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I Nominate Lady Gaga As Sparkle Princess of Unicorn Land

Lady-gaga A thought occurred to me as I was watching Lady Gaga perform on SNL this weekend, bedecked in a functioning gyroscope and no pants. This chick is awesome. I want her to be my tiny friend, and I will carry her around in a Bedazzled baby carriage as she throws glitter and fake blood on passers-by. Our love is deep and true, Gaga and me. She will be Sparkle Princess of Unicorn Land, and we will all be her minions, mark my words. 

But there's more to Lady Gaga than just the bizarro outfits and on-stage shenanigans. Girl can sing, and she proved that this past weekend on SNL.

It's a damn shame that the phrase "she can actually sing" has become a compliment when it comes to young female chanteuses, but now that Auto-Tune rules the airwaves, actually singing has become an afterthought, or, in the case of some "artists," not required at all. But Lady Gaga not only can sing and play the piano, she also puts on a hell of a stage show. ALL AT THE SAME TIME. In her underwear! I know, I couldn't believe it either. 

The triumvirate of singing, playing an instrument and performing a stage show is virtually unheard of these days. You might get one, maaaaaaaaybe two. But I was shocked to find out that Gaga does all three, putting her firmly in the minority of Actually Talented. Her music might not be your thang, but you've got to give her credit. She's hella creative. And she never wears pants.

On SNL, which, despite Ryan Reynolds and his Amazing Biceps, was awful, and at parts made me embarrassed as a fellow human being, Gaga and Madonna (yep, the real one) made a surprise appearance together and awkwardly staggered through some mumbled dialogue during the reoccurring sketch "Deephouse Dish." It was really just an excuse for Madonna and Lady Gaga to kiss on national television, whilst, of course, continuing to not wear pants. It was a terrible sketch, but it was cool to see the old-school and the new-school performers together. 

But it was the second performance of the night that solidified my love for Crazy Princess Gaga. In the aforementioned gyroscope, Gaga went through a medley of some of her songs, including "Poker Face," whilst playing the piano. IN A GYROSCOPE. She even gave the camera a little wave when she was trying to sit down at the piano (it took a while.) And through it all, she sounded good! Not great, but far better than I think people give her credit for. Check it out:

Never change, Gaga. You just go on being as totally batshit insane as you want to be. I'll be in the front row at your coronation as Princess Sparkle. 

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Fawn Amber

Saw it. LOVED it. I was diggin' her music before but that cemented my actual fandom. I thought she rocked. Sister CAN SING!! And Ryan Reynolds can recite the phone book as long as he does it sans shirt. Dayum.


First....Ryan Reynolds....dayuhm!!! Keeps getting hotter. Like in the revamp of American Psycho....crazy but yummy.
Lady Gaga is totally amazing and is totally one of my guilty pleasures. She is a complete performance artist and yes, much like Miz Aguliera bitch can sang. Love the whole album just wish that she would do other songs other than "Paparazzi." Its my favorite song, and all the shows she's on seem to know it, and are slowly killing it for me. But rock on Sparkle Princess.


I have been saying this for months now to my husband who mocks and scorns me in derision. But you, I love. I will be Gaga's minion anyday


I like the jazz hands in her SNL Paparazzi. Her best performance is on You Tube. She sang Paparazzi in (I think) a radio station while she played the piano. She sounds amazing. Please to enjoy:





Agreed! I wish everyone would stop baggin' on Gaga. She's a genius! And bitch can sing circles around anyone.


thanks for giving props where it is deserved.

Suzy Q

I was shocked at how good she was. Plus, girl can wear the hell out of red vinyl, high-waisted...panties?

She rocked!

Abigail Road

Totally loved that performance. I officially like her, and am wowed by her talent.


I have loved her since I first heard her last spring but may I remind you who played her love interest in the "Paparazzi" video....The oh so hot Alexander Skarsgard!!!That my friends is reason enough we should worship her


sorry ,I meant boyfriend


could not agree MORE. I was stunned. Here I had been thinking of her as one of those flash-in-the-pan hacks who made dance music but couldn't sing without a synthesizer and computer reverb, but NO. She can sing! It was VERY Alicia Keys, I thought. And the gyroscope, so cool, especially because she showed that she didn;t take it too seriously. It was a very intimate performance, unlike most SNL music bits where they just do their regular thing and it doesn;t translate well for such an intimate space. She was awesome. It was what every SNL musical guest should strive for. Something a little different than the norm.

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