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Levi Johnston's Playgirl Spread: Why Comedy Writing Is Hard

Playgirl Every day, the comedy writer waits, and waits, and waits, for something to happen to get snarky about. Sometimes there's very little to work with, sometimes, there seems to be NOTHING to work with, as if every batshit celeb took the day off, just to spite the writer.  And then there are the times that comedy writing seems to take a life of its own, and the words spring forth like so many crested waves upon the ocean, covering the sand with laughter.

Friends? This is one of those times.

So Levi Johnston, the babydaddy of Sarah Palin's grandson, has apparently made a pact with Playgirl magazine to pose nude. That sound you just heard? Was the collective squee of a thousand comedy writers as the material springs forth like a geyser, and the frantic tip-tapping of a million keyboards as the jokes threaten to overwhelm the writer with their endless possibilities. 

I mean, where to start? Perhaps Playgirl could include an "Abstinence Only" insert into the centerfold, or perhaps a photo montage of the teenagers and their young son. Oh, but that would be working "dark" and not everyone finds the fact that Levi fathered a child while still in his teens raucously funny. Shall we work dark, beloved readers? The comedy writer needs to make this decision.

Or perhaps we should work "blue" making the appropriate jokes of Levi posing on a polar bear pelt, or the dangers of having the photo shoot in an igloo and the threat of shrinkage. Working blue is fun, but again, some people don't want to have the image of Levi's little Levi hanging out all dangly in their mind's eye. But penises are funny, always, readers, and you know it. I think it's in the Bible. So working blue is always a good choice.

Or do we work the political angle? Sarah Palin will probably run for President in 2012. I can see the campaign posters now, Levi in all his glory, along with "Family Values" painted across his naughty bits. Perhaps Levi can use the article part of the centerfold to officially support Palin. Maybe he wants to run as vice president! Let's face it, this kid is such a fame whore I wouldn't put ANYthing past him. It could happen. Scary, but true.

So do you see, beloved MamaPop readers, how HARD it is to write comedy? I haven't even mentioned sex tapes or porno contracts or public speaking events for Abstinence Only clubs that Levi could do all across the country! Sometimes the comedy takes a life of its own, and the poor writer is just along for the ride. And when it comes to Levi Johnston posing for Playgirl, your faithful writer is just holding on for dear life.


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THANK YOU for this! When I saw it yesterday, I knew it was destined for greatness at the hands of a MamaPop writer!



I need a inhaler I am laughing so hard....WHEEZE!

Karina in T.O

Oh girl forget the abstinence only angle, I'm betting on a beaver hat and wolf skin throw by the fire, with a shotgun covering the bangers and mash! Wooo!

Sorry....must be the wine speaking.

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