII: Now see there.  That's the kind of mofo I'd like to get in a broom closet with a roll of Duct Tape, a phone book, and a length of rubber hose.  You know, for arts and crafts.

Also, willage.  Willage.  Willage.  I just can't quit typing it.


Her Bad Mother: You know, it takes a willage. To ignore the waw and wynch a wapist.

CIII: Is it just me, or could we do a whole Life of Brian thing with this? 

Kdiddy: A wed wose! How womantic.

CIII: Oh...it's twoo, it's twoo!!

SnarkyAmber: Princess Bride comes to mind. 

Mawwiage. Mawwiage...is what bwings us togewuh...today

Kdiddy: I can already see the angry response from the commenter for being featured in the Combo Platter:


Palinode: All our best commenters live in Shity Gettho Estates. Yes, in lovely Shitytown Willage, where cheep losers are arrested for writing rubbish.

Goon Squad Sarah: Don't forget the broke bitches!

Palinode: Cheep broke-ass bitches! Your willage is FAIL.

Sweetney: I love you people so much I marry you.

Goon Squad Sarah: Me too. Let's all have a big love style married cult.

Her Bad Mother: And Stephen Baldwin can officiate. I am SO THERE.

Miss Banshee: Corey Feldman could also officiate, which would delight me, for one.

Goon Squad Sarah: I was thinking Al Sharpton, but yours are good too.

Jodi: Tori Spelling was ordained also.

The thread kind of fizzled after that. I guess we all saw something shiny. Anyway, the comment of the week comes from dear reader Rebecca, who commented thusly:

The Voltaggio Brothers. Sigh. I want them to make me a sandwich. Then I want them to make ME a sandwich.

SnarkyAmber: I say that all the time. Ask Danielle. How many times have I said I want to be the meat in a Voltaggio sandwich? However, I actually think they're kinda too fratty for me.

Palinode: I say that all the time too!  Except I use different words that mean completely different things.

Sweetney: mmmm....sammich.

Goon Squad Sarah: At first I read that as "too farty for me".

I am still laughing.

The people on the train are looking at me.

That does it for this week. Remember to keep commenting, especially if you are adept at making the people around you laugh or roll their eyes and/or call the police. We dig it and we want to feature you in all of your glory.

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Seriously! That was awesome folks. Take a big bow.

Also Rebecca's comment definitely spoke my truth. Plus it made me laugh so hard I almost cried. I kept looking for her Twitter account afterwards but it appears not to exist. Sadness.


Can I also nominate from your "Character Hateration Edition"- the quote "he makes my labia cringe" by mommymelee is another one that just continues to make me just die.

Just Shireen


Diet coke all over my keyboard.

I want to figure out a way to work this into my everyday conversations.


OMG This is the funniest thing I have read today. I am hoping the williage writer comments or emails with more entertaining nonsense. Fingers crossed!

Fawn Amber

Mawwaige!!!LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO....full of The Awesome.


I just love the fact people take time out of their busy(?) days to write and bitch about something.It take a willage,thats for sure.I guess you should just go back to your getto azz keyboard and visit ole spelling willage again.Just wow


When will I ever learn? My daughter is asleep. Truly, a miracle that she is actually napping! Yet I can't leave well enough alone. Nooooooo! Heaven forbid, I just let it be. Instead, I have to go and read this hilarity, and now I'm just praying to the willage gods that my hysteria doesn't wake her up!



Wow, what an honour! I want to thank God, obviously, and also the MamaPop writers who inspire me everyday to make inappropriate comments about people I see on teh magick bawx.

Heh Heh...The Barefoot Contessa just said "Partner in Cream".


Weally?! I'm still laughing at "too farty" myself.

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