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Gourmet Folds But Curiously Miniature Donkey Talk Magazine Survives

Gourmet magazine announced earlier this week that it would cease publication after nearly 70 years in print. I wasn't a regular reader of the magazine since I could never understand why fifteen steps were required to make a scrambled egg, but I would pick it up occasionally if I wanted to get more adventurous and cook up something that required exotic ingredients and fancy gadgets. I think I remember a recipe that called for the use of a food mill, a nutmeg grater, a stapler and a pound of butterflies and it was delicious.

Not surprisingly, Gourmet's publisher Condé Nast blamed the magazine's demise on the tough economic climate. But how to explain the survival of some other more obscure publications that seem to be weathering our economic downturn? Yes, rest easy - you'll still be receiving your issues of Miniature Donkey Talk in the mail and your Girls and Corpses magazine subscription won't be running out anytime soon either.

Here's a rundown of some choice titles that have managed to outlive Gourmet at the newsstand:


Miniature Donkey Talk

I guess fearing some sort of backlash from big donkeys against the exclusionary tone of their magazine, the subtitle on their website reads, "A magazine dedicated to ALL SIZED donkeys!" But be warned, the magazine says "If you don't subscribe to Miniature Donkey Talk (MDT), then you're not serious about donkeys!"

A-bears-life A Bear's Life - Celebrating the Masculine Community

According to their website, bears are "big, hairy, friendly and affectionate guys," who form a "sub-culture of the gay community." Who knew? Although with no disclaimer as you'll find on the Miniature Donkey Talk website, I imagine small, hairless and emotionally distant guys will soon be demanding a few editorial pages dedicated solely to them.

Chihuahua Connection

This magazine answers the age-old question, "What should my Chihuahua wear to a formal?" These teeny dogs are everywhere, and I blame the glut of celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Britney Spears who have turned the little critters into fashion accessories. I also blame that movie, 'Beverly Hills Chihuahua.' Oh no wait - that movie was to blame for me wanting to poke my eyes out.


Crappie World

Okay, crappie is a type of fish - I get it. But couldn't they have come up with a better title? Fish Connection has a nice ring to it.

Chili Pepper

Perhaps if Gourmet had just concentrated on one ingredient instead of trying to cover all foods they'd still be around today. Which brings me to a plug for my new magazine: Salami Weekly

Girls and Corpses

Calling themselves 'Maxim Magazine meets Dawn of the Dead,' Girls and Corpses is your go-to source for the latest in corpses and the women-who-look-like-hookers-but-probably-aren't who love them. Check out their "Virgin Mummies" feature alongside legitimate interviews with people like director Rob Zombie, although the byline reads 'Deaditor-In-Chief.' I'm betting that the puns are what will ultimately do this publication in.

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that is so wackadoodle. you would think gourmet would have a wider audience. i guess not!

i do think the picture of the miniature donkey is adorable. like martha stewart living for donkeys. i kinda want one now.


this made my day. not kidding.


You'll be happy to know that I have actually seen a copy of Girls and Corpses, as my local bookstore carries it. I'm kinda surprised they don't carry A Bear's Life, actually.

ms martyr

I have wanted a miniature donkey for years, which is one reason my husband refuses to move to the country. Anyway, I looked at your link and Mini Donkey is an on-line magazine which may account for its survival. I have subscribed to Gourmet in the past but with my current ability to research any desired recipe with a few keystrokes, why would I pay money for a subscription? Much like newspapers, I fear magazines may go the way of the dinosaurs.

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