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Jon Gosselin Attacks TLC on Larry King, Then Clears Out Kate's Bank Account

Jon kate gosselin

Jon Gosselin appeared on Larry King with his attorney and a geyser pretty much erupted from his mouth. (Video after the jump.)

Not only did a cocky Jon divulge how much money he and Kate were being paid for the show ($22,500 per episode), he also allowed his attorney to characterize TLC as an opportunistic "monster", and was clear that he's willing to do whatever it takes to ensure Kate Plus 8 never happens.

In other words, it was one big finger at TLC. And since TLC made $187,000,000 last quarter, I predict they're not going to let their #1 show go down without a fight.

While Jon tries to claim that his only concern is the welfare of his children, he speaks in a dispassionate monotone throughout the interview unless the topic of TLC comes up, claiming that they put him "on house arrest" and then whining about the motorcycle they never gave him.  No, for reals.

According to TLC, Jon only quit the show after they changed the title to Kate Plus 8.  They also stated that Jon never requested that the show stop and that Jon's requests "related solely to his demands for money and the network releasing him from the exclusivity obligations and for TLC to provide him with a motorcycle".

Jon wants you to believe that he was taken advantage of by the greedy corporate giant.

I wonder which part was the worst for him? 

Was it the "family atmosphere" in his home with the TLC crew who his kids "love to play with"?  (His words, not mine.)

Making $1,000,000 last year to take out the trash in his Ed Hardy jeans? (And I don't mean Hailey Glassman, although OH SNAP.)

Or the fact that he didn't have his "epiphany" that the show was harmful to his kids until he was no longer getting a paycheck from it?

Mere hours after the Larry King interview Jon cleaned out the joint bank account he shares with Kate, leaving her $1,000.

It seems pretty clear that this isn't about the kids.

I predict Jon has a plan.  A plan for his own show.  On another network.  With the kids.  I think this is all an elaborate scheme to free his kids from the TLC contract.  But, that's just me.

Also, anyone else think Jon's attorney probably frequently uses the phrase "cement galoshes"?


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jen from boston

just when I thought he couldn't get any more disgusting. Clearning out the account - nice.


Why ON EARTH does she still have a joint bank account with him?
While I think Jon's assholishness knows no bounds, Kate should know better. Jeebus.
Maybe I'm naive, but part of me is just shocked by how much of a jerk Jon is. Really. I'm ready for them to be out of the news too.


All for the kids hmm? Yeah, right. I'd bet before the week is up, she has him only seeing them in supervised visits. Jerk.


I don't even know where to start with him. He's truly despicable. And I've read that he does have plans to do another reality show with Michael Lohan and Kevin Federline (and I'm sure the earth will open up and swallow us whole as soon as the pilot premieres). I just can't even find the words for someone who would act like this without the slightest thought for the wellbeing of their children.


They had to keep the joint account per the separation agreement. At one point, Kate moved half of it to another account but had to put it back.


And who's suffering the most through all of this? The kids. Those beautiful, innocent children who never asked for any of it. Jon is a piece of work....


you know what? I hate Jon, but I do think TLC is in violation of child labor laws.


This man's dicketry knows no bounds. He should be ashamed of himself.

Fawn Amber

Jon Gosselin. Redefining douchebag on a daily basis. Can we come up with a new word for him?

Chris Brown

She's the blame for not taking him off the accounts, but also whats more than wrong is that he took the money out of the account knowing she has to pay for bills and also take care of the house, he must have been drunk when he did that because his ass is more of a stupid ass than ever before and now there is no way he's gonna win anything after doing this ...

Redneck Mommy

How can you have eight children with a woman and not speak to her in three and a half weeks?

How is that good parenting? Doesn't he need to know what is happening on a daily basis with his children or am I out to lunch here?

Sheesh. I'm tired of Gosselin drama.


I read in another article that the court ordered that neither of them touch the joint account, and that he's looking at being in contempt of court. I hope they throw the fucking book at him. He takes away the show, which is how she makes money then cleans out the account...how is she supposed to care for her kids? I have lots of things to say to describe him but none of them are in good taste, so I'll refrain.


I hope he trips face first into a window. Also, did anyone else see the actual signage? It's a beauty...

I hope I don't get a penelty for re-posting that.


He spelled his name wrong too. ;)


What a douche canoe!

Those poor children. And to think, if Jon had just kept his pants on and his mouth shut through all of this everyone would still be thinking he was right to leave her and her nagging/bitchy ways.

Oh, and my prediction? Once they seperate, he'll spend all his money, be broke and then try to reconcile.


A reality show with Federline and Lohan? Awesome (NOT!). What's it going to be called? The Douchiest Dads' Club?

Abigail Road

Isn't he working on his own reality show with Micheal Lohan?"Divorced Dad's", I believe it is going to be called.


I have always admired Kate for being such a strong woman. I know that she was a nag & she bossed him around but now we all know why! She knew that if she didn't TELL him to do something, he wouldn't do it. She's right, he probably is listening to some bad advice right now. He doesn't have the spine to do any of this on his own.


Ah HA! I knew it! So there IS a new reality show in the works! What am I, a wizard?

Or maybe I read it and it's in my subconscious?

...Hmm. Who knows anymore. My brain is one big tabloid churn.

jen from boston



This asschoad needs to be beaten with a bag full of hammers then kicked down the side of a hill.I now can see why Kate had to nag his lazy ass all the time.He reminds me of people who get buzzed all day on weed(not that there is anything wrong with that,just sayin)just sitting around doing nothing,waiting for something to happen.He is gone too far this time.ASSHAT!!


are u kidding me, child labor?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? the kids just play and live their life and the camera ppl just follow them. plus their 5they cant get paid!! and they find the camrera ppl as kids to play with thats how they know life theyd be lost without them!

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