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Killer Dexter Giveaway!

See what I did there? Because Dexter's a serial... never mind.


Ahem. Attention Dexter fans! MamaPop and the generous folks at Showtime are happy to present this latest giveaway of Dexter Season 4 promotional merchandise, including: a Dexter bib for your little sociopath's next feeding; 2010 Dexter calendar; tote bag; commemorative buttons; and, la pièce de rèsistance, a Dexter action figure with detachable, interchangeable arms, enabling you to change your Dexter from "Daytime" Dexter to "Nighttime Bay Harbor Butcher" Dexter. Fun for the whole family! 

You want a piece of this? Hit those comments. The winner will be announced next Wednesday, same bat time, same bat channel.

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Jen Hughes

What? No picture of John Lithgow's naked arse? :) I love you, Dexter, but enough with the pasty old white dude butt.


i don't know who will love this more - me or my husband!! detachable interchangable arms.... YUM!


ooooh, my mother in law will love this!

Siobhan Dobson

I so want the Dexter action figure! It can live happily on the shelf with all my Buffy figures. And I'm pregnant so I'll make good use of that bib in a few months.

And WORD on the John Lithgow butt. Seen more than enough. Can't we see some Anton butt instead?


ZOMG! Need this to LIVE!!!


Need me some detatchable arms. And a Dexter to love. Please?


I would be down like a clown in Chinatown to win that figure! Also, that bib would seriously help me with my messy eating problem.


If I win this I will purposely get pregnant so I can have a baby to wear that bib. I'm serious.


I just got hooked on Dexter and watched the first three seasons over the course of two weeks. And there might be a throw down at my house for the Dexter prizes, but of course, my darling girl would look fabulous in that bib!


I love this show! It is the perfect escape..


I Heart Dexter


This may be the most excitingest giveaway yet! (Well...I was definitely stoked about those journals a while back. I have eclectic tastes!)

Pick me, pick meeeeeee!!!

Stephanie B

I love Dexter!! Thanks!!


So, I found Dexter on Netflix, watched the first two seasons in about two days, then watched the third season on iTunes. Took about 4 days total.

Can you tell I have been unemployed for 7 months???


Please oh please let me win the bib..or really anything else. My little Piper would look so cute in the bib.






So, I would totally have to gift that bib, but I might have to carry the action figure around at all times... and make him glare at people in meetings.

I've actually read all the books, too. I'm that kind of fan.

Leslie MacDonald

Oh holy hell. I need to win this like you would not believe!!!


Oh my gosh! I want this so I can become my brother's hero. He L-O-V-E-S Dexter! I would be thrilled to be able to give this to him, he'd think it was hilarious/awesome.


Dexter = Family time. Telephone? Can't talk, watching Dexter. Doorbell? Come in and shut the hell UP!!

I have a buddy christ that would love to romp with the Dexter action figure...

Carla Mellifera

Crazy! Season 4... seems just last week "people" were aghast with the conception of this show. I haven't seen Season 4.. ( I live among the cable-free), so I MUST win this give-away.. or everyone dies.


I basically need this to live! Huge Dexter fan!


My roommate and I love this show! Thanks for the giveaway.

LOL at the bib!


Laughing at the fact that this stuff exists. Fantastic!


I want, I want! With the detachable arms, I could pretend that one of the serial killers broke out of his cellophane wrappers and chopped off Dexter's arms, but he is so awesome that he was able to kill the killer by choking him with his toes, and stabbing said murderer with a knife expertly grasped in his teeth.

Sara Larsen

Oooohhhh must have! It would drive my hubby crazy to have Dexter "hanging" in our kitchen all year long. Awesome!


Need. Want. Love. Kill. *But only in a good way*


OMG I love Dexter! This is the best giveaway ever!!! My husband and I have date night on Sunday every week where we eat pizza and watch Dexter... and our (as yet unborn) daughter would be the perfect model for that bib!


Whoa!! Must have Dexter doll. Must have Dexter bib for child.


These would really be great gifts for my son Dexter! Er, that would probably twist him for life. So maybe I'd just keep 'em for myself!

Redneck Mommy

Life is too short not to have a serial killer Dexter doll.

Pick me!!! My kid needs something for his kindergarten show and share!!!


It doesn't hurt my chances if we're behind in the seasons from Netflix? Creepiest awesome show ever!


Damnit! No one is supposed to know my baby is a sociopath. Oh well, at least he'll look cute in the bib.


HA! Love it. My husband will flip when he sees this stuff. How fun!


I love this! Especially that bag. Is it wrong that I want to make that my purse? Or at least my diaper bag?


Is it wrong that I want my kid to wear that bib???


OMG....How killer.
Indeed...that pun was intended. See how I did that?


I very much want to win this for my coworkers who is a new Dexter fan.


My husband will probably end up playing with the action figure, but here goes nothing!


my dark passenger requires these items to be satiated. for now.



Oh my lands...I must have this. I would snuggle up with the Dexter doll every night to help me sleep better.


Would love to win this - love Love LOVE to win this. Dexter is awesome and the baby bib is so wrong - I love it! I'll give it to my sis-in-law - my very religious sis-in-law. My brother will quietly love it and we'll be all bond-y and shit.

Suzy Q

I will cut a bitch to win this.


Dexter's influenced my work greatly.


my boyfriend would absolutely freak over this stuff.. pick me!


Have I told you this week that this is my FAVE blog? No? Well, here ya go.

And a DEXTER giveaway? OMFG! Awesome.


Freaking hilarious. I am all over this contest.


Ahh! This is awesome! I hope I'm lucky enough to win! Man I LOVE Dexter! And the show haha :) A commenter said "Dexter's influenced my work greatly" that is hilarious but makes you wonder...


i loooooove dexter.

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